How to handle fear and anxiety when the world feels crazy

How to handle fear and anxiety when your candidate isn’t elected or any other situation that brings up fear and anxiety.

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A friend emailed me this week and told me that she found the election here in the U.S. remarkably traumatic.

She said she was donating, making phone calls to urge people to vote and that she was just trying to keep the faith.

But it’s wearing her down.

She asked me how I was managing, and if the world felt crazy to me as well.

I wrote her back telling her that I too was finding myself shocked and disturbed by what’s happening in our country.

I shared that I’m meditating for 20 minutes each morning and exercising every day to move my body to get rid of negative energy.

In the bigger picture, it won’t matter who wins or loses because people will still feel the effects of what we’ve gone through during this election.

I want to share practices to help you get through challenging times.

Since I became a Kundalini Yoga teacher this year, I know the power of energy in our body.

You are an energetic being and your energy has far more power than you can imagine.

Fear is one of the lowest and densest of all forms of energy.

When you speak or write (email) words that are negative (hatred, judgement, blame, shame), you’re sending that negative energy out into the world.

When you can speak and act from a positive place (love, gratitude, appreciation), you are sending positive energy out into the world.

In this new world that we are living in, it’s incumbent on each one of us to take responsibility for our own energy.

We need more light workers on the planet to combat fear and anxiety.

You have the power to raise your own energy so that you can bring more light and serve in your own way by staying positive.


In reflecting on how we might help ourselves through this challenging time here in the U.S. and the world, I read a wonderful article by Gary Zukov, author of Seat of the Soul.

There are only two kinds of energy – love or fear.

Fear is a negative emotion that impacts our body and mind.

Fear drives our behavior and creates physical sensations in our body.

Zukov says that even though anger, resentment, stress, cravings and compulsions appear to be different energies – they are actually different experiences of the energy of fear.

The other energy is love.

Different experiences of love can be appreciation, gratitude, patience and contentment.

The physical sensations you feel in your body are good feelings and your energy will be lighter.

What I love most about this is that there is more energy in love than in fear.

When you have a love for life and for other people – this is a healing type of love that brings people together.

So I told my friend that if I can be centered in myself instead of being triggered by what is happening in the world, I can guide my thoughts, emotions, and actions by love.

Before I respond in a challenging situation, I can ask myself, “What would love do or say here?”

Zukav says that “Love is tireless, healing and inexhaustible. It brings people together. It is powerful beyond measure. It is the Great Compassion that Buddhists speak about. It is the “love that surpasses all understanding” that Christians talk about.”

Choosing to act from a place of love when the world seems crazy is how you create Authentic Power.

When you get triggered emotionally, it’s most often from a place of fear.

To reflect back on something you might have said to someone that was unkind, ask yourself these questions:

What did I want in that situation?

What was my motivation?  Was it to build a bridge through love or create a divide between you and that person. 

Choose love – this is a conscious process.  We all need to act from a place of love and consciousness.

Deepak wrote a wise article on “After Trump what will it take to heal.”

“When we can’t face our own shadow, it gets embodied in figures like Trump who gleefully let the dark side of human nature romp in public.  As much as right-thinking people are appalled by him, Trumpism strikes a chord in everyone, because we all have a shadow. It may seem as if I’ve drawn a tenuous thread connecting a flamboyant political sham to something deep in human nature. But the connection is real, and so is the possibility of healing. Bringing in the light, however you define that phrase, is the way to become part of the solution instead of part of the problem. The wounds in consciousness can only be healed through consciousness.”

Here’s a beautiful prayer from Marianne Williamson:

Dear God, Help me today to choose love over fear, that I might work miracles for myself and others. Where I am tempted to attack or defend, please guide my mind to a gentler place. Amen.

Here are two resources that you can try to bring you out of fear/anxiety and back to your natural state of being.

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  1. Phenomenal article, Sherold. I fully agree.
    Acting from a place of fear never leads us to our best life.
    Although it is hard to stay centered during times like these, this is when it’s most needed, not only for ourselves but for the world.
    If each light worker, as you say, redirects their energy from fear to love the result will astound us. Love has a synergistic effect – let’s not forget the immeasurable power of the collective consciousness.
    Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom with us.

    1. Wow Kaliopi – thank you so much for reading this! I so appreciate the feedback. You are a light worker and the world needs you!

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