6 Steps to Create Your Inner Money Mindset

You can use these six steps to transform your inner money mindset.

If you’ve been following me for awhile, you know that one of my focuses in my business is teaching people how to transform their relationship with money.  What you may not know is that behind that is what I call my “Inner Money Mindset,” which is a six-step system that I’ve used to easebeachcreate two successful businesses and investments in real estate.

When I teach about money, I am teaching about prosperity and abundance. If you’ve read my manifesto, you know that one of the things I wish I’d known earlier in life (no regrets) is that the material world will not make you happy.

In my generation, we were taught to chase the American Dream of materialism.  Money is a tool but not the answer. However I see that we give our power away to money. I see all the emotional issues that money brings out in people. I see all the suffering money or lack of money causes too.

Money is a tool that can help us serve more people and help us live the life of our dreams.  As a business people, if you aren’t aware of your money beliefs, you will struggle.

What I teach is deep stuff and it’s not for you if you aren’t willing to look at your behavior and be willing to make changes. I go after what’s blocking you from making money.     I want you to understand what causes your money struggles so that you are free to earn and manifest the money you dream about. Until you become aware of and change the number one thing blocking you from making more money, you’ll never be able to achieve the financial success you dream about.

I often say to the participants in my money class that it’s necessary to have the courage to question what you believe.

• The courage to question your beliefs around money takes real energy and commitment.
• It requires your focus and attention to look at your underlying patterns and belief structures.

“Your freedom lies on the other side of questioning what you believe.

I’ve lived this and I know it be true. When I teach about money what I am really teaching is how to be prosperous. That is a mindset, and I have created a unique blend of how to use your mind as your most important asset instead of it using you, how to be conscious about your money practice, how to manifest and bring prosperity into your life, and then how to sell and price your services as an entrepreneur and ask for what you are worth.

The Universe has laws – the law of cause and effect, and law of prosperity and law of attraction and so on. You have free will. You simply have to ask and align your energy and mind, and you can bring to you what you want if you take action and clear away your money blocks.

I want to walk you through my step-by-step method of Creating Your Inner Money Mindset. This is foundation of what I created in my Smart Women Make Money class. We have men in there too so listen up men.

Step #1: Set a money goal for the next year.

This is your desire. You want to ask yourself, what three feelings will I have when I get this money? Then instead of waiting, shift your energy to feel the feelings now as if you already have the money. You cut out the middleman of waiting. In my class, we use creative writing practices and visual ways to anchor this in your mind so that you keep this front and center, and work toward this as the result you want. The next part of step one is to BELIEVE you can do it. A key in manifesting is desire + belief. Then I ask that you start looking for proof (evidence) of how unexpected money is coming in. It might be in smaller subsets than what you wanted like found money in your car or on the street. Wherever you see it – celebrate it. The more you can generate these same three feelings as you visualize what you want – the better.

Step #2: Identify Your Money Beliefs

BelieveThink back to your childhood and become aware of what you witnessed around money as you grew up. This was modeled to you by what your parents did around money before you were seven. What you saw, heard and experienced went into your subconscious, which is much more powerful than your conscious mind.

Your beliefs drive your behavior that gives you the results you have right now in your life. If your financial life is not what you want, it’s critical not to skip this step.

Step #3: Get Conscious of Your Money Story

Where are your pain points, fears and beliefs around money? Are you making enough money but spending more than you bring in? What are your own beliefs about your earning power?

I had woman in my class that I’ll call Sue. She is an entrepreneur and she makes good money in her business but spent it all the minute it came in so she was always struggling. She remembered hearing her family say, “people like us just can’t keep money.” When we went deeper, she uncovered the belief that if she made more than her friends or family they wouldn’t want to be around her if she made more than they did. So this belief was a self-fulfilling prophecy. She got rid of the money the minute it came in. After becoming aware of what was driving her spending behavior and understanding it, she was able to change it. That belief no longer had the emotional pull. This story illustrates how our subconscious beliefs (if they are not brought to consciousness) drive our behavior.

Step #4: Transform Your Money Story

This is where we decide what is the money story you want to live out. Right now – think of your own money habits. Are you using credit cards and increasing your debt and not being able to pay it off? Are you not saving any money? Are you afraid to ask for the right price for your services? Are you in fear and don’t look at finances?

If you’ve had a bad experience with money, I call that a defining moment where you made a lesson or meaning out of that experience. It’s said that we are the sum total of the defining moments in our lives. If you’ve faced the loss of your home or you’ve declared bankruptcy, this would be a catalytic event and most likely you made that event mean something negative. You’re probably operating from that lesson and created a belief about yourself that is not helpful.

Step #5: Look at your finances – get conscious about your money.

Money loves clarity and attention. It’s no different than any relationship. This is the #2 big mistake I see women make. They don’t know what’s coming in and going out. They’re afraid to look at their finances when it reality – the fear grows. What you resist will persist. So you want to take tiny action steps – remember Fear + Action = Courage. You’re living in fear and that will not help you earn or manifest money.

Step #6: Manifesting – align your energy with what you want for your life.

If you do what I’ve laid out here and you’re willing to practice courage and move towards your fears, and you’re aware of and understand what your money blocks are and you’ve cleared them – you are ready to manifest money!

Here’s how I manifested everything from working with Microsoft in biz #1 to having my husband answer my personal ad to buying million dollar condos. Now remember I am a regular person who has learned how to do this. T If I can do this – you can do this.  I can’t promise you what you’re able to do because it’s up to you to take action to make it happen.

I had a burning desire. I was super clear about what I wanted, I believed in having it – had a big desire to bring it into my life – then I put out my intentions to the Universe and put them in visual form. I daydreamed about what I wanted. I longed for it. I wrote out a list of what I wanted and posted them. I let go of being attached to exactly what I wanted. In some cases like selling a condo – it didn’t happen when I wanted it to but it did happen. The Universe doesn’t operate on our time schedule.

If you try to manifest but still have fear because of a money block, the Universe will bring you more of what you lack. You remember back in step #1 – I asked you to come up with three feelings you would have when you get the money you want. Let’s say that your three feelings are ease around money, freedom to buy what you want or put money in savings, and happiness because you are finally free of your money blocks. Feel those feelings now and do whatever you can to bring in those feelings. Cut out the middleman – waiting until. Live in the moment and bring in the feelings of ease, freedom and happiness.

Our next group of Smart Women (and men) Make Money will start soon. If you are ready to make this the year you clear away your money blocks so you can manifest and earn money, check it out here.