A Meditation to Relieve Stress

Meditation is a perfect way to relieve stress.

We are living in a time of a lot of fear and violence in the world and it’s creating stress and overwhelm.

I wanted to give something back to you today so that you can create your own practice.

I’m going to share a meditation with you today to help you alleviate stress.

As you know it’s becoming a more complex world. We need new tools to help us alleviate stress and fear.

This might be a good time to notice how your energy responds to the news, and to take a break.  We all need to be aware of what’s going on in the world but we don’t have to let it impact us in terms of stress.

Because we live in a more connected world and technology and devices require us to work faster, this also leads to overwhelm.

We feel as if we have less time.  I’m sure you are feeling this too.

We need far more love and unity to counter the fear and insecurity people feel these days.

It’s up to us to shine our light and love and be a model for the consciousness we want to see in the world.

So in the spirit of going inside and regenerating, I believe we need integrate the spiritual side of life with the technological and material side so that we can connect to our values and live a life of meaning.

We need the ability to use our mind and brain, and consciously awaken our intuition and cultivate our wisdom.

This meditation is an excellent everyday practice.

You can do this meditation in the evening especially if you want to reset and recalibrate your mind and body from the day.

It will wash the stress from your body and your energy field.

You can use this meditation to reclaim yourself, quiet the mind’s noise and open into a profound stillness.

A little at a time, with regularity and patience, it will add balance to your life.

Posture: Sit in a comfortable meditative posture with a straight spine–pull your chin in slightly, and list your chest.

Hand position: your hands will be in Gyan Mudra.  — touch your thumb and index finger on both hands and place your hands on your knees. Gyan Mudra stimulates the root chakra, it eases tension and depression.  It relates to expansion and knowledge.  It’s extremely calming and brings the practitioner spiritual openness and ease in meditation.

Eyes: Close your eyes and concentrate on your breath. You can focus your eyes up and in between your eyebrows at your third chakra.

Breath: You’re going to Inhale through the nose in 8 equal strokes. Exhale through the nose in one deep and powerful stroke.

Time: You meditate for 11 minutes.  I use a timer on my iPhone.

To End: Inhale deeply and hold the breath 5-10 seconds. Exhale.

Inhale deeply and hold the breath 15-20 seconds and roll your shoulders.

Exhale powerfully. Inhale deeply and hold the breath 15-20 seconds and roll the shoulders as fast as you can. Exhale and relax.

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