4 Key Steps to Manifest What You Want

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Ready to learn how to manifest?

Why do some people seem to manifest great jobs, make good money, have amazing travel adventures and find love?

Everything that happens in the Universe starts with an intention.

The Universal law of cause and effect states that for every effect there is a cause, and for every cause there is an effect.

Your thoughts and beliefs, behaviors and actions create specific effects that manifest and create your life that you have right now. Intention is inseparable with the Law of Cause and Effect.

Intention is the cause and the impact of your actions is the effect.

Your intentions come from your soul. This is why it’s important is to follow your longings, yearnings and desires. This is your soul talking.

Oprah rules her company from intention.

“Intention is one with cause and effect, said Oprah. “The intention is the cause and they are inseparable – cause and effect.”

Clarity is key to getting what you want.

If you’ve been feeling confused about what you really want in your life, you’re not alone. Lack of clarity is real and it’s more common that you might think.

If you don’t know what you want in terms of a goal for your life then one way to move in the right direction is to design your ideal day at home or at your work/business three years out from now.

You are the creator of your reality.

If there’s something you desire in your life, ask for it! You have to ask – this is the cause – so that you can get the effect (what you want).

Write out your ideal day from the moment you get up, what you put on to wear and exactly what you’ll be doing during the day three years from now. Start dreaming and scheming – believe you can have it. Write down whatever comes to mind – don’t censor it.

1. Start with your dream

You have to be clear and specific. Everything I’ve gotten in my life – from manifesting my husband, creating two six-figure companies, two one million dollar condos and a life of adventure and travel – all started with a specific dream.

I believed I could have it.  

The way to create what you want is to desire it and imagine that you can have it. Each of us can have what we want – it’s an abundant Universe and there’s plenty for all of us.

Here’s how to start to get clarity:

I want ____________________ (your dream).

Then write down why you want that goal.

I want ______________because __________________(your why).

Your why is what will motivate you.  This is what fuels your dreams.
Write down your why and make a list of at least 5 reasons why you want your dream.

Declare what you want publicly.

Tell your friends and people around you that support you in your success. *You are more likely to achieve your goals if you make them public.

Follow what feels good

If you aren’t clear about what you want, start with getting clear on how you want to feel.

You can also learn to use your body as your GPS to lead you to your North Star. I’ve written about how to use the most important tool (your body) to help you get what you want in life.

Here’s how I map out what I want for my business each year.

Follow what energizes you and move away from what drains your energy.

Picture what you want as specifically as you can. Visualizing your dream coming true in your mind will help you reach your goals faster.

If you can’t see it in your mind (imagining it), it will be hard for you to achieve it.  Spend time each day focusing on what you want by imagining the outcome you desire.

Day dream about it.  Fantasize about it. Make a visual image or vision board of what you want.

2. Clear out mental and physical clutter in all areas of your life.

One thing I know for sure is that if you’re energetically feeling “lack” in your inner or outer world, it will block you from getting what you want.

You can learn more about about how to clear your mental clutter here.

Learn more here about the impact of physical clutter and why clearing a space in your home allows the Universe to fill the vacuum with something you want.

The Universe will withhold what you want until you make space for it.

Another way to get what you want is to be clear about what you don’t want.

Write down 25 things you are tolerating in your life.  Then prioritize the top three.

Next take your top three tolerations and make a 30-day action plan to start removing them. As long as you put off clearing something out of your life, you are putting off getting the results you truly want.

Cleaning up your life also requires that you forgive yourself and others for any hurt, rejection, shame or wrong that you believe you or someone else has done. Forgiveness and making amends is one of the most important practices you can do in this whole clearing process.

Declare this as often as you need to do it:

“I forgive everyone who needs my forgiveness from the past or present.”

“I forgive myself for everything past and present.”

3. Take consistent action steps toward your goal.

The Universe will reward you for taking action and staying focused on your dream.

Begin now to step into your Future Self. Who do you want to be two to three years from now?

What qualities and actions can you take on and start moving into today?

What is one small thing you can do right now – today? Do it!

4. Release expectations about the outcome.

The final step in manifesting is to let go of all attachment to what you want.

This is the most challenging. We humans get “attached” to what we want.

The Universe does not operate on our timelines.

I had a condo up for sale six years ago, and I knew that I wanted to sell it for a certain price and that I wanted two offers to come in at once.

The truth is that I was really attached to “when” it would sell.  It was only when I became conscious of this (duh – about 9 months later in the process) that I consciously released what I wanted, that two offers come in on that condo.

We teach what we need to learn sometimes;)

Let go of the attachment you have in getting what you most want.

Declare out loud: “I let go and trust.”

Now make this a game or a challenge and let’s see what you can achieve. Go get what you want. You deserve it!

Start here to get rid of what you are tolerating in your life.

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