Why you can’t always get what you want (especially money)


Your beliefs about money are the reason why you can’t always get what you want – more money.  

Belief can inspire the highest fulfillment or lead to the most frustrating setbacks.  What makes a difference is how self-aware you are. You become what you believe.

~Deepak Chopra

When I met Cathy (not her real name) years ago in my Smart Women Make Money program, she was a successful businesswoman by all accounts.  She had a great niche and she had demand for her services and was even hiring more people on her team to expand the business.

Yet Cathy was struggling with over spending. She was a classic “spender.”

I asked her what she believed about money.

She said that growing up, she heard her family say:

“People like us just can’t keep money.”

There it was – the belief — that caused her to spend everything she made.

This belief was part of her operating system in her mind. It was code written into the subconscious mind.

The root cause of many of your money issues may have come from what you saw, heard or experienced with money before age seven.

You formed beliefs that became part of your subconscious mind.

Cathy wasn’t aware of this belief until we talked about why she spent money.

When I asked her what belief was under the belief “people like us just can’t keep money,” she said she was afraid her family and friends wouldn’t love her anymore.

We used inquiry — The Work of Byron Katie — to question the belief to see if it was true that her family wouldn’t love her and want to be around her if she made more money than they did.

Love and connection are one of our greatest human needs.

The subconscious mind is like a super computer and it’s role is to keep us safe.

In Cathy’s situation, it wasn’t safe to make or keep more money than her family or friends.

This unconscious belief drove her to spend everything she made.

It was only when Cathy became aware that this was the belief that was driving her spending that things began to change.

A negative belief or stressful thought creates an emotion (fear of disconnection) that drove Cathy to spend all the money she made that gives her the result that she had – never enough money.

The good news? Once you discover what you believe and decide it’s no longer working for you, you can make changes.

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What is a money belief that is no longer working for you?

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