Want Sherold to speak for your community or at your live event? Here are some of her most popular talks and topics.

Unstoppable Success: How to use fear as your rocket fuel

Fear offers you useful signals and information if you listen to it, instead of running from it. Unstoppable Success reveals a combination of neuroscience tools, storytelling and mindfulness exercises that participants will use to transform their daily life now.

How to Master Your Inner Game

You’ll learn how to manage your thoughts, tame your inner critic and decode fear to unleash your brilliance.

You can do anything you believe you can do when you are conscious of what blocks you. Our unconscious beliefs direct 95% of our habits and behavior. Participants will learn the Universal beliefs that cause shame and that hold them back from being their authentic selves.

How to Master the Inner Game of Money

This is Sherold’s most popular speaking request for online telesummits. She talks about how we absorb beliefs from our families from ages 1 to 7 and how those beliefs unconsciously drive our behavior. Participants learn how the fear of their finances blocks their ability for success in business (sales), how to diagnose their money personality and write a new money story they want to
live out.

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Sherold Barr

Sherold Barr is an absolutely delightful human being, a seasoned businesswoman, and a natural coach who can you change your life any which way you want. She has a laser focus on the issues that matter while still maintaining a sense of joy and fun. After 20 years working with companies all over the world, Sherold fears nothing and can handle anything. If you want an extraordinary coach to boost you into an extraordinary life, hire Sherold.

Martha Beck
PhD, Best-Selling Author of Finding Your Own North Star, The Joy Diet, and O Magazine Monthly Columnist

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Professional Bio

MEOLA-111-copy-smallFor more than 23 years, Sherold was a strategic health care communications and marketing expert working on a global level.

As a former hospital spokesperson and director of marketing of McKenzie-Willamette Hospital, she has extensive knowledge of all segments of the healthcare industry.

In 1997, she founded Extraordinary Work Group, a boutique PR firm niched in healthcare technology that represented Microsoft’s Healthcare Industry read more…

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