Smart Women Make Money Starts Soon! + Freebies

When you glance at your bank statements, how do you feel?

Empowered, independent + grateful?

Or frightened, ashamed + bewildered?

Are you living from paycheck to paycheck?

Surviving on credit + loans?

Are you terrified that your business won’t ever take off — that you’re wasting your time, money + energy, for nothing?

Do you feel like there’s no one you can talk to, without being judged? That your troubles are too messy to ever be untangled?

Are you missing out on extraordinary experiences — travel, adventure, philanthropy — because your financial struggles are forcing you to ‘play small’?

I am all for living a big life – an extraordinary life – and if you have the right mindset and get free of your subconscious fears and beliefs about money, you can too! It’s all in your thinking and we’re about to change that.

So what does it cost you not to take this class?

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  1. I just viewed your website and realize that I am one day late to participate in the first tele-class. Is there a possibility of a replay so that I could still participate in the series?
    Thank you,

    1. Shelly – absolutely. I just sent the MP3 out with the homework. We’ll add you to the list. Go ahead and sign up by clicking the Paypal link and you’re in. I’ll have Sarah, my assistant send you the dial in info + homework & MP3. It’s great you are joining us.

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