Your Body Is Your Guidance System To Your Best Life

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My body started shaking when I realized that it would be more painful to stay in my first marriage than to leave. For two days, I shook when I talked, when I ate, when I went to see my attorney. When I did anything, I shook.

I had an inner knowing that this decision was one that would save my life. If I stayed in this marriage, I would end up with cancer or some other disease. Two days later when I made a final decision, I stopped shaking.

We were to move from Oregon to Florida. My husband had left a month early. I had stayed behind to finish things up. I had resigned from my job, sold my car and sold our house. I was 35 years old, with a three-and-a-half- year-old son. I had no job, no house and no car. All of my family was on the East Coast.

Although I was scared to death, deep inside I trusted my decision and went through a painful separation and later divorce.

Within days of making this decision, friends called and invited me to dinner. Another good friend said she had an extra car to lend me. A friend who had several rentals rented a house for me, then painted and fixed it up for us. And the community college where I worked hired me back.

I will always remember that when I trusted my intuition and took this giant leap of faith, I voted for my life.

What is the ultimate goal in life? To wake up and become conscious – to be mindful and present. One strong factor in this process is learning to listen with your body. Think of it this way: Your mind is the steering wheel of your life, and your body is your navigation system that will guide you on the path to your higher purpose. Many of us are asleep at the wheel of our lives.

In our technologically advanced society, we’ve lost touch with our bodies and have become accustomed to living through our minds and believing the stories we tell ourselves.

Each moment of your life you are guided by your senses – taste, touch, smell, sight and hearing. I believe your sixth sense is your intuition or your gut reaction, which influences every decision you make. This sixth sense is just as valid as the others, perhaps more so, in making a decision. Intuition also gives clues in the way your body feels.

So, tuning in to your body can guide you to your soul’s destiny. “This body awareness” is the ability to focus in on your sensations, emotions and intuition, in the present moment, without listening to your rational mind.

If you begin to follow the simple idea of noticing your energy drains and gains, you are tuning in to your body’s guidance system. I consider suffering to be any one of these symptoms: depression, anxiety, frustration, anger and stress. These emotions are the language your body speaks to you. When you ignore these messages, you can end up with physical symptoms or illnesses.

Here’s a simple exercise to try right now:

Think of a time in your life when a negative event occurred. Your mind’s images and thoughts will create the same physical sensations in your body as if it’s happening right now. Your body doesn’t know if it’s happening for the first time or the tenth time. Notice how your body feels. Is your gut tight, your shoulders bunched up, or is there pressure in your head?

Now take a deep breath and exhale. Think of a time in your life when you were happiest. As you notice the images in your mind, feel the feelings of this time in your life. Notice the difference? Just thinking these thoughts and seeing these images in your mind calls up positive emotions and physical sensations in your body.

There is an intuitive wisdom spoken by your body that is, by its very existence, healing. This is because it turns you toward your true destiny. Your goal is to follow those feelings of happiness and turn your body toward what energizes you and breathes life into your body.

Marcus Buckingham, author of “Find Your Strongest Life: What the Happiest and Most Successful Women Do Differently,” believes that the happiest women don’t necessarily follow their passions when choosing a career – they follow their energy and listen to their bodies. These women focus on doing what makes them strong.

Four Steps to Listen to Your Body’s Guidance

1. Your body communicates to you in emotions and energy. Move toward what gives you a spark of enthusiasm and excitement, and move away from what leaves you feeling as if you can’t drag yourself out of bed in the morning, and your body will lead you to your best life.

2. Focus on what makes you feel strong. When you commit your life to being true to yourself, you are not committing to some far-flung destiny, some grand dream or some disembodied list of values, no matter how worthy. Instead you are committing to the truth embodied in this strong moment, the truth that this specific moment, for no rational reason, energizes you.

3. Move toward the feelings of happiness. Take small steps and notice what makes you happy. Set clear intentions – decide right now to do one thing each day or week that brings you happiness.

4. Your soul directs you toward answers and a deepening of consciousness. Sit still, go inward and ask, “What truly matters most to me?” Ask. Dare to listen to your answer. Learn to trust the wisdom and the intuitions from your body.

Your senses and intuition provide you with rapid feedback. It will take a little practice; but if you get back into a great relationship with your body, it will always guide you to the right path for your life!

If you have comments or want to share how you’ve followed your body’s wisdom and guidance, I’d love to hear from you.
Photo credit:  mag3737