How to access your higher Self so you can handle life’s ups and downs

How to access your higher Self

I want to talk today about your higher Self because once you know what it is, you can practice getting there, it’s gonna change your life radically.

Five years ago, I was in a near-fatal car wreck in Baja, Mexico.  I had two abdominal surgeries, and then I was airlifted to Sharp Memorial Hospital in San Diego for trauma care.

After my third surgery, I had a near-death experience.

At the time I didn’t understand what had happened but I knew something extraordinary had happened.

When you have NDE, your energy is at a super high vibration.

Here on earth, we’re trying to get into a higher vibration (law of attraction) not only to be happier but to have fewer negative thoughts and beliefs.

That’s how we manifest a higher vibration. So a near-death experience is up above love on the map of consciousness, which David Hawkins, M.D. Ph.D. created.

1:20 min:  I want to talk about the higher Self. When I woke up from my third surgery, I was in a state of complete piece.

I’d been on a ventilator for about seven days at that point, so I had more ventilator time to go.  But Dr. Kill, my trauma surgeon, no joke his name is Dr. Kill and he’s a phenomenal trauma surgeon.

He came into my room and told John and me that I had an infection in my abdomen and it was near the valve that separates the large and small intestines. After he finished updating us on my condition, he left the room.  John stood there and then began to cry.

“John, why are you crying?” I asked having no idea why he was upset. He came over and knelt down by the side of my bed and said,  “Because you’re suffering.”   As I stroked his hair I said, “I’m not suffering, you’re the one suffering.”

John had been worried for the past nine days that I was going to die because things kept getting worse.

“Everything’s gonna be okay,” I said as I patted his head.  I was in this place of pure peace … there was this ultra peace like you can’t even imagine and there were no thoughts of anything, that’s why I didn’t understand why John was crying because everything was perfect just as it was.

This is reality but we humans don’t want things to happen the way things happen and then argue with the fact that it happened (reality).

When you have an NDE, you don’t have a fear of death.

At least the majority of NDE’rs say they aren’t afraid of death.

3:17 min: Because I experienced this near-death experience, I healed much faster than I would have without the experience.

This was my experience and I’ve had major surgery before but not six surgeries within four months. During my sixth surgery, there was a complication. I woke up with a completely numb left leg.

We didn’t know if the quad nerve (femoral) was compressed during surgery or if it would revive in two months but that’s what happened.

I’m writing a memoir about how I healed and it was radical for me because I was in this higher Self place.

For a year after the NDE, I experienced living without fear and negative thoughts.  I lived in a place of love, grace, and gratitude.

I want to help you learn how to access your higher Self and have a different experience with an illness or chronic health condition or going into the hospital.

I have a lot of knowledge of healthcare because I worked in PR and high-tech healthcare for 25 years.

All religions have a name for the higher Self.  Carl Jung called it the higher Self and the little self is the ego.

04:39 S2: I had a year during my recovery that was really free, not totally about free of the ego, where I was in this pure space, but unfortunately it doesn’t stay unless you’re like Byron Katie or Eckhart.

The ego comes back with fear. The more you listen to it — if you’re in fear. I know how to get to this space and you get to it through yoga or you get to it through meditation.

I’ll tell you why nature is so incredible and healing, is that it’s quiet and you can get in touch with yourself in nature, especially if you leave digital equipment at home. This is how you get quiet inside.

05:17 S1:  I’ve learned so many things that I want to share with you. If you’re in America, our culture is in so much excess of materialism and the war over truth.  We’re in a crazy time.

All this materialism, all the stuff that distracts us from who we are. We’re so distracted.  It’s only going to get worse. The more you bombard yourself with news, the less you’re going to touch your higher Self.

If you can get out in nature or you take a road trip that will help. I tapped into that place when I backpacked into the Escalante Canyon in Utah many years ago with a boyfriend.  We got so quiet inside we didn’t need to talk. My mind was quiet.

06:13 S2: I’m going to keep talking about the higher Self. I want you to know that working from your higher Self will remarkably change your life for the better.

This is one the key things I learned from my recovery from the accident.

You can’t control anything that goes on outside of you, but you can change what you think about what goes on in your outer world. 

You have no control over the climate, over what people think about you, what they say about you. These are out of our control.

The key is to create a rich inner life that supports you to thrive in a crazy world.

When hell’s breaking out all around you, you’ll be able to ride the waves because you have a strong inner foundation.

One last thing I want to leave you with. I’m a certified Kundalini yoga teacher, and I use it in my programs.  I use it for myself, but I want to say one of the things that is so powerful about Kundalini yoga is the breath.  The breath is a way home. I call my higher Self “home”. The breath can take you there, mantras, chanting, or any of that.

07:44 S2: If you don’t have a meditation practice, try it.  If you can’t, do that, go outside, put your feet on the Earth, take your shoes off, garden, do anything you can to get back to nature and get back to yourself.

Life is not so hard. Shit happens, yet with a strong inner life, you know how to handle it. That’s what resilience is. It’s a muscle, and it all starts with courage and hope, and you have to have those things,

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