How to Create a Location Independent Business

Have you dreamed of creating a location independent business?

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When you have a location independent business, whatever challenge you face, you must be willing to overcome it.

In this video, I’m going to tell you how to create a location independent business that you can travel and make your business work from wherever you are in the world.

I share the key mindset skill you need to make your business work regardless of any challenge you’ll face.

I love the idea of creating a business that gives you the freedom to live and work when and where you want.


I’ve been working location independent with a virtual team since 1998.

When I started my first business in the mid 90s’, I had a strong desire to work for a company that wasn’t in my local town.  I ended up working contracting with one of Microsoft’s PR agencies and working virtually with Microsoft’s Healthcare Industry Solutions Group.

The PR agency I contracted with to do this work was in Portland, Oregon – two hours north of where I lived.  I commuted two hours up and two hours back each Friday.

I focused my mindset on the excitement of this opportunity – my big dream, which was doing work I loved.

I never focused on the negatives of the drive or the challenges involved.

After commuting for months, I came up with a creative solution to this commute that would be an investment for us.

We ended up buying a condo in the Pearl district of Portland. While I still drove up and back once a week, I had a place to stay where I could keep extra clothes and things to make the stay easier.

To make that work, my business paid my rent and I got a roommate.

I want to illustrate one main point here:

For every challenge that I faced to make this work, I overcame it.

My desire was so strong to work for myself and do work I was passionate about from any location.  It takes being able to take any challenge that comes your way and doing a work around mentally.

Having a location independent business takes creativity, ingenuity and perseverance.

This week I returned from living a month in Loreto, in Baja, Mexico.  This is the 5th year that we’ve lived in Baja for a month in the winter to escape the Oregon rain.

We rent the same home each year and fly our dogs down with us.  It’s less expensive to fly the dogs down then to leave them with a pet sitter or in a kennel for a month.  John and I fly using frequent flyer tickets and pay for the dogs tickets.

In Baja, the Internet and phone communication is always a challenge each year.  But as long as I have phone and Internet I can continue to work with my clients.

Let’s talk about equipment:

In my experience, the business technology is always the challenge yet it’s doable.  You have to overcome the challenges because there will be challenges.

I’ve found in the five years of living in Mexico for the winter that the easiest way for me to work with my clients was for me to buy a little Samsung phone and buy a Tel Mex Sim card and phone plan to the US and Canada.  I spend about $200 a month to do this and it’s totally worth it.

Often it’s less expensive to buy a cheap mobile phone in the country you’re staying in and buy a Sim card and a plan.

You need a laptop.

Skype is great for international travel.  I can’t use Skype in Baja because there’s not enough bandwidth to use it.  But if you have a strong Internet connection, it’s a great way to work.

I use this MiFi from Verizon to get wireless service when I travel in the U.S. My business pays for it.  We can start or stop this service monthly, and it’s about $70 a month for 4 devices to hook into it.

If you want to do this badly enough, you’ll make it happen.  You have to roll with it and work around challenges to make it work.  The good news is that technology is always evolving.

Check out my visit with a baby gray whale at Lopez Mateo in Baja.

Now I’d like to hear from you, what’s your experience being location independent?

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    Loved hearing your thoughts on a location independent business, which is my dream and what I strive for.
    Thanks for sharing your tips and experiences.
    AND that baby whale video is amazing!
    That must have truly been an unforgettable moment.

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