(Case Study) This Manifesting Technique = 296% Increase In New Business Revenue

how to manifest what you wantThere’s a manifesting method that I use for every client.

And it works.

Want proof?

Jessica and Robert recently used this method to generate a 296% increase in new photography revenue, and doubled their photography bookings from January to October 2016.

And in today’s post I’m going to show you exactly how they did it…step-by-step.

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But First, A Quick Story…

There’s a lot of information out there about using visualization and the Law of Attraction on how to manifest what you want.

At a high level, that sounds great—just imagine and visualize it, send out the vibes, and reap the rewards…quickly.

Easy, right?

In reality, though, we know deep down that there’s more to it.

So, is it possible to take your deepest desire—the one you’re too scared to even talk about—and actually have it come true?

Can you really have that house you’ve been longing for?

The money to take your family on a memorable trip across the country?

A business that you feel passionate about, that supports your family and gives you some of your time back?

Or, finally get out of debt?

The answer is a resounding YES!

But…while visualization is certainly an important piece of it, it takes a little more than thinking good thoughts and going about your merry way.

In fact:

After building several six-figure businesses, attracting a fantastic husband and partner, manifesting two million dollar condos, and helping hundreds of clients bring about mind-blowing changes in their lives…

…I’ve identified the exact steps that—in combination—make the difference between those who stay stuck and those who create a whole new reality for themselves.

I’ve taken those proven steps and created The Magnet Method.

The Magnet Method is a 6-step process for action takers to manifest and get whatever they want.

It’s composed of 6 critical steps to get you from wishing for the life you want—to actually living it.

Step 1. Get crystal clear about what you want

Step 2. Clear physical clutter

Step 3. Clear mental clutter

Step 4. Take action (many manifestation methods say ‘inspired action’ but I think we need to bring practical to this process)

Step 5. Claim it

Step 6. Let go of attachment + step into the future you want

How Jessica and Robert Used The Magnet Method To Triple Their Income…Fast

Before we get into each step, let me tell you about how Jessica and Robert used The Magnet Method to completely re-engineer their photography business and increase new business revenue by 296% in just 10 months.

Compared to where they were a year ago, they’re already making more money, and have more clients.

From January to October 2015, new business income = $14,000

From January to October 2016, new business income = $41,495

new business revenue

They’ve already billed almost three times the amount of new business income than in the previous year — that’s a 296% increase.

You can do the same thing using the Magnet Method.

In this post, I’ll walk you through the exact steps you can use to manifest what you want in your life.

A Little About Jessica and Robert…

Jessica and Robert’s photography business already had a steady clientele in their home state of Tennessee.

They were making six figures shooting photographs, yet they felt a strong pull to move to California.

That meant pulling up not only their family roots, but their business roots as well, and starting over.


In the fall of 2012, they sold their house, packed up their car and drove their family to California.

As they explored new places to live, all of the pieces fell into place in a magical way, and found themselves putting down roots in one of the most expensive cities in California.

To generate revenue, Robert commuted from California back to Tennessee for work. Over time, that work started to slow down, and they were left in a crisis of not having any clients in California.  

They tried a few things, but Jessica said that she didn’t have the confidence to know if what she was doing was the right thing or if it was going to work or be sustainable.

Now that Jessica and Robert wanted to establish themselves in California and not depend on their Tennessee client base for all their income, they needed to attract new business from clients in California and surrounding areas…fast.

This is when Jessica turned to me for help.

I helped her to focus on only attracting new business from California and other states.

So how did they use the Magnet Method to turn their situation around and start attracting clients closer to home?

Let’s take a look at exactly what they did for each step.

Step 1: Get Crystal Clear About What You Want

The first step in the Magnet Method is getting really honest with yourself about what you want.

As my friend Seth Godin says, “What do you care enough about that you’re prepared to expose yourself to fear, risk and hard work to get?”

It can be vulnerable to really open yourself up to your deep down desire, instead of staying in your comfort zone of what you think is “realistic.”

The most important thing is to pick a goal that’s edgy, that scares you a little, but is one that you want. 

Then put the strategies in place to get there and work backwards to list all the action steps you need to take.

To hit that goal, ask yourself:

“How many clients do I need to get?”

“How much time do I need to put in, and at what rate?”

“What income streams do I need to put into place?”

You’ve got to put the work in.

In Jessica and Robert’s case, they wanted a business that made consistent income, month to month. They didn’t have a salary or anything “dependable” coming in.

Jessica and I created a one-page business plan with three goals and one revenue goal for the year.

When Jessica and Robert started their business, 80 percent of their clients were in still in Tennessee and only 20 percent were in their new home state of California.

Jessica wanted to flip that, and have 80 percent of their business coming from California clients.

Jenny on setting financial goals

We created a strategy and an action plan to have Jessica begin to consistently make cold calls each week to Los Angeles architect firms.

Interestingly enough, I had a personal contact and was able to introduce Jessica and Robert to a partner at of one of the largest architecture firms in L.A.

That gave them a strong start.

Step 2: Cleansing Energy In Your Physical Space

A few years ago, neuroscientists at Princeton University looked at people’s task performance in an organized versus disorganized environment.

The results of the study showed that physical clutter in your surroundings competes for your attention and overloads your senses, making you feel stressed, and impairing your ability to think creatively.

Anything you keep that’s taking up space and not being used, that doesn’t bring you joy or does not add beauty is considered clutter.

To manifest what you want, you need to clear physical clutter so that you feel peace and calm when you enter your physical space.

People don’t realize how connected their physical space is to their energy.

The truth is, we’re all energetic beings. And the subtle stress caused by clutter is a low-level energy.

When you’re looking to create something in your life, you want to raise your energy to the highest frequency…which is love.

The tone (energy) you emit is how the Universe responds.

When you keep old possessions or relationships that no longer feed your soul or your mind, you’re filling space with old things and not leaving space for the new things you want.

The Universe likes to fill a vacuum, so you must clear the way and make space for whatever you want to come into your life.

This is especially true in your financial life.

When you create order in your financial life—organize your desk where you pay bills or work, clean out your files, and update your financials—the rest of your life will fall into order.  

Interestingly enough, Jessica and Robert found that as they dug in to clearing clutter, they began to feel open to the possibility that they could do this in California.

In Jenny’s words:

Jenny quote on decluttering garage


after pic of garage

Jessica and Robert put in the work to completely transform their physical space, and as they did, they shifted their energy around it.  

Step 3: Clear Mental Clutter To Raise Your Energy Vibration

Clutter is anything that gets in the way of what matters most to you.

MENTAL clutter is any stressful thought, limiting belief or fear that gets in the way of what you want.

There are two Universal beliefs that most people think at some point:

“I’m not good enough to _____________”


“Who do I think I am to _________________”

Or it could be that you have a belief that you don’t deserve to have what you want in your life and it has to be “hard.”

Or perhaps you have beliefs that you have to work hard for money or that people like you can’t earn a certain amount.

In that case, you’ll get more of that.

Whatever you think and feel is the energetic tone you send out to the Universe. 

That means you must be vigilant about clearing any stressful thought or belief when you realize you are thinking or believing it.  

Fear, worry and anxiety are low vibrations. To attract what you want, you want to clear all mental clutter to bring your body back to peace—a lighter energy frequency.

The more you can do that, the faster your dream will materialize.

Jessica describes her mental clutter this way:

Jenny on mental clutter

Clearing the physical clutter in Jessica and Robert’s space brought on a big shift that led them to clear their mental clutter too.

believing in yourself

The goal was to have Jenny in a clear energy state when she made calls to prospects.

I had her stop and clear her energy by either meditating or using Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) to tap away limiting beliefs or negative emotions like fear, anxiety, frustration and overwhelm before and after calls—or whenever she noticed her energy was not clear and clean.  

Jessica started to become adept at noticing what her mind was doing.

She was about to call a big LA agency with this big shiny website and her mind started to think: ‘Who am I to call this big agency?’

clearing the energy

Step 4: Take Practical Inspired Action

Many people believe that manifesting means meditating, visualizing, creating a vision board, and focusing on what you want.

And while those things can be an important part of it, here’s the deal:

You have to take action to make things happen so that you can get what you want in life.

Once you’ve defined what you want, write down all the steps you need to take to get you there.

Take a tiny step forward towards your future self. Start small and clear energy before you take on the task.

This is the practical part of manifesting.

Inspired action is listening to your intuition and acting on it at the time it hits.

For example:

When I think of someone I want to talk with, I email them as soon as I can.

Now, one thing to be aware of in this step is fear will often crop up. This is when you want to clear energy before you take the next action in the direction of your dreams.  

When it was time to make cold calls, Jessica cleared her energy with EFT and made declarations…and then she picked up the phone.

“I did it until I felt like it was true,” she says. “Then I went back and made the phone call. That’s where I feel like the magic entered in.”

People started to respond.

And Jessica started to get in the zone of creative inspiration. She began to hone in on certain types of architecture firms that were most likely to be profitable, ongoing clients.

Taking action helped Jessica clear her mental clutter too. Instead of feeling overwhelmed and powerless, she’s now focused on her next action.

connections and relationships lead to clients and income

Step 5: Claim It

The funny thing is, as badly as you want something, you may also have a subconscious resistance to getting what you want.

Essentially, resistance is any thought, belief, fear, or behavior – either conscious or unconscious – that is usually the opposite of what you desire.

You want to clear that resistance.

If you’re not living the life that you want—in all areas of your life—that’s a sign that to some degree, you’re resisting it.

On the surface, we can be doing positive affirmations, creative visualizations, and imagining our success. But in the end, you get what you expect on either a conscious or unconscious level.

Every. Single. Time.

Take a minute to focus on your strong intention—your dream and why you want what you want.

Visualize the future self you want to step into.  

When you do, all your fears about why you can’t have what you want might come up.

You might even fear that if you lose that weight, you’ll be more attractive to men.

Or when you write that book, people will criticize you. Or when you create your online business and show up, you’ll be exposed.

Humans avoid pain and move to pleasure.  

In other words, what are the reasons you would avoid exactly what you want?

Notice what negative associations you have with getting what you want.

Maybe you associate making a certain amount of money with working late nights and never being around for your family.

Or maybe you associate doing meaningful work with being broke.

Write these down and then ask yourself:

“Could I take baby steps toward what I want? What would be the worst case scenario if I did it? Could I live with that?” If not, clear it, question it and work with your subconscious mind to make a plan to feel safe.

A powerful way to shift unconscious resistance is to make declarations. These are strong intentions that you say out loud with your right hand over your heart.

“It’s safe for me to have a lot of money,” or “I’m good with money” or anything that is positive and feels good.

Once Jessica and Robert got crystal clear and claimed what they wanted, things started lining up for them right away.

I told them to have the courage to write it down.

Jessica wrote down that she wanted to earn $15,000 a month.

Jenny wanted to earn $15,000

Within a couple of weeks, the couple got their bookings.

Step 6: Let Go of Attachment, Be Grateful, and Step Into Your Future

Now that you have clearly outlined your desired intention for what you want in your life, I want you to let it go.

This is a key step that most people (myself included) have forgotten.

“Let it go” doesn’t mean “leave it behind.”

You’re still tending to your energy and taking the necessary steps. But now I want you to imagine that it’s already happening. You have no control over its outcome, but it is done.

You’ve cleared your physical space and cleared your limiting beliefs, stressful thoughts and subconscious associations with getting what you want. You’ve taken practical action steps to make things happen.  

I want you to step into the future that you want to create—even if it’s not fully realized right now.

Imagine when you get this thing you want (a new business making great money, a raise at work, a perfect partner), what would it enable you to do and to be and to have right now?

Cut out the middleman (waiting) and take steps to feel as if you have it right now.  Act as if.  

The fastest path to getting anything is to be grateful for what you already have.  

Every morning, find three things you are grateful for. Then go out and be the person you most want to be. Notice the signs that the Universe will send you.

Remember, what you want can come in many forms—not the exact form you imagine. So be curious, grateful and notice the signs.

Part of the work for Jessica and Robert was letting go of their fixed idea about where the money would come from.

money flowing into our business

And sure enough, they were pleasantly surprised.

One month, they had an influx of people who wanted to buy more images or usage rights from previous shoots. Jessica and Robert got random checks for $250 or $1,000 or $550, $700 on shoots that Robert had already done and gotten paid for.

They got extra money on top.

How $13K Showed Up In Jenny’s Inbox One Morning

After working with Jessica to clear a lot of her emotional responses and triggers to fear around her relationship with money, she then moved into a place of empowerment.

She started to believe in herself and in her own strength and got creative about what she could do to generate money right now.

So Jessica put together a ‘fall special’ for $500 real estate shoots and emailed it out to all the realtors in the area. She also posted on social media.

No one booked.


A former client replied to Jessica and said: “I couldn’t help but notice Robert’s running a special, but this girl is offering the same thing for $75; we just had to guarantee her 20 properties.”

He forwarded the email to Jenny. She felt a jolt of fear and thought, “No one is going to pay us what we want… we’re never going to get paid what we want to charge.”

Then Jessica collected herself and flipped her thinking to:

“We are worth what we charge. If he wants to be cheap ‘- that’s his choice. We are quality and we are worth it.” 

Jessica then emailed him back a very polite email and thanked him for his input, and told him that they weren’t going to change their rates. His response was “I’m totally f-ing with you guys! That email was a spam from someone who was sending out cold emails. We’d never book her and that rate is a steal for Robert’s level of work.”

Jokingly, Jessica said that she couldn’t agree more, and asked her former client if he could guarantee 20 properties at $500 and Robert will fly out and shoot them.

His response: “Can we make that 20 hiking trails instead?”

Jessica said name the date.

Jessica and Robert then negotiated 20 hiking trails at $550 each ($11K).

Later that morning, Jessica received another email from a client in TN to ask if Robert can do one more shoot on his last morning there, which added $2650 to his trip.

So in one morning, $13,650 showed up in Jessica’s inbox.

Let’s Talk About What YOU Want

You just saw a real life example of a manifesting method in action.

It is possible to have it all…and quickly too.

You have to be willing to tend to your space, tend to your mindset, and take action.

But for you to get value from this post, you need to take action on it.

And step #1 is to download the free PDF version of this post plus 2 bonus manifesting technique videos below.

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