How to manifest what you want in 2016 + Thea gets her dream home

Are you ready to manifest what you want in 2016?  Let’s go!

The clearer your are about what you want in life, the faster it will come.

Almost four years ago, my then 28-year-old son landed in the ER and was diagnosed that week with a rare genetic condition that was life threatening.

One night at dinner in those first weeks after the diagnosis, I asked John to imagine with me that if everything could go perfectly that year for my son and us, how would it go.

I wrote down everything we wanted to have using a red pen and index cards.

Within 6 months, I manifested everything we wrote down. It all happened!  My son went through his medical interventions, regained his health and was back at work after a few months of recovery.

We sold our town home and moved, and John rented a boat slip for his boat in a location he wanted.

But that wasn’t all – some things happened faster than we were hoping. The Universe doesn’t operate on our time schedule.

I always warn people to be careful what you ask for because you might get it sooner than you want it.

How Thea Manifested Her Dream Home

How Thea Manifested Her Dream home
Thea Anderson

Thea contacted me a few weeks ago to let me know what she manifested after taking my course Remove Your Money Blocks (so you can make more money).  Below is our conversation.

Sherold:  Thea, you took my money class and then you did both of the assignments.  Tell us about what you manifested.

Thea: Simon and I really wanted to move to a new home.  The rental property we lived in was damp and it had been affecting our health. But it felt impossible to pay more money and get the kind of place we wanted.

Just before we took your class, we had an amazing sign from the Universe that we were going in the right direction.  

Simon has had a picture of his dream cottage on his computer screen for about two years.

We enjoy traveling to new places, house sitting and staying in beautiful houses and looking after pets.  So I applied for a house sitting job that sounded nice and wasn’t very far down the road without seeing the picture of where it was.

It was a huge surprise to us that when the owners sent us the address after they accepted us to stay there.  We had a look at the address on Google Earth, and we realized that it was the exact cottage that Simon had on his screensaver for two years. So we were absolutely blown away by this crazy coincidence.

We went to stay in this beautiful cottage and while we were there, we started to talk about moving to a new place.  While staying there, I took your course, Remove Your Money Blocks.

I started to realize all my money blocks from my family growing up and the arguments my parents had about money and being in overdraft.

How Thea Manifested Her Dream Cottage

So after we left that house sitting job, we actually sat in a pub and did the exercise “If It Could Go Perfectly, How Did It Go,” the one you talked about doing with your husband after your son was recovering from an illness.

We looked over the next year and we said want to earn more money and move to a new home.

We described the home we wanted to live in and wrote that we wanted it to be out in the countryside because we didn’t want to live in apartments anymore.

I love old houses with wood beams and wrote that we wanted two floors. `We said that we wanted this to happen in six months time.


And of course – guess how long it’s taken – two weeks to manifest this dream cottage!

The damp situation in our apartment got a lot worse so we decided to start looking around.  So I said let’s go have a look around and see what the Universe can provide.

We went to look at a studio apartment that was just one room and on an estate that had an Elizabethan Manor house.  What was amazing about that was that we realized the studio was just too small for us but the landlord said, “I have a cottage as well.”

It’s half of the old coach house, where they would have kept the horse and carriage.  And seriously this place looks like a smaller version of Downtown Abbey and we were already blown away.


He showed us the cottage, and we immediately absolutely loved it and it had everything we wanted – an old cottage with wood beams and two floors and lovely grounds.

The cottage they rented below. 


We thought there’s no way we’re going to be able to afford it now. When he told us the price for the house and the bills that were included, we realized that it was exactly what we’re paying now.

This didn’t see possible because the prices of properties in this area are so much more.

I realize that we manifested this home because I took action and because my intuition and my desire for something better was bigger, it made me look at ads for places and do all the things that would have stopped me before.

Thea and Simon moved in November 2015 to their dream cottage.  This all happened within a month.

If you are interested in learning more about bold soul life coaching with Thea Anderson, you can find her here Thea Anderson.

Now it’s your turn.  Below is the worksheet called “How to Create your Ideal Financial Life.” Fill out everything you want to have happen in your life – financially and otherwise by using this form below. 

If you manifest something that you want to share, let me hear from you.

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Here’s to you getting what you want in 2016. xo, Sherold

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