How to Release What’s Blocking You in One Minute

Are you ready to release blocks that are holding you back from getting what you want? 

Wouldn’t it be great if you had one tool that you could use in one minute that would help you shift from a fear state to one of love?

I’m sharing a powerful Kundalini exercise called Ego Eradicator that will help you if you’re feeling stuck in your life or you feel blocked in some area.

This meditation practice helps you shift your physical and mental state by helping the ego shift out of it’s lack and fear based thinking to move into a state of identity with our soul where love and peace reside.


Everyday I work with people who are say that are stuck or overwhelmed or are afraid to do something they want to do.

This Kundalini breathing practice helps clear your energy and your electromagnetic field.

It’s a powerful way to release negativity and cut through anything that is blocking you.

If you have something big – a presentation or anything that requires mental focus – try this for one minute.

Ego Eradicator has many benefits because while simultaneously clearing your lungs, expanding lung capacity, increasing vital energy and it repairs the balance between the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems and it strengthens the navel chakra.

How to do Ego Eradicator

Sit in easy pose with the spine straight.  Pull the chin in slightly so your spine is straight.

You breathe through your nostrils so that you breathe equally on the inhale and the exhale.  It’s equal on the inhale and the exhale through your nose, with no pause between them.

Ego eradicator is powered from the navel point and solar plexus.

To exhale, the air is expelled powerfully through the nose, by pressing the navel point and solar plexus back toward the spine. This feels automatic if you contract the diaphragm rapidly.

Bring the arms up at a 60-degree angle with the floor, keeping the elbows completely straight.

Your chest stays relaxed and slightly lifted throughout the breathing cycle.

Make sure your face and shoulders are relaxed.

Curl the fingers in towards the pads at the top of the palms; extend the thumbs – like a yogic thumbs up sign, to ‘plug you in’ to the universe.

Keep your eyes closed, focused at the brow center or third eye.

Begin practicing Ego Eradicator for one minute. You can work up to 3 minutes.

Inhale, suspend the breath & bring the arms up until the thumbs touch above your head.

When you finish your one-minute to three-minute practice, take a long deep breathe and raise your arms straight up over your head.

Touch the thumbs together and straighten your fingers and spread them wide.

Slowly exhale your breath through the nostrils as you slowly lower your arms straight out in an arc to come down to your sides.

Sit with your eyes closed and imagine that your drawing in light all around you.  Notice the sensations in your body as the energy is moving through.

Imagine that you consciously cleared the energy in your electromagnetic field, wiping it clear of negativity.

If you find that this breath makes you feel dizzy stop and take a break. It may be that you are not doing the equal in and out breathing correctly through your nose or slow it down.  Some tingling and lightheadedness are completely normal as your body adjusts to the new breath and new stimulation of the nerves.

**This is a heating breathing practice using the Kundalini Breathe of Fire and it’s contraindicated if you’re pregnant, you’re in your monthly cycle or you have high blood pressure. 

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    1. Hi there – yes it can release toxins. If you feel dizzy, giddy, or light headed, slow down your pace and ensure that both the inhale and exhale are of equal duration.

      Breath of Fire should not be done by menstruating or pregnant women, or children younger than 16 or anyone who has high blood pressure.

      Try it going slower. Or you can try it with your eyes open if you get dizzy. I think you’re detoxing;) Thanks for asking;)

    1. Hi April – thank you for writing and using it. It’s a powerful way to shift your energy and physical state.
      Congrats on using it. xo

  1. Great timing with your video Sherold. A few months ago I was introduced to Kundalini yoga and am slowly beginning to learn more about it. I appreciate your video because it is helping me to reinforce what I’m learning…I hope you continue the videos. Thank you!

    1. Vidica – I’m honored you are in here and you watched it. Kundalini is powerful – wow – can’t even begin to tell you how transformative it is. I am actually going to film more. Did you see my labradoodle Lilly watching the video? She always comes down when I am about to do some kundalini. xo

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