8 Steps to Help You Feel Wealthy Now

womenflowersPractice any one of these 8 steps to help you feel wealthy right now and shift your energy so that you attract more wealth and prosperity to you.

If you’re anything like me or people I know, you have big dreams and you want to make a difference in the world.

Yet many people spend too much time worrying about money and the future.

You may have heard that one definition of FEAR stands for “false evidence appearing real.”

Start observing yourself and notice how much time you are actually in the present moment and being grateful for all that you have.

The thing that happens is that we spend too much time future tripping in our minds about the future or spending time berating ourselves for mistakes we made in the past.

Let’s cut out the middleman and get to feeling good right now.

You’ve heard women say, when I lose this 10 pounds I will do ______.

When I make more money I will hire a coach.

When I get a better job, I will feel better about my situation.

When it comes to money and wealth, people drive and strive to make money. Getting rich seems to be the Holy Grail.

Yet we spend time trying to get there and missing the present moment.

Here’s my tips on feeling prosperous and wealthy right now:

Start treating your money with respect. Think of having a loving relationship with money.  How would you treat money if you wanted to love it?  

1. If you have debt, think of paying down your debt as saving.

You are saving interest on a large credit card balance by reducing your debt each month. Set a strong intention to pay down your debt by a certain amount each month. In order to shift your energy from “lack,” shift to action and stop waiting. Waiting and not looking or not paying something on your credit cards builds up anxiety. Waiting is a dream killer. Take some kind of action on a regular schedule.
Check out Elizabeth Warren’s book All Your Worth.

2. Be grateful for all that you have today.

I often work with women who have the fear of not having enough money. This is lack mentality. Focus on what you do have. Be grateful for all you have. Look around your home. Be thankful that you have what you have. When you have an attitude of gratitude, more will come to you.  Do you have food in the refrig?  Do you have a roof over your head and enough clothes to wear?  Your energy matters and fear is a dense energy.  Do my one minute Ego Eradicator – breath of fire – and shift your whole emotional state and electromagnetic field.  

3. Give to someone or help make someone’s day.

When I travel, I have a habit of being present with the ticket agents and airline staff.  I look them in the eye and smile, and I thank them for their help. I make their day by noticing something that they are doing well. This amps up my own energy and their energy.  Your energy is key to attracting prosperity to you.

Give something you no longer get joy from or use to someone else. When you give something away by clearing out something in your home that you no longer need, the Universe will fill it with something you do want. This is the Law of Prosperity. Try it! It works.

4. Put your attention on beauty, happiness and wealth.

Pick flowers and put them on your table each week. Light a candle at dinner time. John and I always light candles at dinner. We always pick flowers for our table and in the kitchen as well. Even when I was a single mom, I brought beauty into my home by buying fresh flowers each week when I had very little money. It helped me feel prosperous and my home more beautiful.

5. Notice your language and what you say out loud.

Do you tell stories of how much you lost financially or tell “lack-based stories” about your life?  What your language and what you say because the Universe will bring you more of that.  Instead of saying, “I can’t afford this,” say, “I choose not to purchase this now.”

6. Put a million dollar bill on your vision board. You can actually buy fake money on Amazon in different amounts. I keep a million dollar bill on the top of my vision board.

7. Thank the Universe when you find or receive money.

Yesterday I picked up two cents on the floor and said, “Thank you Universe, bring me more money!”

8. Clean up your financial area where you pay bills.

You can almost always “better” a situation. For example, the act of working on your finances may be stressful.  Your can “better it” by lighting a candle, or play soft relaxing music.  Instead of feeling lack or stressed, be grateful that you can pay your bills.

What do you do to practice feeling wealthy?  I’d love to hear your suggestions or how this works for you.

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