How Rachel Left Her Corporate Job To Start Her Full-Time Biz in 5 Months

Rachel was facing a difficult crossroads when I met her at the end of 2015.

“I want to leave my corporate job,” she told me. “But I have three kids at home. I can’t afford to take a big leap like that unless I know I can support my family.”

She dreamed about being self-employed, completely supporting herself through her copywriting business, but it just seemed so… risky.

“I knew that if I wanted to transition into freelancing I’d have to start moonlighting to get clients, and the thought of working night after night after the kids were in bed, after a full day at the office…even thinking about it made me exhausted.

I knew I had to do it but I was worried that the transition period would stretch on and on and drive me into the ground with extreme burnout and fatigue. I was worried that my freelance work wouldn’t ramp up fast enough and that I’d be stuck in this purgatory of having enough clients to burn me out with moonlighting but not enough to replace my corporate income.”

Rachel signed up for Profit From Your Passion, my business-building program for women who want to create a profitable business.

I helped her come up with a strategy to get retainer clients, learn how to sell, and basically help her through that transition as fast as possible so she didn’t lose my mind along the way.

It required Rachel to be willing to be “all in.” She had to start finding freelance clients. It involved late nights and early mornings and taking client calls on her lunch break. Rachel wouldn’t have been all in without having a solid plan and a defined end goal.

I asked her, “Are you willing to be ALL IN with your copywriting business?”

Meaning: Are you willing to fully commit, with your whole heart, and really take this business seriously? Are you willing to stop hesitating and dabbling and really GO for it?

Rachel considered this question. She said, “Yes.” And she meant it.

Over the next month or so, Rachel aggressively shifted her mindset from “Oh, maybe I could do this” to “I AM DOING THIS.”

She emailed tons of potential clients to see if they’d be interested in hiring her. She told everyone in her personal network—friends, family, former colleagues—about her new business ambitions. She hustled. She wrote her butt off. She treated her business like a serious, legitimate profession, not a “side hobby.”

It wasn’t easy to do all of that, plus work full-time at her “day job” and raise her kids. It required a ton of energy—but it was worth the effort.

Within five months, Rachel was earning enough money through her copywriting business that she could comfortably quit her corporate job.

Which she did. And then, a few months after that, she found herself with so many copywriting clients that she had to start turning people away and building a waiting list.

After a few months in the new business, she emailed me to say, “I’m so busy, I can’t accept new clients. I can’t believe how fast things changed.”

I can believe it. I am not surprised about Rachel’s success.

That’s what happens when you decide to go ALL IN with your financial goals.

When your heart is fully invested, when you show up with fierce commitment, miraculous things happen.

I asked Rachel to talk about her before and after scenario to help you get the “behind the scenes” look at what she did to make this happen.

  1. What was your biggest problem/struggle you experienced before you came to work with me?

I knew I wanted to quit my corporate job and go freelance, but I wasn’t sure how to bridge that. The in-between time felt daunting. I wasn’t afraid of freelancing, but I was afraid of the transition period.

2. When you thought about starting your business (before) what thoughts, beliefs, fears kept you stuck?

I thought that it’s going to take too long. I’ll burn myself out trying to ramp something up while still working full time. I’ll be stuck in the in- between stage forever and never be able to dedicate the time to make my new business actually take off. And what are we going to do for health insurance?

3. What negative associations did you have about getting what you wanted?  When you thought about your future dream, what scared you about getting it – what issues did it bring up (not enough time with kids/partner etc).

I thought I would just be exhausted all the time and have to do late nights and early mornings day after day. I thought I’d lose a sense of connection with my partner because as soon as the kids were in bed I’d need to get back to work. I worried that I’d give everything to my new business and have to sacrifice sleep, exercise, and time with my friends, too.

4. What did you believe about your own ability in being able to know that it was possible for you to achieve this?

I know I’m an extremely focused person when I really want something. I relied heavily on knowing that I have the ability to really make things happen when I want it badly enough.

5. Had you ever done anything that felt impossible before in your past?

Yes, there was a time when I was newly divorced, deep in debt, barely supporting two kids, with help from the local food bank….and then I lost my job and fell into such a deep depression that I landed in the hospital for 2 weeks (which resulted in even more bills to pay). I picked myself up from THAT, so I had a sense of my own resilience and resourcefulness.

6. What changed for you in being able to do it? How did SB and PFYP assist you in getting it done?

Sherold and her Profit from Your Passion program helped me see a step-by-step plan for building my freelance business, so I always knew where to aim next, and I understood how every action I took was part of my path to freedom. And I learned a lot of the nuts and bolts about how to have a sales conversation, how to set my rates, and how much my mindset could influence my outer reality!

7. Are you able to make more money now? Tell us how your life is now compared to before in the full-time job.

My income now fluctuates a bit, but at its height I was making more than double my former salary. I’ve cut way down on the amount I’m working now, which means I have time to do the things that keep me grounded and keep our busy household running without losing my mind.

8. What would you tell someone else who is feeling the pain of wanting their dream but they’re afraid to go after it? What would you recommend they do to help make it possible?

I always tell people to get a coach.

Also, I tell them it’s possible, and tell them the importance of the right mindset. You notice the most successful people have a positive, optimistic, energetic mindset. That’s NOT a coincidence….

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