Transform Fear Into Courage and Action

Are you going to let fear rule your life or are you going to use fear to take off?

All of us have fears, self-doubt and at some point a feeling we are a fraud or someone will find out we don’t know enough.

You take action when you are afraid or your thoughts are taking your day down into the dump.

Go for courage.  Take small action steps and move to the edge of what scares you.  It could be your soul’s destiny calling.

Fear + Action = Courage

Articles to help you use fear as your rocket fuel

  • Why Successful Women Might Feel Like a Fraud
    The impostor syndrome or the fraud syndrome is a real psychological syndrome where people are not able to internalize or own their accomplishments. Learn the 3 types of impostor feelings and how to overcome them.
  • How to Tame Your Inner Critic to Play a Bigger Game in Life and Business
    Self-realization happens when you can hear and distinguish your inner voices and not act on them. In the places where your voice has been censored, it’s important to find out why and to understand why your voice became imprisoned. It’s a process of recovering parts of yourself that have been censored or hidden in your life. This article walks you through the process of how to name what you are afraid of so you can identify where your voice has been shut down.
  • How to Do What Feels Impossible and Live Your Dream
    You want to build your business online but you are afraid you aren’t an expert. You want to go big with your art or your singing career but you don’t know how to take the first step. I’ll show you how to overcome your fear of failure and live your dream.
  • How to Overcome Money Fears Now
    Learn the 9 Common Money Fears and How to Transcend them.
  • Stop Comparing Yourself :: Tap Into Your Soul’s Purpose
    The ego gains strength from comparisons. The result of this is that you are in constant self-assessment and move further away from the beautiful person you were born to be. Read on to learn how to turn inward instead.
  • Use Fear As Rocket Fuel for a Courageous Life
    Learn four steps to transform fear into courage.
  • When Did You Start Hiding?
    We start hiding in small ways to protect ourselves from shame, vulnerability and humiliation. How are you playing small in life because you are hiding your authentic self? These tips will help you show up for yourself.
  • What Are Your Super Conditions of Greatness? (Interview with Dyana Valentine)
    Dyana says that we tend to ask ourselves the wrong questions such as: “How am I broken?” “Who can fix me?” Instead if we ask these questions – “Will this (giant risk, next move) work? “What am I truly capable of?” – it will help us step into our own leadership capabilities.
  • Aging with Grace: Age Is a State of Mind
    It seems we can be too old at any age, in our own mind. This article discusses the story you tell yourself about how you are either too old or too young, and the concepts I practice that leave me feeling at least a decade younger than my biological age.
  • How to Overcome Fear and Use It to Boost Your Success
    We let fear stop us because we think we don’t know enough or aren’t “good enough” to do certain work. Learn how to bust through fear and make your dreams comes true.
  • How to Boost Happiness / How We Are Wired for Fear
    Your mind is the steering wheel of your life and your body is your GPS. Learn how you can use your mind to expand positive experiences to become happier.
  • Use Your Mind to Change Your Brain (Interview with Rick Hanson, PhD)
    You can use your mind to gradually change your brain — and therefore your mind and your life — for the better. Little things add up! It means taking on a little practice each day to make your mind better. Read more here.
  • Facing Fear Is A Victory for Your Soul
    What I learned was this: it’s the places that scare us the most that become the most memorable experiences in life.
    “Rule of thumb: the more important the call or action is to our own soul’s evolution, the more Resistance we will feel toward pursuing it.” -Steven Pressfield
  • Five Ways to Overcome Fear
    Learn to trust your higher Self (intuition), expand your comfort zone, tune into your body as your GPS system, and ask yourself if you would regret not doing what it is you want to do.
  • Seth Godin, Your Inner Lizard and Fear
    Each of us has an inner critic that is so pervasive and constant that we can miss out on some of the peak moments of our lives. It’s the voice of your left brain, your storyteller and your ego fighting to keep you playing small. It drowns out the voice of your soul… but only if you let it.
  • A Permission Slip for You to Be Free
    Your thinking is either keeping you in prison or it’s setting you free. I want you to live in a world where you no longer hide and make excuses for why you can’t do what you want to do with your life or business. I want to help you stop waiting for your future and cut out the middleman and live fully now.
  • How to Tap Into Your Wise Inner Mentor
    This is a beautiful process that I want to share with you. If you can identity your judge or inner critic or the part of you that has a fear, thought pattern or behavior that you want to stop and disengage from, then this is one powerful way to do it.