How to Create a Home with Heart: Make Your Home a Soul Oasis

Interview with Kirsten Steno, Interior Designer + House Coach

In this week’s blog, I interview a talented international House Coach about how to create a home that is your Soul oasis.  Kirsten Steno, is a Danish interior designer and Martha Beck Life Coach is an internationally recognized House Coach.

Kirsten’s Pathfinder Vision Wall

Pathfinder Vision Board


House-Coach Come Home to YourselfKirsten’s mission for the book is to help people all over the world create a “soul filled home” and understand that home is a metaphor for our soul.

She talks about how being “homesick at home and in her life” forced her to take actions and become playful in the “ugliest house on the street” because the life form INSIDE the home became more important than “location, location, location.”

In our interview, Kirsten shares how her Pathfinder Vision wall helps her and her clients get clear on “what makes a heart sing” and to trust in the emotions – both the bad and good – as “hot tracks” back home to ourselves.

 She talks about how miracles started happening fast with the BoConcept contract, the cottage at the sea, her “jogging in New Jersey” (a funny story) and finally and most importantly how she focused on getting her son Nikolai well and free of cancer came true.

Click here to download the first three chapters of House-Coach: Come Home to Yourself.  

A printed version of the book can be bought in BoConcept stores all over UK and USA or you can email Kirsten at   To find out more about upcoming House-Coach seminars in London, UK and Florida, and in the U.S. in Spring of 2014 check out  “Letters from my work.”

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  1. LOVED THE INTERVIEW!! You both were brilliant!! Kirsten is so talented and loving. I love the she has had the opportunity to share her gift with the world. Sherold, I will look forward to meeting you at The Summit!!

    Much Success to both of you!!

  2. Connie Black thank you so much. Kirsten will be thrilled with your feedback. She has a light of goodness to her. I won’t be at the summit because we rent a home in Baja each year for a month and it’s during the summit! I wish I were going. What a fun time. Thank you for your feedback Connie!

  3. Lisa thank you for the feedback. Her wall vision board is amazing. I love that and once we move at the end of March, I will do that on a wall near my office. Hope you try the vision wall. Trust us both – it works.

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