Does the fear of failure stop you from living your dreams?

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“There is only one thing that makes a dream impossible to achieve: the fear of failure.”
  – Paulo Coelho,The Alchemist

The Universe rewards courage.

This I know for sure.

In 1995, I had the opportunity for the first time in my life to decide what I really wanted to do for work.  John and I had were married that year, and he offered to support me in doing something I had wanted to do.  I decided I wanted to work for myself using my PR and marketing skills as a freelancer.

I was nervous about leaving my position as PR and marketing director of a hospital in Springfield, OR because I have a “thing” about not letting myself be dependent on someone else.  I’ve worked since I was 16, and I’ve always supported myself.  Let’s just say I have some growth work to do there;)

I had left my job at a hospital to start freelancing from a studio behind our home.  I knew I wanted to work for myself. I nurtured this big dream of working with a company that was not in Eugene, Oregon. I kept this dream to myself.  and didn’t share with anyone – including my husband.

That dream was to work for a big company and work from home.  This was in 1995 and I didn’t know anyone that worked virtually.

Fast forward to 1998.  I had freelanced for various ad agencies doing PR work for technology companies.  At the time I faced two huge challenges:  technology and my mind.

I had to work with my mind because I had no role models at the time that were doing what I wanted to do.  I experience the fear of failure, which is something I see all the time with my group classes and my clients.

Fear of failure is like a disease.

If you catch it and you are in the “trance” and can’t step back and see fear for what it is, it will cause you to reject yourself before you even have the chance to fail.

Fear will have you play small instead of go for your dreams.

What’s the cure for fear?  It’s courage. 

We all want to be courageous yet even small acts of courage can feel hard.

Everybody deals with fear of failure – especially entrepreneurs.  Fear is a destroyer of dreams.

Fear can be toxic and drive your behavior in ways that are counter productive.

I believe we’re here to choose either love or fear.  When we have something we want to do  – really, really want to do, the more fear and obstacles will be part of the journey.

In order to make your big dreams come true – you must overcome fear – something that challenges you to step into a new part of you that you haven’t experiences.

Moving through fear can be exhilarating – it’s all how you look at fear.

Too often we reject ourselves before we are even started.  We make a decision that we will not be chosen or that a person will not want to work with us or ________fill in the black.

The road to success is paved with failure.

You have to put yourself out there and hear “no” as many times or more than you will hear “yes.”

I want you to realize that you will fail at times but you will win too.  It’s part of the process.  The more you put yourself out there (online) or do something you are afraid to do, the easy it gets.  I guarantee it.

Thomas Edison said he failed his way to success.

I want you to reframe failure and reframe fear.

In my own experience, the greater my fears in my business – the more it had to do with my true destiny.

What I do now in my business is what I consider is my calling.

Remember this – Fear + Action = action.

Clarity + committed action towards your goals = success.

Yes, you might have some failure on the way but you can’t replace the happiness and joy that comes with moving through your fear and adding courage badges to your life experiences.

I would not be doing my second business today if I had let fear have its way with me.

What I want most for you is for you to go for courage – to be very, very brave.

“I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear.” Nelson Mandela

Do one brave thing this week. 

Follow your heart and nurture your dreams.  Hit reply and tell me what you did this week.  Here’s to you living your dreams!