Women Heal The World Wants You!

Last year after reading Half the Sky: Turning Oppression Into Opportunity for Women Worldwide, I decided to take action and do something to raise awareness and funds to help women and girls worldwide.

Although I didn’t have anything more than the vision, I created , a social forum where I am gathering an army of extraordinary women to educate, inspire and raise funds for women and girls to help them get out of poverty and help themselves, their families and their communities.  Helping one women creates a ripple effect to help other women.

Last year we supported six women for one year through Women for Women International’s Afghanistan program, raised $500 for supplies to send female Yoga Nidra (meditation) instructors into prisons, halfway houses and shelters, and we raised $350 for a Portland woman who lost her job due to a lengthy recovery from chemo treatments.

This year we are going to help as many women as we can to start their own businesses through which is a micro-lending organization to help alleviate poverty.  So the more women who join our forum and take part in our teleclasses, the more money we can raise to support women.

Each month, we will host a teleclass to provide you with empowering information that you can use in your daily life.  To sign up for the teleclass, all you have to do is to donate through our team at kiva.org at Women Heal The World team and then send me an email at sherold@sheroldbarr.com telling me you donated $25, and I will send you the dial in number for the conference call.  Kiva will send you a tax receipt for your donation.

We will be able to track how much our Women Heal The World team raises through kiva.org.

So you get a tax deduction, you get to learn something new, and you get a role in helping women to get out of poverty and support their family.

Stay tuned for the announcement of our April teleclasses.

I would love to have your support.   If you would let your friends know about Women Heal The World, please forward the link to this blog or repost this on your blog.

If you can share this on Facebook, Twitter or any other social media mechanism to help enlist more extraordinary women, I would greatly appreciate that. –  The more women who join our forum, the more we can empower women in the world.