Five Steps To Attracting More Money Into Your Life

Money is a form of energy that touches every part of our life.  Each of us has a relationship with money and a money story.  We also have deep seated beliefs about money that are in our subconscious mind.  When we become conscious of our money story and question any belief that we formed from our parents thoughts (or the family legacy around money), feelings and actions around money that is no longer serving us in our life, then we no longer act out that limiting or fearful money story.

One of the most rewarding things for me is to see my clients and money class participants wake up to a childhood story they learned about money. I am always in awe when someone gets conscious about a defining moment in their past around money and questions it using The Work of Byron Katie. I ask them to tell me what lesson they learned about money back in their childhood.  Questioning these thoughts and beliefs that were previously unconscious, frees you to attract more money into your life.

How we do money is how we do everything in our life – our business, our relationships and our life!  Money is a mirror.

So what does it take to create a new money story – one that serves your life in a way that will take your business to the next level or one that creates the feeling of financial and emotional freedom?

In Smart Women Love Money teleclass that begins on July 27, we move through a process of mapping back through our life to uncover our money story.  When we have a belief, we have learned a lesson or thought a particular thought so many times that it has become a story.  To unwind this story, we question it.  We find your real truth.  Then you write a new money story that feels good and abundant.

Five Steps to Take to Create Your New Money Story:

1. Write down what you need write now.

  • Understand your ‘why’ – why do you need money?  Think of exactly how much money you need to bring in.
  • First understand the difference between what you need and what you want.
  • If you need $3k to make a payment to your credit card and pay your house payment then that is what you need.

Focus on what you need first.  Start with the idea of bringing in money when you need it.

You can have everything you want in your life if you can learn to manifest what you need first.

2.  Start to build BELIEF

Napolean Hill, author of Think And Grow Rich, says that when you need something — the opportunity always shows up.  The opportunity may show up as something you don’t want.  It may come in a way you don’t want necessarily notice or see it.  Make sure to look at all opportunities before you judge them. We are programmed not to see opportunities when we are in the fear state.

PRIMARY CONCEPT – if you believe it, you can have it.  The moment you change your belief, you will experience the polar opposite of the old belief.  If you keep saying you don’t have the money to do something, then you won’t.  Watch what you say and the language you use when you talk about money.

Every individual has the perfect excuse for everything.

You become the excuse.  This is where you stop and you don’t move forward.

Resistance to change holds us back.  Fear is the resistance.  Remove the fear and imagine you can have it.

3.  Write down three feelings you will have when you get the money.

Start by identifying three feelings you will have when you get this money.  Remember, it’s always the feelings we are after not the money.

4.  Start manifesting by writing down your desire or what you want to do with the money. Sit with this and meditate on it daily. Start with five minutes and feel the feelings you will have when you get this money.

5.  Write your new money story. Write the story of your future self and what you have created with your money story.  Write the story in language as if it’s already happened.  We all have a money gap between where we are right now and where we want to be.  Where are you now financially and where do you want to be in 2012?

Write the story of your ideal money scenario.  Make sure to ask WHY you want the money.


  • I have no credit card debt.
  • I pay off my credit cards each month and have started an automatic savings account.
  • I automatically save $100 a month.  It’s a seed that is growing to help me manifest what I really want.

See yourself in the future having the things you want. You started this first year by paying off all debt and then saving.

Bonus work: Start a gratitude journal and each morning write out what you are grateful for in that moment.