How to manifest your best year yet

Are you ready to manifest your best year yet?

Video Transcript

Hello everyone, it’s Sherold. I want to share one of my favorite planning tools for this year. I’ve been using this for the past seven years and so have my clients with great success.

I want tell you a little bit about how this tool came about. I call it, “If it could go perfectly how did it go?”

I created this tool back in 2012, when my son landed in the Emergency Department with serious health issues. He was 28 at the time, and had been healthy his whole life. That week, he was diagnosed with a rare genetic disease that was life threatening.

The year had just started, and John and I had already made plans that we needed to change. We sat down to dinner one night and I said, “We need to roll back these plans.  It’s important to be here in town, because we just don’t know when these surgeries might need to happen.”

So I just got out a little index card and a red pen to write notes. I said to John, “So if this year could go perfectly, how did it go? What did we do?”

We wrote down that my son would have his surgery, possibly in April. I remember John wanted to get specific with a certain date of April 4th.

I didn’t think we needed to be specific about a date, and suggested that we write down the month that it happened. Then we said that my son would return to work at the end of July after he recovered.

John wanted to rent a certain boat slip for our sailboat so he wrote that down. We had a town home for sale. I said that I wanted to have the town home sell in the fall, after my son returned to work in late July.

Here’s how it all came down

My son had surgery April 14, and then he had two more extensive surgeries after that and he survived! He returned to work July 30, which was the exact month we had written down! And John got his boat slip.

Be careful what you ask for because you might get it sooner than you think.

Our town home got an offer on it on at the end of July. We had 30 days to pack up and move out!

The Universe doesn’t operate on linear time. So what you want can come sooner than you expect.

How to create your best year yet:

Manifest your best year

You write down as specifically as you can, exactly what you want to have happen this year. You write it in past tense as if it’s already happened and you’re telling your friend about it.

A specific example might be: “My health was my number one goal in 2020.  I worked out three times a week and started meditating in the morning for ten minutes.”

Make sure that you include your health, relationships, work, spiritual practices, travel, and how much money you want to make this year.

For example, connection is important for me. I want to deepen  friendships with my women friends now that I have more time.

I want to encourage you to put in a few adventures that you’d like to experience. Even if you don’t know “how” they would happen, if you want to have a specific vacation, write it down. Sometimes the money can show up unexpectedly or you find a way to make it happen.

For five years, I had an Airstream on my vision board.  Then in 2008, the opportunity presented itself and I found a 2006 Bambi model Airsteam.

Make sure to write it down as if you were telling your friend what you did this year. Maybe you want to have a partner in your life. Write down 10 characteristics of your ideal partner. Remember, the more specific you get, and the clearer you are about what you want, the faster it comes.

Make sure to write down your emotions that you’ll have as a result of getting what you desire this year. How did you feel when you had these experiences?

Remember, it’s the higher energetic tone from positive feelings that will help you attract what you want. I always like to tell my clients, start feeling as if you already have these things so you’ll attract them.

You must take action

Now that you know what you want to create this year and you know the feelings you’ll have when you get the things you want, it’s time to take action.

When you become intentional with your life, your life will move in the direction of your intentions.

For each desire you write about, what action can you take to help make it happen?

  • Make a vision board.
  • Write down your #1 desire 10x daily in your and write how happy you are that you have this thing in your life.
  • Write down why you want this desire.

I hope you’ll try this. It’s a lot of fun and it works!

Now over to you. Have you written down your intentions for this year? I’d love to hear from you about what you’ve found that works.

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