If your business had a Soul, what would it dream for you?

If your business had a soul, what would it dream for you?

What if your business had a Soul that had your best interest at heart?

How would it help you live out your fullest expression of yourself — your potential — and your gifts and talents?

How would it help you learn how to become aware of your inner critic, the loser thoughts and limiting beliefs that keep you playing small by bringing those voices out in your mind?

How would it show you how to stand up for your dream when those around you question it?

Imagine that this Soul is part of your business and its purpose is to help you learn new skills, expand your comfort zone and use your voice to speak your truth, and step up and show up fully.

Imagine that it would teach you not to put a price on your value (it would tell you that you are priceless) but on the value you are providing to your customers.

What if you learned how to call upon this wise part of yourself – your inner wise mentor — when you were faced with a challenge or a stretch that you were called to make?

I want to invite you to ask that wise part of yourself for guidance when you are challenged.  When you can learn to call upon your higher Self and ask for guidance, you’ll learn to rely on the wisdom it whispers to you.

I ask for guidance daily.  I act on my intuition and it has never let me down.  I trust and never want to operate without it.

Your business exists to serve others yet it serves you as well. This week I imagined what my business Soul or wise inner mentor would tell me about what I could do to better serve myself in this business.

It told me to stop taking clients on Mondays or Friday.  It instructed me to ask my team to keep my schedule free on those days.  It told me to ask for support and to collaborate more with my team.  It said, “You can’t grow and expand if you do it yourself.”  It asked me to slow down and take two business days a week to work on marketing and planning.  It told me take more three-day weekends.  I listened and acted upon this wisdom.

When you become an entrepreneur, you embark on a journey of self-discovery.

You’re faced with all sorts of challenges from learning how to use technology to learning how to find your ideal customers to pricing your services/products and asking for sales.  You learn how to stop hiding and to put yourself out there.

Your business and everything you learn and experience is all there for you — to help you grow into your true potential.

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If you reframe your challenges in business to knowing that it’s all “for you” then you can separate yourself from situations and circumstances that challenge you.  You are then able to ask to see what lesson is there for you to learn.  You can learn to observe your inner critic and the Universal belief – “I’m not good enough” and say to yourself – not now.  I don’t need to attach emotionally to that thought and feel bad.

I think about these deeper questions because I’ve experienced the Soul of two of my businesses. I know what each business has helped me to do and become. Each has been a journey with great challenges that have asked me to walk in the fire of fear, and to do things that I was completely afraid to do.  Both have given me so much abundance and prosperity.  Both have given me the freedom to work and be exactly who I am and get paid for it.

It takes courage to become an entrepreneur and put yourself out there. Courage is what gives me the fuel to push through. I have found so much freedom on the other side of my fear.  I want you to learn how to walk up to what scares you most and see what lesson is there for you.  It could be your Soul Assignment.

The closer you are to your true destiny, the greater the fear or resistance.

Be willing to face your fear, show up, be willing to be seen and heard, and practice taking imperfect action. Tweet this!

That is how I’ve made it in business – twice.

I plan my life first and then organize my business schedule around it so that I support myself to live the life I want to live.

Each business has provided me with opportunities beyond my wildest imagination. Both businesses have helped me evolve and move through my fears, resistance, limiting beliefs, stressful thoughts and naysayers who didn’t believe in my dream.

Being an entrepreneur is a journey.  It is your (S)Hero’s Journey that Joseph Campbell so beautifully identified across all cultures.  The dragons you meet on the journey are your fears, comparing mind, loser thoughts and limiting beliefs.  If you want to know the beliefs that keep you playing small and take you out of the game — they are, “I am not good enough” and “Who do you think you are?”  Notice these thoughts and decide that you don’t have to believe them.  We all have them and you are at choice – always.

The exquisite Hiro Boga says, “To create anything in your life or in your business, you begin by attuning to its soul qualities, its essence. We create our lives and our businesses through the choices we make, and through the qualities with which we fill our inner ecology. You can choose to create love, prosperity, and blessing in your life and you can choose to radiate these qualities into your world.”

I choose to honor the Soul of my business as part of my wise inner self.  Will you choose to listen and honor the Soul of your business or your life too?

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