KonMari will help you manifest more money

The KonMari revolution will help you manifest more money and anything else you want in your life.

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Hello I’m Sherold Barr and my husband John and I are traveling for a few months in our Airstream.  Below I made a video of how I’ve used these techniques to clear clutter in the Airstream.

So what does clutter have to do with manifesting?

It has everything to do with it. I have so many people ask me, “Why can’t I manifest what I want?”

I would ask you to look around your home – is it orderly and things have their own place?

The Law of Prosperity states that you must clear out what you know longer want or need so that the Universe can bring you more of what you want.

The first step in manifesting is clearing mental and physical clutter.

This applies to everything in your life. You have to let go of worn out things, worn out conditions, and relationships. You want to create order in every part of your life.

You have to clear digital clutter, mental clutter, physical clutter and relationship clutter.

Cleansing is the first step to prosperity

If you haven’t heard about the KonMari method then you’ve been living under a rock or too much clutter.manifest money

Netflix just released its eight-episode season of Marie Kondo’s Tidying Up on New Year’s Day, when most people are going to make New Year’s Resolutions.

The show has become a viral sensation. And in one month, donations of books and clothes are up in the U.S. according to CNN.

Kondo teaches you how to clear clutter one time so that you don’t have to continue to clear it. You focus on clothing first then books, then kitchen and bathroom. You save the most sentimental things for last.

If each item doesn’t spark joy, you get rid of it.

I watched one episode and tidied up my clothes cubby in our Airstream where I keep my clothes while we’re on our 3-month trip. See my video.

Suze Orman has said on the Oprah Show that “When somebody doesn’t have debt they also keep everything in order.

Cutter = debt.  Order  = No Debt.

When you respect what money can buy you (things), you respect money itself.”

Clutter represents stagnant energy

Clutter keeps you stuck in the past, encourages procrastination and makes you feel overwhelmed, tired and confused.

It blocks energy and if you want to manifest money or things you want – you cleanse your thoughts, your physical surroundings and the people who are holding you back.

Clutter encourages you putting off what you can do today until tomorrow. Clutter leads to overwhelm and procrastination reduces energy in your mind and in your space.

What you accumulate says a lot about you.

Feng Shui defines clutter a “postponed decisions and the inability to move forward.” That means what you accumulate, where you put it, and why you keep it says a lot about you.

Feng Shui is about attracting harmony and abundance into your life, but clutter blocks good things from reaching you. Extreme clutter blocks you from making progress.

Physical, mental and digital clutter blocks money 

  • If you have loads of files on your desktop computer and windows open, you’re most likely overwhelmed and just looking at this mess will do that to you. I’m preaching to the choir here – it’s the last step in my decluttering process.
  • Do you have hundreds of emails in your email folder waiting for you to delete them? #kondothatshit

Your home and your car

  • Your desk where you pay bills – if it’s messy and unorganized then you won’t attract more money.
  • If you don’t know how much money you have in your checking account, savings or retirement accounts, you’re going to be blocked from bringing in more money.
  • Leaving things in your car and using it as a storage area means you don’t have any space left for yourself, and you’re letting clutter and perhaps people infringe on your life. You’re overwhelmed because you’re car is not a storage area.

Clutter in Feng Shui is defined as anything unfinished, unused, unresolved, or hopelessly disorganized.

Things that you love and use have strong, active energy around them. When you surround yourself with things you love, you add clarity and focus to your life.

When you live with clutter that you no longer love or something is no longer useful, your life can lack direction. 

If you’re afraid of getting rid of things due to fear or loss, please watch Marie Kondo’s show or check out a copy of her book at the library (to save money). If you have a mentality of “I better keep this just in case,” then you’re living in a lack mentality, which is a low energetic vibration.

Image from mariekondo.com

Clear your clutter and make space for more money, more energy and a calmer life.

I’d love to hear what you manifest after you bust through clutter.  Please leave me a comment below. 

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