How to Bring in Consistent Revenue In Your Business

How to make consistent revenue in your business[Tweet “If you aren’t talking to potential clients each week, your business is in effect not open.”]

How do you take your passion – that thing you love to do – and turn it into your work online so that you can make a difference in the world and help your ideal clients transform their lives?

How do you harness the power of this revolution we’re in because of the Internet and build an online business or work location independent and make money while you sleep?  It can be overwhelming figuring out what to do first and to know what will generate sales.

When I started this second business in 2010, I was told I needed a web site, a niche, a Facebook page, a Twitter account and these days… the list of social sites alone is enough to have you working 24 x 7.

Don’t get me wrong, these things are important, but not necessarily in the order you’re doing them.

Here’s the little secret no one tells you when you decide to become a coach or any type of entrepreneur:

You’re in the business of selling whatever it is you do.

When I realized this back in 2009, I freaked out.

I’m shy at heart yet I’ve learned to be an extravert, but to sell myself online was another story.

That meant I had to put myself online and have my own opinions, showcase my expertise and knowledge in blogs, and create products for the people on my list.  It was safer to hide out behind the thought that I need to become more of an expert in coaching and facilitating inquiry (The Work).

There are so many ways we rationalize doing everything but making the sale.

You know what the worst part was?

I was working in isolation – I didn’t have anyone to show me how to sell myself in a way that wasn’t sleazy or slimy.

None of the coaches I was in training with knew this little secret either because we were being taught how to coach and the basics of starting an online business.

The reality is that anyone who has any type of business online or brick and mortar is selling themselves or their product.

If you’re like me, I was focusing on what I thought were the right things.

So how do you know what the right things are to focus on so that you can make your business profitable?

If you aren’t talking to potential clients each week then you know you’re focusing on the wrong things.

What do you need to do to make consistent revenue and find your ideal clients?

  • You need a focused plan that helps you understand exactly how many clients you need to work with or how many products you must sell to make your annual income goal.
  • You need an action plan that breaks this down into quarterly goals so you don’t become overwhelmed.
  • You need to identify your ideal clients’ problems and needs and understand the result they want.
  • You need to position your services in a way that shows the value of what you do and how you will solve their problem and help them achieve the dream (results) they want.
  • Give your customers and the people on your list valuable information, products or services.
  • You need to hang out online or go to places locally where your ideal customers are and offer value.
  • You need to know how to sell your services in a way that’s authentic and real for you and shows how your services will help them get to their dream or solve their problem.

The best part is that you can do all this without a website or a niche in the beginning. You start where you are and build a solid foundation for your business that helps you know that each month that you’ll be able to bring in consistent income. You know what you need to do to make it happen and you have the tools to do it.

Not sure how to build that solid foundation for your business? Want expert help in creating a focused, revenue-generating action plan for your business and access to a master coach who can help you ensure your fears and obstacles don’t stand in the way of you making it happen?

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  1. Hi Robin – I sure appreciate your feedback and this fuels me to want to help all of you out there on my list even more. I am going to be sharing lots of business, life and mindset blogs in the coming months plus a lot around money beliefs. So Tweet it for me. Thanks for reaching out.

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