What are your Super Conditions of Greatness?

I recently had the pleasure of talking to Dyana Valentine about her Super Conditions for Greatness experience.  Dyana calls herself a “Why-finder” and an intuitive, a speaker and a teacher.  She helps people like you and I align more with our talents, strengths and capacities so that we can expand those.

Dyana says that we tend to ask ourselves the wrong questions such as: “How am I broken?”  “Who can fix me?”

Instead if we ask these questions – “Will this (giant risk, next move) work? “What am I truly capable of?” –  it will help us step into our own leadership capabilities.

Dyana’s gifts are in helping people find their highest possible outcome by finding their deepest “Why” so that they can practice living it.

Imagine if you had your very own set of operating principles that make it possible — even easy — for you to work and lead at your highest human capacity.

Imagine – brainstorming with someone to create the best and most important work of your life. (The work you can’t even envision, yet. It’s THAT Great.)

If you are interested in talking to Dyana to find out more about her Super Conditions of Greatness, visit her site here.  I’m happy to share Dyana with you all because I love the work she is doing in the world.