The most important question you can ask

Albert Einstein is quoted as saying, “The most important question you can ask yourself, is the Universe a friendly place?”

In this week’s post I talk about how your beliefs reflect the life you have today.


This week I witnessed a profound event that showed the true colors of Delta Airlines.

I decided to make this video in the spirit of looking for the good and shining a light on it.

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On Monday early in the morning [Aug. 8, 2016], I got a call from my sister letting me know that Delta had a power outage and all outgoing flights were delayed.

So I decided not to go to the airport until I could find out when they would reschedule my flight.

The phone recording said it would take more than two hours to receive a call back but after a few hours Delta updated my flight status to an afternoon flight.

When I arrived at the airport, here’s what I experienced:

Because their IT systems were down, Delta sprang into action and had office workers at the gates helping gate agents.

  • There was a woman at the door of the plane handing out small cards to each passenger so that each person could talk about their experience in a survey.
  • The stewardesses did not charge passengers for drinks.
  • Every gate agent and person that I came in contact with had one priority in mind – to better this experience for each passenger.
  • One agent told me that overall people seemed to understand and it wasn’t as challenging as it could have been.

I watched this whole experience from the lens of being in PR for 25 years of my career.

When you work for a large organization, you practice and do drills for situations like this.  As a PR person, we create crises plans to be prepared.

Delta values great customer service and is focused on delivering the best service possible.

Everyone that I came in contact with that day was focused on one thing – helping people have a positive experience in a challenging situation.

Our last true freedom on earth is how we think about situations, people and circumstances.

My worldview (belief) Delta was formed when Delta worked with John and I to help us fly back to the US early in our trip because my youngest brother was killed.

On the flight over to Barcelona, John helped stabilize a woman who had fainted.

John is an emergency physician who always hands out his card to the stewardesses when he boards a plane. On that flight he advised the pilot to land so that this passenger could go to the hospital.

Delta sent John a large fruit basket when he helped a passenger during a flight when she fainted.

The woman he assisted sent him a lovely card thanking him.

My belief about Delta is that they go above and beyond to create happy customers.

So when they experienced a power outage this week and their systems went down, Delta went into action.

I simply watched and experienced the good customer service I’ve come to expect.

Your beliefs shape your life.

You become what you believe.

Every day your beliefs shape your experience.

Belief is the foundation of your life’s meaning.

As Deepak says – belief gives you the blueprint, you must be the builder.

Your beliefs enhance your life.

If you believe in your own self-worth – you’ll experience situations with a knowing that you can do something that might feel impossible.

When you believe in others, you’ll find the proof because your mind looks for it.

If you have a positive belief about something or someone – you’ll find the positive.

I believe it’s a kind Universe.

“There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.”
― Albert Einstein

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  1. Right before I watched your video today, I had an “airing out” discussion with a very dear friend. We did our best and I’m very proud of us, but I still feel that we both walked away at least a little bit licking our wounds. Your words have helped me make a conscious decision to focus on the friendship, the growth in our skills, and the future (instead of the hurt). I can feel myself at that crossroads and feel grateful for your wonderful reminder that WE get to choose. Thank you, Sherold!

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