How to Create Your Ideal Money Future

Last week’s blog gave you the questions to answer to help you discover what your current money story is and what you learned about money from your family (your family money legacy).

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Create a mantra of your ideal money future

In addition, I created several videos – and What’s Holding You Back From Manifesting Money, which focuses on how your mind is key to helping you get what you want and stay out of what blocks money —  fear, shame, guilt, limiting beliefs and stressful thoughts.

So how do you move ahead and change your thinking instead of focusing on fear or what you don’t have?  Let’s get you started on a better feeling path to money.

When I got married in 1995 after being a single mom for eight years, I had the opportunity to retire so to speak.  But I didn’t want to do that because I felt I had too much to do in my lifetime to not use my skills and talents.

So I did the “if you build it, they will come” scenario and set up a studio behind our home and started freelancing.  I had no idea exactly where I was going but I was definitely going somewhere.  I started freelancing, and I found that I was totally energized by how technology could change medicine for the better.  I had been a PR director for a hospital for eight years, and I was tired of working in a broken health care system.

I focused on my future – to work in healthcare technology.  I decided I wanted freedom and independence (this is what money represents to me).   I was determined to do exciting work and live up to my own potential.  I wanted to make my own money.  I had this inner knowing that God / the Universe had given me skills to someday use for the greater good.

My own inner mantra was that I will work with Microsoft.  I solely focused on what I wanted and in less than two years as a freelancer, I did it with a good friend who helped me make the connection.  I believed it would happen and that it was not “if” but “when.”  I stay focused on my own mantra – I would do PR work for Microsoft in healthcare technology.  And that is exactly what happened.  Then two years later I had five employees and grossed almost a half a million dollars.

What helps us move through fear around money?

You call in your future Self and DECIDE what your money future will be.

You create a mantra that you repeat at least three times a day – every day.

Suze Orman talks about this in her book, The Money Class: How to Stand in Your Truth and Build the Future You Deserve (I highly recommend this book).

Suze landed her first job at a brokerage house full of MBAs after making only $400 a month as a waitress and with no experience in this line of work.  She says she needed something to help her stay out of fear.  She was determined to focus on the future she wanted to create.  She created a mantra to repeat at least three times a day to help her stay out of fear-based thinking and focus on the life she wanted to create.

Her mantra was, “I am young, powerful, and make at least $10,000 a month.

Although her mantra was not true yet true, she was DETERMINED to stay focused on the future she wanted to create.  And look at where Suze is today by using this technique!

Notice that her mantra is written as if it is true and in present tense.

I want you to create a short, powerful mantra right now to repeat it at least three times a day everyday to create the future you want to live.  *Avoid limiting yourself to less than what your mind thinks you can do.  If you think, well $8k a month would be more than enough, revise it.

If you are ready to transform your relationship with money from one of fear, guilt or scarcity, then it’s not too late to enroll in Smart Women Love Money.  When you have a positive and loving relationship with money, it is a mirror of your life.  All of us women DESERVE that.

I want to hear from you if you created a mantra after reading this blog.  If you want to share your mantra with me, I would love to hear it.

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As always, I am grateful you are here and reading my posts.  May you create a powerful money future beginning today!

  1. Thank you Sherold. This is the perfect time for me to read this. I have had three years of negative events happening including loss of a job, loss of a home after being a home owner for 33 years, health issues including brain surgery for my husband. I thought I had hit rock bottom but we were just hit again. I am trying to not focus on scarcity. I do use affirmations but I feel I need to believe the affirmation possible for it to be helpful. To focus on this positive affirmation is important for me. I make %5000.00 a month or more because I am healthy, strong, and love my work as a speech pathologist. I believe this affirmation because it was true in the past. Thank you for setting me on the right path.

    1. Hi Linda – you certainly have been through major catalytic events. This is a challenging time and if you do stay focused on the positive – something better will come along. It’s never easy while you are in the midst of a challenging time.

      Will you send me an email? I will write to you.

      Sending you healing energy and strength.

  2. Make that: I make $5000.00 a month or more because I am healthy, strong, and love my work as a speech pathologist.

    1. Linda – this is great – I am healthy, strong and love my work as a speech pathologist and make $5,000 or more a month. Is that too long to remember? Memorize it, write it on index cards and post it.

  3. Love this post: I’m in.
    I am a strong and savvy business woman and I make $25,000 or more a month re-imagining wellness for women with PCOS.

    1. Corrie Ann – I love this. Write it down and put it where you can see it everyday. Then write out what you did (as if it already happened) and write down what you did to make that money. Start a year from now and work backwards to write it as if it already happened. This is very powerful.

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