How Clutter Blocks You From Manifesting Money

Did you know that clutter blocks you from manifesting money or anything you want in your life?

What if you knew that the Universe wouldn’t bring prosperity into your life until you have created order in your life?

It’s true.

The first step in manifesting is clearing mental and physical clutter.

You want to clear your mental clutter (limiting beliefs, stressful thoughts and fear), and get rid of any physical clutter you no longer want so that you make room for what you do want.

You might think that you only need to write it down or make a vision board of what you want first. But that’s not the first step – clearing is the first step to manifest prosperity.

You need to do a thorough clearing of mind clutter (any thoughts or beliefs that don’t serve your well-being) as well as physical clutter in your home or office.

All physical clutter accumulates based on what you think or believe. You might put papers in a pile because you don’t want to deal with them right away because it will take too much time.

You might put off going through financial statements due to fear.

Perhaps you’re emotionally overwhelmed because of a work, life and all that you have on your plate.

Clutter is anything that gets in the way of what matters most to you.

Prosperity will not come into a cluttered home. When you start to declutter on a regular basis, you’re telling your subconscious and the Universe you’re ready to make space for what you do want in your life.

Not only can clutter be physical but it can be spiritual, emotional, and psychological.

To help you manifest and live up to your true potential, a key practice is clearing – mental clutter, physical clutter and digital clutter.  This is what The Secret didn’t talk about.

You can’t manifest what you want if you have beliefs that are not aligned with what you want or if you have physical clutter.

Clutter has an impact on your brain. Neuroscientists at Princeton University Neuroscience Institute found when they looked at the performance of people in organized versus disorganized environments, they found that physical clutter competes for your attention.

Physical clutter actually reduced people’s ability to focus and process information. It also decreased performance and increased stress.

Your life on the physical plane is a reflection of what is going on inside you.  When you’re stressed that’s the energetic tone you’re emitting.

Your beliefs, fears and thoughts create your emotions that drive your behavior in the world, which gives you the results you have today in your life.

Clutter creates blocks to energy flow.

The key to manifesting is to create a higher energy vibration by clearing emotions and physical clutter.

The energetic tone you emit is how the Universe responds.

When your home is full of piles of paper, and things that have no value that you aren’t using, it shows you that your life is out of balance.

Now this is especially true in your financial life. If you avoid looking at your online banking or you stuff bills in a drawer, notice and clean it up.

If you take one step this week, start with the area where you pay bills and work on finances.  Clean out drawers and the top of your desk.

“Prosperity is your divine right. Ninety percent of your success comes from your mind and 10 percent outer action.”    Catherine Ponder

The Law of Prosperity states that when you clear space, the Universe will fill that vacuum with something you want if you’re clear about what you want.  I want you to start to amp up your vibe by clearing physical clutter.

How to Get Started Clearing:

1.   Clean the area where you take care of your financial life.  Create a spacious and orderly place where you pay your bills and work on finances.

2.   Write down three areas in your home or office where you’re tolerating clutter.

Look for things that are worn out, no longer giving you beauty and you no longer use.  Give it to someone else or donate it.

I recommend “chunking” your time in 15 to 30 minute increments because I’ve found it’s much easier to work in short increments.

3.   Notice when the last time each item was worn or used.  If it’s been longer than one to two years, why are you keeping it?

Your behavior and actions are driven by beliefs so keeping something because you might use it someday reflects the limiting belief that there’s not enough.

4.   Clean out your wallet, organize your dollar bills and put them in order – smallest to largest.  Show the Universe that you respect your money and that you want to be a good steward of your money.

The more you release things that you no longer use, no longer bring you pleasure or you derive beauty from it, clear out worn out clothes, and relationships that are no longer serving you, the Universe will fill that space with things you do want.

If you’re trying to achieve a result and it hasn’t come, it’s often because there is something in your life – mind, body or relationships that you need to release or eliminate.  As long as you put this off – you put off results.

I want you to think about your life as a constant clearing process.

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