How to Set Your Big Money Goal

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To get what you want in life, you have to be crystal clear about what you want.

If you aren’t clear, how can you get what you want?  Setting a clear intention is how successful people make more money.

Today I started a new group of women in Smart Women Make Money.  We added a new module to the program to start the class by setting their Big Bold Money Goal, which I am sharing with you.  I want to encourage you to set three goals for the year (a year from now) and focus on accomplishing these goals. These can be life or business goals.

Each quarter you break your goals down into three projects and then brainstorm the action steps you need to do and put those in your weekly calendar.  I use a 90-day action plan with my clients to keep them focused on their goals and consistently taking action.

One of the biggest reasons why entrepreneurs don’t make the money they want in their business is because they haven’t set a money goal as a solid intention. In order to make or manifest money, you must first know where you are now financially, and have a clear picture of where you are going in the future.  As an entrepreneur, you want to always know what is coming in during the month and plan to always keep that pipeline flowing with sales.  It’s important to look at your numbers each week.

First set a realistic financial goal for yourself this year. Then bump it up to the point where you feel slightly nervous. Make this a stretch goal. Don’t allow your mind to ask you “how” you will do this yet.

My Big Bold Money goal for 2014/2015 (one year from the time
you fill this out) is _____________________________.

Brainstorm Desired Feelings You’ll Have When You Make Your Goal

It’s never the thing we want (the money), it’s the feelings we’ll have when we get the thing we want.  Your next step is to start writing – stream of consciousness – the feelings you will have when you make this money. We are having you step into your Future Self to feel what the end result will feel like so that you can bring in those feelings NOW to
generate the energy and excitement to make this happen.  This is the Law of Attraction in action.

I will feel _________________ when I make this money one year from now or before. Write down everything that appears in your mind that is a positive emotion. How will you feel will you sit down to do the work you do?  How will you feel when you wake up each morning knowing you did this (proud, successful, accomplished)? How will you feel when you no longer have to worry about money (ease, freedom, light, relief).

You deserve to feel this way – you are a divine being of the Universe. You were created for this. Go for it.

It’s your Ideal Financial Big Bold Future. If you can dream it, believe it, take action in the face of fear then you can do it.

It’s your time. Make your declaration to yourself – “I will no longer settle.”

List 3 feelings you will have when you make this money goal:
Knowing why you want the money and how you will use it will help you desire what it is you want and pull you forward in the face of challenges, fear, setbacks and lack of confidence.
Ask yourself, why is this income important to me?
If you have a business, how will you use this money? Why is this income important to you?
How much will you save?
Now I would like you to break it down monthly. How much income do you need to bring in monthly?
Print them and post them where you will see daily.
I want to encourage you to print out your three feelings you will have when you reach your money goal. Print them in a large font and cut them out and post them on your vision board and on post its where you will see them.
Your assignment is to cut out the middleman (waiting until…) and bring in those feelings now. The more you generate these feelings in your body – the faster the Universe will match your energy. Your energy will be attractive and will help you achieve your goals. It’s the Law of Attraction in action!

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  1. Hi Janice – thank you so much for writing. Today I thought I would share a visualization I created for your Ideal Day at Work that went along with that module in Smart Women Make Money. I will put the link in next week’s newsletter. I think you will like it too. I love that you shared this.

  2. I really appreciate the clarity of the advise you give. I realize that many times in my life I have blamed other people of not caring enough for their health, their house, their home, their children ( etc … ). While I was blaming them, I protected myself from realizing that I was doing teh same thing with my finances. I have never spent more than I have and I thought that was “enough”, being in that confort zone ( selfrigteousness ) I din’t make any effort to earn more money, broaden my horizons or even try to progress in any way. Thank you so much for helping people realize these little things that once added end up being crucial.

  3. Hi there AbsoluteJasmine – thank you for reading this. I have 3 free money class audios on my web site. If you are interested in getting them, you go to my home page and then a picture will pop up of me and my dogs. You enter your name and email and they will be sent.

    I too have projected or blamed onto others instead of seeing my own issues. I find that it is the most difficult with our family or partners because they are our teachers and show us what we most need to learn;)

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