How I manifested a million dollar condo

How I manifested a million dollar condo

For seven years between 1998 to 2005, I commuted two hours north from Eugene, OR to Portland, OR.

My boutique PR agency called Extraordinary Work Group contracted with Microsoft’s Healthcare Solutions Group to represent them to national media, trade media and healthcare IT analyst groups.

When I started my PR business, I was 47 years old.

Remember age is only a number – a story you tell yourself about what you can and can’t do.  Don’t label yourself!

For the first two months, every Friday I drove two hours up and two hours back to be part of the PR team at the agency that represented Microsoft’s vertical industry business.

Nothing could stop me because I was living my dream business.

The rest of the week, I worked from my home office in a studio behind our home. I was passionate about my work in healthcare technology and in handling media and analyst relations for Microsoft.

I never thought negative thoughts about my commute.

I was purely grateful. And guess what?

Being in gratitude is a manifesting vibe to make more money.

After a few months, I started to stay over on Thursday nights so I had more time in the Portland office on Fridays.

One week I forgot a comb and hairbrush, and the hotel didn’t have any at the front desk.  Another week I brought two different shoes!

I began to daydream about having a condo in Portland.

I suggested to my husband, John, since we planned to move to Portland after he retired, we might consider investing in a condo sooner rather than later.

That year (1998), we ended up buying a condo in the Pearl District of Portland.

That condo ended up doubling in value by the time we sold it four years later.

We invested in a second condo doing what’s known in the U.S. as a 1031 Exchange. It’s a way of avoiding capital gains taxes when you sell it.

In early 2002, I realized that when we moved our residence from Eugene to Portland, we would need a bigger space than the two 1200-square-foot condos we owned.

I started dreaming and scheming.

I knew the developers were going to build a new building across the park from our condo.

From the architectural models and drawings, I saw there was one condo that had a huge 1,000-square-foot deck that had views of Mount St. Helens, Mount Hood and all of downtown Portland.

It was a penthouse on the 7th floor.

I inquired with the sales office about that condo. They told me that the builder had promised that condo to another couple.

I told the VP of sales that if anything happened and they didn’t buy it, to call me.

Month after month I would stare across the park as the building was being built.

  • I imagined that we had that 1000-square-foot deck.
  • I imagined that we could have trees and landscaping.
  • I imagined our patio table and chairs out on that deck for dinners under the stars.

We heard that sales for that condo would open sometime that March but there was no date.

I knew from previous sales of a condo building that when I got a phone call, I would have to decide which unit we wanted to buy. There were no pre-sales.

All condos were being sold from architectural drawings and floor plans.

John and I talked through the prices that I thought they would charge for each of the three units we were interested in purchasing.

That March in 2004, John left on a cruise with his mother and a week later I got a call one afternoon from the VP of sales.

The buyers of my dream condo had backed out.

She asked if I wanted to buy it. She told me the price, and I knew it would be in the range we were expecting.

The VP of sales said that there were 12 more people lined up behind me that wanted that unit and I had to decide on the spot if we wanted it.

I said yes (Gulp!) That night I could hardly sleep.

I was in the state of that fine line between experiencing anxiety and pure excitement.

When the condo was finished three months later, I got to go see it.

As I walked into the door and down the hallway, I could barely breathe as I saw the view.  Mount Hood straight out the big windows in front of me.

As I turned and saw the living room, I also saw views of downtown Portland.

I walked out on the deck and literally thought I would faint. It was seven floors up. We overlooked a park with a waterfall feature with large basalt stones.

When we finally moved in, my friend said, “Look what you manifested.”

Because this was such a big dream – one that I could never have imagined that would come true – it took me a few years before I “allowed” myself to believe this was true.

I want you to understand how this story demonstrates the power of dreaming and scheming.

I want you to know that I was unstoppable in my work because I was living my dream business.

I want you to see how creative I began to be with challenges and how to worked to come up with a workable solution.

This is a key piece of manifesting.

I was prepared. I did my research. I imagined how it would feel to live there (even when I knew the unit was promised to someone else) and I overcame any obstacle in my way.

Now over to you. Have you manifested something you’ve dreamed about?  I’d love to hear from you in the comments below.  

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  1. Ever since I was a little kid growing up in a Southern California suburb, I dreamed of creating a gathering space for creativity and connection. I called my idea the CoZone and imagined it would be a “Comfort zone for the energetic spirit and curious soul”. Moved to San Francisco for college and earned my degree in graphic design. Using the CoZone concept as my final project before graduating, I created a business plan and branding elements- then graduated and put it on the shelf and started a graphic design business. Fast forward 20 years … About a year ago my client offered me a space to create my dream and I had to decide if I wanted it overnight. I said yes and have thus created my “comfort zone” – it’s called HUNT & GATHER and it’s located in the Sunset neighborhood of San Francisco. When I least expected it my dream became a reality! The universe never stopped paving the path for this dream to manifest. I am so grateful every day.

    1. Hi DeeDee – I looked at your website and wow what a dream come true! I love that you shared this with us. I think it’s kind of amazing that you’ve had this dream since you were little and then again in college and now you have brought it to fruition! I love the name CoZone. You were meant to do this. I’m so happy you wrote this!

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