How I Manifested My First Business

How I manifested my first business

How I Manifested My First Business is a case study to illustrate the process of creating what you want in life.

When I started my first business in 1996, I wanted to use my skills, talents and the dream of being my own boss to start a business so that I could build something that I was passionate about.

In late 1995, I left my hospital PR job and one month later John and I got married.

I decided to do the “if you build it they will come” model of starting my business.  Months before I left my PR job at the hospital, I set up a small studio behind our house with a desk, computer and made it into an office.

What was challenging for me back then is that I wasn’t clear on what this business would look like. I only knew that I wanted to use my PR and marketing skills to make a difference.

I believed that I could create something meaningful with my skills and talents.

What I had going for me was a strong desire of doing bigger work in the world.  I wanted to work for a large company and not have to depend on the local businesses for my livelihood.

I was determined to make it work.  I was persistent.

I wanted the freedom to call my own shots, work in jeans and T-shirts and have my dogs in the office.  I wanted to work according to my own schedule and do it my way.

John and some of my friends didn’t understand what I was building or why I would want to spend time in my office working, after all I married a doctor.

I’m fiercely independent.  I was not interested in being a “doctor’s wife.”

I wanted to create my own business on my terms.

For two years, I did freelance work with local ad agencies.

By 1997, my vision of what I wanted to create was becoming clearer.

My good friend owned a boutique PR agency in Portland, Oregon. Her company, Insync, had a contract with Microsoft to support their vertical industries with PR and analyst relations.

I decided that I wanted to work with Insync and represent Microsoft’s Healthcare group.

I wanted the lifestyle of traveling with clients and working independently.

I desired this with all my heart.

I wanted to work with this cool PR company in Portland and become part of the team at Insync.

Insync’s office had a pool table in the middle of the big open space with comfy chairs, a fully stocked refrigerator and lots of cool fun activities for their teams.

Initially my friend helped me get a few projects to write a news releases for Microsoft.  It was challenging to break into the pool of freelancers they already had onboard.

I was persistent.  I didn’t give up.

My ultimate dream was to bring my healthcare PR experience to Microsoft and to combine so that I could niche my services in healthcare IT.

The only problem for me was that Insync already had someone working with the Microsoft Healthcare vertical.

Months went by and then a year came and went.

One day, I opened my desk drawer, I pulled out the business card from the agency. I tore it up.  I cried.

I was incredibly sad because I realized that my dream was not going to happen.

Then a few months later, I got a call from my friend.  She said, “Microsoft is looking for a healthcare PR person.  Are you interested?”

I was on top of the world.  This was my dream coming true.

Insync flew me to the Microsoft campus where I met my future client.

John, the manager of the Healthcare Solutions Group, met me in the cafeteria.

He was wearing shorts and a polo shirt.  He sat down and fired off about four esoteric questions asking me how I would handle certain situations.

I got the job and my dream had come true.

My S corporation contracted with Insync to represent Microsoft’s Healthcare vertical industry.  This was my first long-term client.

That year (1998) my business grossed six figures.

In addition to representing Microsoft, my business took on three small healthcare technology start ups.  I had a team of five employees working with me.

By 2002, my business grossed $500,000.

How the process of manifestation works.

Let me walk you through what I did to manifest this first business to illustrate how this worked for me.

  1.  I had a strong desire and intention of working for myself. When I started setting up my office in the studio next to my house, I had a desire and intention of working for myself.  I wasn’t clear what the vision was so I followed what inspired me.  When I was hired to work on a technology project, I was energized and inspired by the work.  I knew that I wanted to work in the growing technology industry and combine it with healthcare – a specialized business niche.
  2. believed in myself knowing that I could create my own business even though I had no prior business experience. What you believe is what you will create.  Your life as it is today is a direct reflection of your beliefs.
  3. I had a clear vision of a desired outcome.  Once I got clear and saw my desired outcome – working with Microsoft – I saw myself there.  I was very clear this was exactly what I wanted to do.  Remember that attention energizes and intention transforms.
  4. Inspired Action – I took action for one year to work with Insync as a contractor.  I was hired to work on two or three small projects. I was in a very high energetic state and inspired doing this work.  I persevered and didn’t give up on my dream until one year later.
  5. Let go of attachment – this is where I want you to notice how this worked for me.  I was attached to the outcome from the beginning.  It took me a year before I let go of this dream.  When I tore up the business card and cried, I let go of my attachment to the outcome.  BOOM!  It only took one month before I got what I most wanted.

*What I didn’t know back then would have saved me a lot of suffering and possibly could have speeded up this process.  I had not started my personal growth journey until 2007.

Since that time what I know for sure is that you must clear your energy anytime you’re thinking negative thoughts (you can tell if you feel sad, anxious, angry, afraid or anything negative emotion).  This is a key part of my work with women entrepreneurs that are building their business.

To streamline manifesting (creating what you want), a key element is clearing all clutter – physical clutter in your home or office or mental clutter – clearing negative thoughts or emotions.

To clear your thoughts or beliefs, I recommend using EFT – emotional freedom technique (Brad Yates has 600 videos on Youtube) or The Work of Byron Katie to question that stressful thought or belief.  Check out my posts below to learn more.

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