The hidden reason why you’re struggling with money


Do you believe you have to work “hard” to make money?

Do you believe you can’t make money doing what you love?

Do you want to make MORE money – but you’re working as hard as you can right now?

If so, you’re not alone.

Your beliefs are the root cause of all your money issues.

Beliefs are powerful.

I had a women in my Smart Women Make Money class who had a cultural and family belief that when people made good money, something bad would happen.

There was a difficult money situation in her family that proved this belief to be true.

She grew up with this belief, which made her afraid of money.

This belief caused her not to ask what her salary was at her Fortune 500 job, where she had a managerial position.

I facilitated her with a process of inquiry called The Work of Byron Katie so that she could question that belief and open her mind to the truth.

After that session, she had the courage to find out what she was making in her job plus she told her husband that she wanted to be in charge of paying bills each month!

Her husband taught her how to pay the credit cards and manage all the finances.

She has transformed her relationship with money simply by facing her fear, walking into the fire and questioning what she had believed.

Your freedom is on the other side of your fear.

Deep down, most people don’t believe that they “have what it takes.”

That’s why most people struggle with their work or financial life.

It’s not because of a lack of willpower, intelligence, or creativity. It’s because you’ve already pre-decided that success is something “other people” can create.

What you have programmed in your subconscious mind may be the hidden reason you’re not making more money.

The truth is that many of our beliefs about money are formed when we are young – before age seven.

Your thoughts, feelings, beliefs and life experiences have created subconscious beliefs and feelings (programs) and have resulted in the person that you are today.

Although you can consciously use positive thoughts, affirmations and feelings to improve your health and happiness, it is the underlying subconscious negative beliefs that can keep you from your desired outcome.

The good news is that you change your subconscious beliefs through a variety of techniques.

“Your life is a print out of your subconscious.  Whatever comes into your life in an easy way, it’s in your subconscious. Whatever you struggle with, reflects that you have a program that doesn’t support it.”

Bruce Lipton, PhD

How to reprogram your subconscious mind

The first step is to become aware of what you believe about money and your ability to make it.

1.    Identify what isn’t working with your financial life. 

Take an inventory of your financial life.  Are you afraid to look at your accounts or credit card statements?  Are you adding more debt to your credit cards.  Are you afraid to ask for the value of your services.  Get clear about the program.

2.    Write down your beliefs. 

The first step is awareness and taking an inventory of what isn’t working in your life with money.

3.    Make a pact with yourself (your subconscious mind).

I like to declare this one:  “I’m a good steward of my money.”

To back this up, I look at my finances multiple times each week.  I keep projected income and expenses in a spreadsheet and keep track of what’s incoming and being spent.

Find something positive that feels good to your body and has your body relax. It could be “It’s safe for me to make good money.”

Make declarations a habit.  Place your right hand over your heart and declare it.  Note you must make this a habit to make it work.

4.    Try getting hypnotized to work on your money beliefs.

I’ve personally done this and it works!

5.     Try Psych-k, which is an approach to facilitating change at the subconscious level where at least 95% of our consciousness operates.  See certified facilitators here.

The first step is awareness, then understanding what’s causing your struggles with money and then behavior change.

That’s transformation!

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