Steering by Starlight: Find Your Right Life, No Matter What!


Do you know what you’re meant to do—and are you doing it?

Are you leading the rich, rewarding life you’ve always imagined?

This delightful and magical book by Martha Beck PhD, life coach columnist for O (Oprah Magazine), is our study guide for nine weeks of this course. You will reconnect with your true destiny by going through the process of dissolving negative thoughts and beliefs, and reconnect to your authentic hopes, dreams and desires.

  • Nine 75-minute weekly sessions

In this course you will learn how to:

  • Dissolve negative thoughts that block your path to your North Star.
  • Learn how to access the “Stargazer” to stay on the path to your destiny.
  • Learn how to assess your current situation and create a life plan for the future.
  • Learn how to follow your purpose even when the path becomes challenging with social resistance and logistics.

Class fee is $99!  What a deal!

*Worried about missing a class?  All classes will be recorded, and I will send you an mp3 recording of each session in case you are out of town or have to miss a class.