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Ideal Day VIsualization

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One of the most important parts of manifesting is visualization.  The clearer you imagine exactly what you want to bring into your life, the faster you can manifest it.

With visualization, you train your mind and body to accomplish what you want – whether it’s building a business, finding your ideal partner or creating a new career path.

Visualization helps you receive images and thoughts from your inner self and then allows you to attract and receive what you want.

The more you visualize yourself in a specific situation or environment doing what you want to be doing, the faster you will see it manifest.

Back in early 1980, I sold real estate for several years.  I did very well but it did not use my talents and abilities.  I saw an ad for a marketing director at the YMCA.

I applied for the job and was scheduled for an interview.  I was strategic about this process.  I knew someone on the YMCA board, and set up a time to talk. He told me the problems they were struggling with and what they wanted to achieve.

I did not have marketing experience so I went to the library and read marketing books. Then I put together a one-page marketing plan.  I printed it on nice paper and made 14 copies, because I knew that the interview would be done by at least 10 people.

I picked out what I would wear to the interview.  I visualized twice a day each day before the interview.  I saw myself in that exact outfit talking to the people around the table.  I was confident.  They were smiling and amazed with my plan.

By the time the interview took place, my mind was ready.  My interview went flawlessly.  At least 119 people had applied, but I got the job!  I credit that job with visualizing my end goal – seeing myself as confident and qualified plus doing the preparation for the interview.

James Hillman, author of The Soul’s Code, says that just as the giant and majestic oak is embedded in the acorn, so a person carries inside them an image waiting to be lived.

Hillman proposes his “acorn theory,” a soul- and destiny-centered philosophy that basically holds that we are each given, or molded around, a primary image or blueprint, and that it is the task of the life to realize its imperatives.

The Greeks called this image a “daimon’ to describe the invisible guiding force in our lives, the Romans “genius” and the Christians called it a “guardian angel.”

Hillman said that each life is formed by a unique image, an image that is the essence of that life and calls it to a destiny, just as the mighty oak’s destiny is written in the tiny acorn.

The soul companion, the daimon, brings you here in this life and then guides you while you’re here. Your daimon remembers what’s in your image and belongs to your pattern, and therefore is the carrier of your destiny.

To help you tap into your soul’s calling, you’re going to create an experience of what you want – whether it’s a new job, a new path in life, your perfect partner or anything you want to attract – and visualize it.

In your mind’s eye, see yourself already having this thing you want in your life. This is exactly what top athletes do – they see their perfect performance in their mind.

Where the mind goes, the body follows.

After you listen to this visualization, write down the images you saw in as much detail as possible. You may want to create a vision board of images that remind you of what you visualized.

Once you go through the dreaming phase, you’ll start to set intentions to bring your vision to life.

Have you used visualization to manifest something you want in your life?  Let me know in the comments below.

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