Highlights from World Domination Summit 2012

How do we live a remarkable life in a conventional world?

This is the question Chris Guillebeau uses as a basis of the weekend adventure he started last year in Portland, OR – The World Domination Summit (WDS). These three words guide the planning of WDS:  Community, Adventure & Service.

Photo credit: Armosa Studios

I attended the event last year and found that I was in a group of 500 like-minded entrepreneurs, artists and adventurers.  This year 1,000 people from more than 25 countries attended the Summit in my hometown of Portland, OR.

Hint: if you have any interest in attending next year’s Summit, better get on the waiting list right now for the first wave of tickets going on sale in September – here.

Highlights from the Summit:

Brene Brown kicked off the Summit by telling us that it was cool to be uncool and stop trying to fit in.  Brown’s research into vulnerability, shame, guilt and courage is remarkable in itself.  Her Ted Talk videos — The Power of Vulnerability and Listening to Shame are legendary.

"Brene Brown at World Domination Summit 2012"
Photo credit: Armosa Studios

Brene’s one liners:

“Vulnerability is the birthplace of belonging, joy, hope, empathy, innovation, creativity, gratitude, accountability and adaptability.”

“Unused creativity is not benign. It turns into grief, judgement and shame.”

“Who you are will always trump — who people want you to be.”

Brene ended her talk by engaging all of us in singing and dancing to Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing” – the Glee version.

Note: Brene has a new book coming out in September 2012 – Daring Greatly: How the Courage to Be Vulnerable Transforms the Way We Live, Love, Parent, and Lead

Cal Newport – is a self-proclaimed Geek and a 30-year-old computer scientist interested in why some people lead successful, enjoyable, meaningful lives, while so many others do not.   Cal said that “following your passion is terrible advice and following your passion is NOT the way to become successful.”  He said, “Pick something that is interesting that people want and get good at it. Then leverage it and take control.  Get good at something that is rare and valuable and work at it.  Cal used Steve Jobs as an example: “Once he [Jobs] got good at something that was rare and valuable, he used it to leverage – simplicity, autonomy and impact on the world.”

Cal’s book – So Good They Can’t Ignore You: Why Skills Trump Passion in the Quest for Work You Love comes out in September 2012.

Scott Harrison – founded Charity Water, a non-profit organization that brings clean and safe drinking water to people in developing nations. Scott asked all of us to donate our birthdays to help bring clean water to people in developing nations. Here’s a wonderful way to start your own service project.  For your next birthday, get your family and friends to give to Charity Water and give clean water to people in need — find out more here.

Danielle LaPorte – said that everything we do is to generate a feeling.  She said to embody your cravings – you will never know unless you try;)  What are three of your core desired feelings?  Get clear on these and each morning ask yourself are you doing things today to generate these feelings?

Note from Sherold:  When we want something in life – money for example – it’s always the feeling we are after not the actual thing.  For example, I want to feel like I live an abundant life.  I want to feel free to work when I want and travel when I want.  So it’s freedom and autonomy that I desire.  Let me know your thoughts on this in the comment section below.

There were so many more speakers and workshop leaders at this conference – too many to talk about here.

This conference was a PEAK experience for me in so many ways:

Ishita Gupta and Sherold Barr
Ishita Gupta and Sherold Barr

1) My friend Ishita Gupta and I spoke at a breakout session called:  Getting Unstuck: How to use fear and adversity to live a remarkable life.  I will write more about my part of the talk in next week’s blog.   Ishita is the founder of Fear.Less online magazine, and she has worked for Seth Godin and The Domino Project.

2) For the past year or more, I’ve developed a close connection with my online women friends and fempreneurs from Marie Forleo’s Rich, Happy & Hot B School (B as in Business).  About 30+ came in from all over the world to attend WDS.  I threw a dinner party on our deck for about 23+ women as a pre-WDS kickoff.  It was a blast!  Here’s a picture of us at WDS.  There is something remarkable happening with women these days – there is a rising tide of the divine feminine energy.  In the future, I will write about this topic.

B School Babes at WDS
B School Babes at WDS
  1. Sherold, thanks so much for the blog about this year’s World Domination Summit. I haven’t heard about World Domination Summit (I live in Denmark) until about couple of days ago…reading some short notes in FB’s Coaches Gone Wild Group about how amazing & highly desirable it is…
    So I am really glad to read more about what WDS is and how absolutely great it is…Love your style of blogging…especially priceless Brene’s one liners…You gave me a good feel of what this amazing event is about (i signed up for a waiting list for 2013) Happy to hear that you’re a graduate of RHH B-School…it’s a next thing on my desires list after I graduate Martha Beck Life Coaching training…❤❤

  2. Roksana – thank you so much for your comment. I am so thrilled to welcome all my readers from Germany, Austria, Singapore, Japan, Ireland and ??? I am an adventurer at heart and love all cultures. The WDS Summit is a movement, a culture that is something I have never been apart of. It’s such a great feeling! I hope you can come here to Portland, Oregon where I live.
    I can tell you more about Marie’s B School. There are friends of mine in Germany and Austria now in it. It’s fascinating to me how the U.S., Europe and Australia are in to online marketing. I love it!

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