Have You Found Your Tribe?

Research shows bonding with your friends helps you live a long and healthy life

How to find your Tribe:
  1. Nourish and nurture friendships and spend time-sharing what’s happening in your life. Even though we lead busy lives, friendships and meaningful connection are important no matter what your age.
  2. Know your passions and make it a priority to get involved in groups or activities you love whether it’s a book club, your church or spiritual group, or a hiking club.
  3. Do the things that resonate with your deepest inner values and live your truth and be your most authentic self every step of the way.
  1. To read more of Dan Buettner’s research on Blue Zones.
  2. Check out the Blue Zones on Oprah’s site.
  3. Read more about Tribes by Seth Godin and see how you can become a tribe leader.