How to manifest the sale of your home

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Are you ready to manifest the sale of your home?

Have you tried to sell a home and perhaps it’s been on the  market for a year or more?

I have some tips for you on how you can sell your property.

My name is Sherold Barr and I’m a master life coach and former realtor.  I’ve bought and sold about 10 properties during my time.

I want to share a story about the one thing that I’ve forgotten to do that caused a property not to sell.  This is a key element in the Law of Attraction.

One of the things my husband John and I want to sell is our cabin at Odell Lake on Forest Service land in Oregon.

John bought it 31 years ago. We got married up there 23 years ago.

We have a lot of attachment to this place.  About three years ago we decided to sell it.

Our partners wanted a higher price for the cabin.  I knew that it was going to sit on the market yet we are good partners and went along with it.

We bought a St. Joseph statue and buried it on a planter on the deck of our lake house. St. Joseph is the patron saint of carpentry, craftsmanship and homes.

The next time we went to the cabin, we found the statue was headless and the statue had been placed on a shelf in the kitchen.

I was horrified.  Our partners said perhaps a squirrel dug it up and bit off the head (it was hard plastic)!  We don’t know how this happened but it was kind of spooky.

I cleared the cabin with sage to remove all negative energy to allow only positive energy to remain.

Then we bought another statue and as the directions say – we prayed for nine nights and felt all the good feelings we had towards the cabin.  We wished for new owners who would love and use it as much as we have.

When it didn’t sell last year, I dug the statue up and we prayed the prayer again for nine nights and buried him.

This year we set the price at a good value and the market is much more active than it has been in about five years.

Then a couple of weeks ago, our housekeeper bought us the Home Sellers Kit at her church. At the church, she took Joseph out of the box and had the priest pray over him and sprinkle him with holy water.

How to manifest home sale

We prayed for nine nights and again felt so much gratitude for being able to have this cabin.

We buried the new statue next to the plastic version where our pets ashes are buried.

I want to share an important lesson here about one thing I do that holds up a sale or blocks manifesting.

John and I were attached to the cabin emotionally.

This was the first property John bought when he moved to Oregon 31 years ago. He always wanted to have a cabin in the mountains on a lake.

I had attachment to this place because I grew up with a cabin on a lake in Tennessee.

And John and I got married right out here on the deck.

So I had us cut cords of any attachments that we might have.

We talked about what we would do with the money for our retirement with the sale proceeds.

We felt the feelings we would have when it sold and began acting like it was a done deal this summer.

We cleared clutter in the attic and took things home or to Goodwill. We are continuing this process each time we come up.

Six key steps to my Magnet Method of Manifesting.

I’m a MOFO at manifesting.

I’ve manifested my husband John; two – six-figure businesses, two million dollar condos and an Airstream. This method works.

The one thing that I do that blocks a sale is that I get attached to when it will sell or how much money we want to make.

This year I have released everything I could think of and took action.

The Magnet Method is composed of six key steps to get you from wishing for the life you want—to living it.

• Step 1. Get crystal clear about what you want

• Step 2. Clear physical clutter

• Step 3. Clear mental clutter

• Step 4. Take action (many manifestation methods say ‘inspired action’ but I think we need to bring practical to this process.

• Step 5. Claim it – imagine you have it now and feel the feelings you will have when it sells.

• Step 6. Let go and release it.  Let the Universe work its magic.

I’ll let you all know when the cabin sells so that you can see how important all these steps are to manifesting.

Check out my Magnet Method case study.

If you have used St. Joseph statue to help you sell a home, please share it in the comments below.  Try it!

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