Where are you hiding from money?

Where are you hiding from your money?

Most women are afraid to look at their finances and their hiding from your money.

You might think it’s less painful to ignore it so you don’t look at what you owe, what you have in the bank or what you’ve saved because you’re afraid of running out of money or not being able to get yourself out of debt.

My name is Sherold Barr and I’m the founder of Smart Women Make Money, an online program that helps women remove their negative money beliefs so they can earn and manifest more money.

I’m going to share with you a tool that will literally transform your money life.

I’ll share a story of my own financial tolerations and what I did to take action to change it.

One of the biggest tolerations I lived with for many years was not having a budget. My husband wanted us to create one but I procrastinated because we were making good money.

Now we’re in our retirement years so we’re on a fixed income.

And creating a budget at this time in our financial life is super important so that we stretch our money out as long as we might live.

In my case the women in my family have lived to be well into their 90s and my grandmother lived to be 101.

I’m happy to report we have a budget now and we’re in the active stage of cutting out things that we don’t need or want and budgeting around things we value.

The second toleration we had was updating our will. We put this off because we were busy and forgot about it.

I’m happy to say this is now complete.

Let’s talk about what you’re tolerating.

A toleration is a situation of any kind that is allowed to exist, is put up with, or that is less than ideal.

Simply put – tolerations are things you’re putting up with. Tolerations make your life stressful.

They are things that you put up with every day that distract you from focusing on other important goals in your life.

You might be tolerating a messy desk where you pay your bills and take care of your finances.

You might be tolerating a lot of debt and you are not acting researching ways to consolidate it or figure out a payment plan. And there are people in your community that can help you with that if you search for it.

You might be tolerating not saving money and telling yourself that there’s no way you can do that. I like to think there’s always a way.

When you remove a toleration, you’re freeing up time and energy to focus on what you want of in your life and in this case that’s money.

Things you’re tolerating can literally drain your energy on a daily basis.

How to remove tolerations

Make a list of the top 10 tolerations in your financial life.

  • Do you look at your online banking accounts?
  • Do you reconcile your accounts?
  • Do you look at what you owe and make a plan to reduce it?
  • Do you have investments but you don’t look at them?
  • Are you tolerating a messy desk?
  • Do you have a will?
  • Do you have a retirement plan?

Prioritize your top three tolerations.

Make an action plan for the next 30 days. Prioritize one at a time and when all three are finished, go to the next three tolerations that you want to get rid of.

Circle the tolerations (top 3) you will let go of in the next 90 days.

What actions will you take to let go of each of your financial tolerations?

Action for #1 

Action for #2

Action for #3

Now I would LOVE to hear what you are tolerating.  Please leave me a comment below and share them with me.

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