Have you lived your life believing a story that’s not true?

Do you believe a story about yourself that's not true?
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Do you experience self-doubt?

Do you believe stories from middle school that are no longer true?

When I was in eighth grade, a boy in my class started teasing me that I had skinny legs.

This was the first time someone told me that my legs were skinny.

It was later that same year that a boy gave me the record “Skinny Legs and All” when I became a believer.

The song says – “who wants a woman with skinny legs?”

Then that next year when I was in 9th grade, my sister’s boyfriend nicknamed me Twiggy — after the skinny fashion model Twiggy.

I began to feel ashamed about my legs and started hiding them.

After high school it was a rare event if I wore a dress or a skirt.

In fact, I never ever thought about that again because it was a subconscious belief.

What we believe drives our behavior.

I stopped buying skirts and dresses, and rarely wore them for the next 30+ years.

What you believe is what you create in your life.

Science has shown that our subconscious mind controls 95% of our behaviors and habits.  If your emotions aren’t supporting your conscious goals, you won’t be able to make a change in your life.

There are ways to work on deep beliefs.  I use The Work of Byron Katie as well as EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique).

The Work opens your mind to the evidence your mind is not looking for.

Let me say it this way: your mind will seek evidence for anything you believe.  It won’t look at anything else.

For example, I became a believer that I had skinny legs.  The evidence was that the boys in school told me my legs were skinny.

I never questioned that belief and it drove my behavior subconsciously so I rarely bought or wore a dress.  I wasn’t comfortable wearing dresses – period.

Do you believe that it’s possible for you to thrive and be happy?

Do you believe that you have the power to earn great money?

Do you believe that you can do what you love and earn a living? 

I believe in you.

I know that the only thing between you and your dreams is what you believe.

I want you to learn how to question anything that has you feeling sad or not good enough.  Don’t believe any thought or fear that has you feeling bad.

Remember these thoughts come from your ego, which is the voice of your little self.

You are not your thoughts!

Your mission on this planet is to use the talents and natural gifts that only you have.

This is what I believe.  I tell my clients that I hold a bigger vision for them until they feel ready to embrace it.

It’s powerful to see women doing what they didn’t think they have the courage to do.

If you don’t try to make your dreams come true – you’ve failed.

What do you have to lose to try to make them happen?

Don’t let fear win.

You have the choice to disbelieve your ego (you aren’t good enough or who do you think you are to do this?) or listen to your intuition / your higher Self – your Soul.

Pay attention to the signs – look for proof that you’re indeed following your soul’s calling.

Choose to question your beliefs.

That’s where your freedom lies – on the other side.

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P.P.S. – this photo was taken in September here in Portland, OR. My stylist and friend Scarlet Chamberlin insisted I rent a dress from Rent the Runway.  I decided that a picture would be positive proof of how I look in a dress (even though it covered my legs).  It’s time I wear more dresses.  I have NOTHING to lose.

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