Profit from Your Passion FAQ

Profit From Your Passion FAQ’s


Do I need to have a business idea to take the program?

Yes. You need to have a clear idea of your business for this program. This is not a program help you find out what kind of business you’d like to start. We hit the ground running with your idea. You’ll get a one hour planning session with me at the beginning of the program to set three business goals, a revenue goal and we’ll talk about profit clarity – what you need to do to make your revenue goal for the year.


Do I need a niche?

You don’t need to know your niche – especially if you happen to be a coach just starting out. I’ll show you how to position your services based on the outcome/transformation you provide to your potential customers. I’ll also encourage you to start working with potential clients to discover which types of clients you most want to work with. Being an entrepreneur is being willing to experiment, follow your heart and know what your customer’s most want so that you can offer that to them.


Do I need to have a web site?

No you do not need a web site. The foundational materials we cover in the course will help you get clear about your ideal customer and their needs and results they want so that you design programs for them. You will learn how to use my Transformational Conversations model of selling that is a focused way of helping each person that is interested in your programs whether they sign up or not. Everything you will learn will help you to create content for your web site when you’re ready to have a web site made or you make it yourself.


I’ve taken other online courses and I haven’t gotten the results I hoped for, how will I know that I will get results with this program?

This program works if you show up for the classes, do the homework and take action on what you’ve learned. There are no magic bullets that will make you successful without you taking action.

We designed Profit from Your Passion so that you get results. We provide more support than most programs out there. However, this program like any program requires you to show up and take action. If you’re “willing” to take action and apply what you learn, you can’t help but get results.

Here’s what you get in terms of my support: 

  • A laser-coaching session with me monthly during which I work with your business plan that you and I create in our first hour-long session.
  • Time to ask me any business question after the lesson in each of the three live calls every month.
  • Ask me questions in our private Facebook forum. This is where we encourage you to participate with the rest of the group participants.
  • Three monthly challenges to encourage you to get out and speak to potential clients.

The key with any program is that you have to take action in order to get results. You’ll learn all the tools but again it’s up to you to take action. We added a fourth live call each month that is a group coaching call where Sherold and/or a coach colleague will help you remove any mental block that’s in your way. My personal motto is that no woman is left behind in Profit from Your Passion.


Why is Profit from Your Passion six-months long?

Frankly, it takes time to start a successful business. Having your own coach that invests time in your success is critical to streamlining the process. Most masterminds are one-year long for this very reason. I’ve structured this program to be similar to a mastermind yet without the in-person intensive time to make it easy for you to take and less costly to travel. Once you’re in this program, you’ll be amazed how fast the time flies. At least half of the women in the program continue another session so that they don’t lose momentum and to have support so they continue to make progress.


How I will know if I have time to take this program? 

A rough estimate of the time required for you to be in class and do your homework each week is about 3 to 5 hours however the more time you put in each week, the faster your build out your revenue-based business foundation. If you can’t make a class, you can listen to the audio and do the homework when convenient for you. I teach the content in a specific way so that the first three modules are the most time consuming because they are critical to the rest of the foundational steps you’ll learn.


Will this program help me if I want to start a product-based business?

Yes, we have several women who are working full-time while taking the program as they start their passion-based business so they have a strong foundation to move to once they stop working at their job. It doesn’t matter what type of business you have if you have customers. Everything you learn in Profit from Your Passion shows you how to position your services on the outcome of the product or services you sell, how to price and package your services for optimal value to you and your customer, as well as learn online Internet strategy and use offline (in person) tactics to enlist potential customers.


What if I’m not ready now? Will you offer another session of Profit from Your Passion in 2016?

Each time I offer this program, we sell out. If I offer the program again in 2016, it’s likely I will make it a 9-month program to offer more support and additional advanced marketing strategies for launching and growing your list. Right now, you have an easy 6-payment plan and each time I offer the program, due to demand the price goes up. If you can take the program and attend some of the classes and listen to the recordings, you’ll absorb this information and it will give you the solid foundation you need to have a successful business. In addition, this may be the last program that’s offered where Sherold laser coaches each participant monthly. This alone is worth the value of the program.


How will I know if this is the right program for me?

Ask yourself if what you’re currently doing in your business is working for you. If not, then joining this program will help you find and enlist ideal clients so that you can make consistent monthly income. I’m teaching things that I wasn’t taught in online marketing or coach training.   You’ll learn to sell with confidence and know exactly how to sign up clients without being sleazy. By learning the art of transformational conversation, you’ll help every person you talk to you whether they sign up with you or not.

If you want to make sure this is the program for you, sign up for a complimentary Business Breakthrough Session with me to learn more about this program. Sign up here.