How to Stop Tolerating Your Financial Life to Become Happier

Did you know that what you’re tolerating in your financial life could actually be costing you money?

Each of us tolerates things in our lives and over time these tolerations become a source of frustration.

These tolerations actually distract you and keep you from what you desire most.

Today I’m going to help you become conscious about what you’re tolerating in your financial life and show you how to take action on your top 3 tolerations so that you can attract and keep more money.

Stick with me and we’ll get into it.

So let’s talk about what you might be tolerating in your financial life.

Often a toleration is something that overwhelms or frustrates you and that keeps you from getting what you really want in your life.

These tolerations actually can drain your energy and keep you from being happy.

I’ve been working on removing tolerations from our financial life. These have been things that I never wanted to do because I knew it would take time.

John and I have file boxes of old financial and real estate files we’ve moved from house to house and now they’re stacked in our garage.

In an effort to simplify our life, I’m going through each plastic tub.

A second toleration was that all of our key financial files were in different places in our home instead of one place.

I wanted to have all of our important files in a box so that if something should happen to one or both of us, everything would be easy to find in one place.

I’m happy to say that I completed this toleration and all of our files are in the wooden box.

Now I’m going through all the real estate files we have, and I’ll shred old stuff and organize the files we need to keep and file them  so they’re all in one place.

Here’s examples of financial things you might be tolerating:

  • If you have a business, you might be putting all your receipts in a shoebox to sort through and organize them when you do you taxes.
  • You might not be looking at your business expenses and you have money leaks there.
  • You might not balance your checking account and don’t know how much money you have in that account.
  • Your desk where you pay your bills is a mess and you have bills and receipts in piles.
  • You have credit card debt with no idea how you will pay it off.

Your tolerations are essentially a mirror of what’s going on inside you.

They can reflect unconscious decisions you’ve made about what you deserve, and how you choose to live.

I want you to come up with 10 things that are bugging you in your financial life and then prioritize the top 3 and take action in the next 90 days to remove them.

When you remove toleration, you are making space and time to do something that makes you happy.

This frees up your energy and it truly does make a difference because you’ll feel as though you’re moving forward in your life instead of feeling overwhelmed and stuck.

Now it’s your turn, what are you tolerating?

I have a worksheet you can download and use to make this easy.

Get your worksheet here!

Make sure to share your top tolerations on my Facebook Page. I’d love to help you release them.


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