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Best B School Bonus to Make More MoneyMy Review of Marie Forleo’s B School

Plus a Free Bonus Valued at $1,895 from me!

B School opens February 18.  Make sure to read this whole post to learn more about my B School Bonuses.  I want you to break through your money beliefs that might be blocking you from earning the money of your dreams.  As an entrepreneur – there are two key things you must do to be successful (besides understand online marketing).  You need to get conscious of what you believe about money and question any belief or fear that is blocking you.  And you need to understand how to have a positive mindset.  Being an entrepreneur can be a lonely proposition but not if you know how to use your mind instead of it using you!  Read on if this interests you.

Appearances online do not show us the whole picture.  When you look at someone’s online presence – their website or Facebook page – you don’t really know the real story unless of course they are willing to be transparent, vulnerable, and admit when they struggled. When I share the back story of how I grew both of my businesses and made money, you can see that all of us struggle at one time or another. You understand that it takes a lot of hard work and whole lot of hustle to make a business work.  I am wary of people who say that they earned six-figures in 12 or 18 months when I know they were in business to years prior to that. Maybe they retooled and found their true people/niche and it took off but it’s rarely true (there are some exceptions) that someone can do this in a short amount of time. It takes years of consistent action, focus and a whole lot of hustle.

You might not believe this but I’m really a shy person at heart.  In my mid 40s, I took a hospital PR job that required I was the spokesperson for the hospital.  I was regularly interviewed by TV and newspaper reporters.  Being seen as representing the hospital was not easy at first – in fact it made me anxious.  So I decided to be good at it and make it a strength.  As I grew more comfortable with that job, it was consistent action that helped me build my confidence and courage.  Learning to be out front in such a public forum was a learned skill.  It took years yet I became not only comfortable with it but good at it.

The #1 Key to Your Success Is Your Mindset

As an entrepreneur, it is the exact same thing we must do to get comfortable with selling our services. There is no shortcut — only small steps, consistent action and a whole lot of hustle. In my early years as a first-time entrepreneur in the late 90s, I spent so much time over analyzing what I said, what I “should” have done.  What I have learned is that you want fail fast and get on with it.  Don’t sweat the small stuff.

When I started my second business, I kept a few contracts from my PR business to support the transition from one business to another.  I made a conscious decision to leave a multiple-six figure business to follow my heart and Soul.  I knew that wanted to work 1:1 with people.  I sought out coach training and went through Martha Beck’s life coach training in 2008 and then her master coach training in 2009.

This business was very different from my first business.  At first it was lonely because in my previous PR business – Extraordinary Work Group, I had four employees.  In this new coaching business, I found myself feeling isolated and of course, my mindset and thoughts would take me out of my game into “comparing mind” and my inner critic was free to take charge.  I had yet to learn how to observe my thinking and question it with The Work of Byron Katie.  I went to Byron Katie’s School of The Work in late 2009.  It was there that I got in touch with my biggest life and business asset – my mind.  I know like to say that I am a student of “the mind.”

“Your mind is the steering wheel of your life. Your body is your GPS system.

As a brand new coach, I spent way too much time checking out my peers and competitors web sites and feeling like I didn’t know enough.  I call that “compare and despair.”  My inner critic was telling me things such as “I am not expert enough to offer a class on ______.” “Who do you think you are to _____.”  “You need more training and classes before you ________.” At the time, I had no idea that I had an inner critic or that those voices were not me.  However, I had a firm belief in myself and knew that I could do it and would find out what I needed to know to make my business a success.

I’ve written more about the importance of awakening (to your mind and higher Self) in my digital manifesto – 10 Things I Wish I’d Known Before I Was 30.  I’ve written blogs about Stop Comparing Yourself: Tap Into Your Soul’s Purpose where I talk more about the mind.  My firm belief is that your success in any job or business is based on whether you have the mindset for success. Plus I have a whole arsenal of blog posts on how to work with fear to be more courageous.

“It’s Important to Have a Mentor to Help You Make Quantum Leaps

In 2010, I joined Marie Forleo’s first B School, which taught women the nuts and bolts of online marketing.  I consider Marie a mentor because I am in the fourth year of her program.  Each year I go through the program because she offers additional content. She has literally “cracked the code” of Best B School Bonus to Make More Moneyonline marketing.  She teaches you all the steps to start an online business so that you can make money using your passions and talents doing what you love.  All you need is an idea. B School became my tribe.

In 2010 there were 500 of us that were in Marie’s first B School and now she has trained more than 10,000 women and men (men are now part of it).  I found women like me who were focused on personal growth and on creating an online business that supported their dreams. Best B School Bonus to Make More MoneyIn 2011, I felt like I met kindred spirits and a large group of us formed our own 2011 B School Facebook group so we could deepen our relationship and support each other.

In 2012, about 30 of us met face-to-face for the first time at World Domination Summit (WDS).  Truly I had not experienced this type of supportive friendships since high school. We share what we know, ask for tips and resources, and want to see each other rise to the top.

What I have learned as a two-time successful entrepreneur is this:

[Tweet “The biggest factor in your success is your mind. Your mindset is the only thing blocking you from radical success.”]

“You must remove any money block (beliefs) that will hold you back from making money.

You must not isolate yourself – you need a coach or mentor who is ahead of you and will teach you the key elements to focus on.

Here’s my Best B School Bonus:

Bonus #1: Learn How to Remove Your Money Blocks to Make More Money

You must become aware of, question and remove all money beliefs that will keep you from making money (charging what you are worth, asking for it and getting it, breaking your inner glass ceiling, and removing all family money beliefs that are embedded in your subconscious mind).

  • When you sign up for B School using my affiliate link, you get my Smart Women Make Money online class valued at $398 that you can take anytime and you have it for life.  It’s an online digital class with videos, audios and a very active and supportive private Facebook forum (I’m in there too).  I continually update this program.  I know this program works because I regularly witness remarkable transformation around money.  This program will transform not only your money life but your life if you do the work and show up. Men can take it and are in the program!
  • In Smart Women Make Money, you get a big BONUS module that will give you incredible information on how to get  potential customers to sign up to talk to you so that you can make more sales asks.  You will learn how to structure authentic sales asks and get tips on pricing.  In my four years of this business, this is the insider info that is rarely taught.
  • You will learn how to get conscious of and change your family beliefs that were modeled to you before age 7 and are driving your behavior.
  • You will be able to start reprogramming your subconscious mind to support you to make the money you dream about.
  • You will learn how to question any belief that holds you back or fear that strikes terror in your heart about being able to make it as an entrepreneur.
  • You will learn to manifest and understand how to use the Laws of Prosperity so that you become prosperous in all areas of your life because if you change your financial thoughts and beliefs that hold you back, your life will magically start to fall into place.
  • You will learn how to get more customers so you can do more sales asks, understand the sales pipeline, how to make authentic sales asks and how to price your services.  I have amazing guest interviews that share loads of information.

I have developed a super system — Smart Women Make Money to help you remove your money  SWMM_Digital_GetItNow(1)blocks so that you can charge what you are worth and get it.

If you don’t have these key tools – no amount of online marketing will help you become successful.  I’ve heard that it’s 95% mindset and 5% online marketing to be a successful entrepreneur.  If you don’t have internal beliefs that you CAN MAKE MONEY and YOU CAN BE SUCCESSFUL, then no amount of marketing will help you pull it off in the end.  You will struggle.  I’ll teach you these key parts that you will not learn in B School – how to remove your money blocks and question them to allow your subconscious and conscious mind to support your work and all the mindset skills you need to awaken so that you use your mind instead of letting it dictate your life. Smart Women Make Money is a digital online class valued at $498. 

My offer is available to you when you sign up using my affiliate link If you use another link from someone else’s website or sign up directly through Marie’s site, I can’t give you my bonuses because we simply can’t track it.  Trust me – this can be tricky yet if you are intentional that this is bonus that will help you the most, you can do this.

BONUS #2: Group coaching with me.  Valued at $900.

  1. I will hold 4 special group coaching calls that will begin after B School begins.  These calls are exclusively for B Schoolers who sign up using my affiliate linkI will coach you in a group setting on anything you need to know – whether it’s related to what Marie teaches you, business, or whether it’s about your money blocks or fears about being in business.  This is my Super Power – coaching you to move forward. This is your chance to ask me anything.  I’m here to support your success in the program. *My coaching packages for entrepreneurs start at $1,100 a month.  I only offer them in 3 or 6 month packages so this is your chance to work with me and take B School.
  2. We will have a private Facebook forum where the group of B School affiliates can meet in a smaller venue to support each other and ask me questions.  I am there to support your understanding of what you are learning from Marie and to help you stay in action mode.

BONUS #3: A brand new live class called “How to Get Out of Your Own Way”  valued at $497.

This Spring I will offer a brand new program called How to Get Out of Your Own Way that will give you key tools to build the mindset for success.  You will get an invitation to take the course for free.  I structure all of my programs and coaching services to help you find freedom from any thought, belief or fear that is holding you back.  This is why I call myself a Freedom Fighter – I fight for your emotional freedom and financial freedom and teach you how to create it. 

In How to Get Out of Your Own Way, you will learn: GetOutOfYourOwnWay_badge

How to tame your inner critic (s) the chorus of voices in your head that judge you and keep you playing small.  We all have inner judges / critics – when you can learn key strategies of mindfulness, you can work with them and learn to call on your Wise Inner Mentor.

Learn and Understand the Thought Model so that you become self-aware of the power of your mind.  You will learn how you can create your life using the tools that I will teach you to use your mind instead of it using you.

How to Decode Fear and Use It As Rocket Fuel – I will show you powerful strategies to learn to work with fear instead of resisting it.  When you resist fear, it will persist, grow and increase stressful emotions that hold you back from getting exactly what you want in life and keep you playing small.

With these powerful tools on mindset and how to make more money + what you learn in Marie Forleo’s B School program, you will have an incredible set of tools that you can use to achieve your dreams of being your own boss and using your divine gifts and talents to do what you love.  I can’t promise miracles because it’s up to you to do the work.  I can tell you that B School is a remarkable program, and I constantly witness my own clients and the men and women in Smart Women Make Money achieve amazing transformations around money. I will help you learn how to show up fully, be courageous, and take small steps to move you forward.  I’m teaching you what I learned about being a successful entrepreneur.

B School officially opens for registration on February 19 and will be open until March 5.  If you have any questions, feel free to email me at

P.S. Here’s the links to Marie Forleo’s 3 Free B School training videos. These free videos will not be available after 3/5/14.

Video #1: The Six Pillars to Building a Highly Profitable Business Online.

Video #2:  13 Simple Strategies for Making Your Business Work Online

Video #3: 7 Common Excuses That Hold Entrepreneurs Back

NOTE: these free trainings will only be up for a limited time.  Be sure to watch them. Here’s to your success! If you liked this post, please share it with your friends.

  1. Hi Sherold,

    I was already thinking about joining B-school but after I read your newsletter, I just knew it was the right thing to do, thank you for your words! Look forward in starting a huge shift in my life:)

    I just joined the B-school and I was wondering when I receive the wonderful bonuses you talked about?

    Thank you

    1. Hi Josani – congratulations! You are about to experience a radical shift in yourself and your business. I am going to start this program in March. B School starts in March after the registration closes. I am going to start some of the bonuses before others. For example the group coaching will start mid March after I return to the U.S. from Mexico – so most likely March 24 or 25. Can you tell me what time zone you are in?
      I am so thrilled for you. I am going to start writing about money and being an entrepreneur and the mindset needed. Stay tuned and I will also communicate with you via email. Thank you and I’m thrilled to have you in this group.

  2. Hi Sherold! I am so excited I signed up for B school under your affiliate link, at least I sure hope I did it correctly. I have recieved my welcome from Marie and I saw your reply above to Josani. Is there a way for me to know for sure if you got credit for me and then I can relax about it and watch for your first email later in March. I am in the central time zone. Thanks, Linda

  3. Hi Linda – you bet I looked today and saw your name. I will send out an email this evening to all of you so that you know when we will start our segment of the program. The first thing you will get is my Smart Women Make Money digital program log in. We will start our group coaching after B School starts (I will send you a private Facebook link after B School starts). We will start our work together the week of March 24 and then I will teach my live class “How to Get Out of Your Own Way” in May after B School ends to help you all remove anything – fear, limiting beliefs, your inner critic and stressful thoughts that will block you from success. Watch for my email tonight;) Congratulations!!

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