Smart Women Make Money

Imagine what it would feel like if you could clear your money blocks, raise your rates, never barter to give your services away for free again and make the money you deserve…

Your money mindset is the only thing between you and making more money.  

If you’re ready to transform your financial life, you’ll discover and learn how to question money beliefs that are causing problems in your life.

Smart Women Make Money (SWMM) is an online 6-week program with monthly LIVE Group Coaching with Master Certified Life Coach Sherold Barr.

This won’t be one of those programs that you buy and stick in a folder on your computer and never complete it, if we can help it.

SWMM helps you get crystal clear on your financial goals and shows you how to make them happen.

But first we have to remove what’s blocking you – it’s the limiting beliefs and subconscious beliefs that you learned all before age seven.

Then you learn how to question any negative belief that’s stopping you from making more money and saving it.

If you have a business, your money mindset is critical to the success of your business!

Tired of having just enough money to get by?

Feeling way too uncomfortable to ask for a raise, or to pitch high-end services at premium rates…

…while feeling burned out and frustrated from over-delivering at your current pay rate?

And you want to start a business but you worry about not having the time…

We’re going to change all this and more.

We’re going to shift your mindset AND give you a specific, structured ACTION plan to put your finances in order, and start making even more.



Smart Women Make Money (SWMM) is a self-study training program that helps you to identify and clear the beliefs that block you from money.

When you sign up, you’ll get instant access to the 6-week online program that gives you the framework, tools, step-by-step instructions, inspiration, and support so that you can clear away your old beliefs and fears around money.

SWMM is multi-media and is delivered in video lessons, an audio download, written transcript and downloadable fillable PDF worksheets.

You get the program for life and you can come back and retake the program anytime you want.

And master coach Sherold Barr hosts a LIVE monthly group coaching session open for all members of the program.

Sherold Barr

In just two years, I went from living on $300 a month to earning almost $80k this year!

When I started working with Sherold in Smart Women Make Money, I was living on Food Stamps and $300 a month. She helped me work a painful belief, “No one can live on $300 a month.” In doing inquiry, I realized my needs were being met.

Sherold opened my mind to the endless possibilities that were available to me. In just two years, I went from $300 a month to almost $80k a year. I bought my first house and was selected by Udemy as one of their top 10 teachers. After working with you, I know realize that the Universe has my back and nothing can hold me back!

Founder of NW Sourdough

here’s what you’ll get with Smart Women Make Money:

– 1 LIVE group coaching session each month with Sherold

– Weekly motivating assignments with step-by-step worksheets that walk you through the process of removing your limiting money beliefs, busting your family legacy stories around money, creating your own money story that helps you reap the financial rewards.

– A specific action plan for your spending and saving, plus guidance on how to discover and stop your money leaks so you always have the money for the things that matter most.

– A private Facebook community with support from women in the program and Sherold.

– Masterclass interviews with guest experts on pricing your services, how to sell your programs/services without feeling sleazy, and how to find a financial planner to help you with what you need to do with credit card debt, savings and retirement.

Smart Women Make Money is an online program you can take from anywhere in the world at any time – all you need is an Internet connection. Each Monday you’ll get one module that includes video lessons, homework and audios delivered to your inbox for each of the six weeks.

I’ll support you with A LIVE GROUP COACHING session each month.

And we have a private Facebook community with supportive women like you.


Or 2 payments of $250

Sherold Barr

I'm a 50-year-old divorced mom of two teenagers and before taking Smart Women Make Money, I didn't feel so smart around money! I had a lot of shame and guilt around my finances. No sustainable income and my spousal support coming to an end. I had a lot of self-doubt and due to my increasing debt, I had a lot of shame about how my financial situation got so out of control. I had some weird fantasy that if I just sat and wished my money problems to go away that they would.

Within a few weeks of taking SWMM, I landed a good job and stopped avoiding looking at my bank account and my debt. I knew I couldn't wish my debt away. With Sherold's support and encouragement, I started to release the shame and guilt around money. I'm taking the steps to reduce my debt and seeing it as a fun game! Not only do I have a more positive relationship with money, I now I have the courage to take action doing what I love and earning an income from it!


Does this sound familiar?

  • You hide out because you believe “you’re not expert enough” so you don’t put your services out there so clients can find you.
  • You discount your services or give them away for free because you can’t see the value you’re offering (hello self-worth).
  • You believe you’ll never get out of debt.
  • You don’t believe you can save or earn more money.
  • You don’t believe you deserve to have more money.

In Smart Women Make Money you’ll:

  • Set a strong intention (Big Bold Money Goal) for what you want to earn in the next year. You’ll make an action plan to make it real.
  • Map out your negative money beliefs (money blocks) – and take immediate steps to remove them.
  • Discover your money personality and figure out your parent’s money personality and analyze how you might be doing the same thing your parents did or the opposite.
  • Reprogram your subconscious mind – to help you access your power to make and save more money.
  • Forgive yourself – for anything you feel ashamed about relating to money. Note: everyone has money shame – you just aren’t conscious of it.
  • Feel ready to earn – to ask for that raise, stop undercharging or giving away your services for free, and finally charge what you deserve to make.
  • Become a pro at manifesting prosperity – you’ll learn what successful people do to live a prosperous life.
  • Know how to create your ideal money scenario – visually. A visual representation of what you want to create is key to your success.

All so you can finally stop living in fear with money. You’ll go from worry and stress to ease and freedom.

Sherold Barr

I’ve been able to change beliefs that no longer have control over me. I realized things that I heard or witnessed growing up had become controlling beliefs in my adult life.

Since realizing this, I’ve been able to change those patterns so they no longer have control over me.




  • Create your ideal financial life – using my favorite manifesting technique to set a strong intention for what you want to do, be and have in your life this year.


  • You’ll discover how your limiting beliefs and negative thoughts create emotions that drive your behavior.
  • You’ll forgive yourself and anyone else that was involved in any money mistakes you’ve made. This is a critical step. If you don’t forgive yourself and others, this will block you from money.
  • You’ll discover your Family Money Legacy and your money personality to find out if you’re handling money like one or both of your parents.


  • You’ll use (EFT) to tap out limiting beliefs, anxiety, and stress – a fast way to clear your energy.
  • Clearing is a key step in manifesting that’s why it’s important for you to become conscious of anything that you’re ashamed of related to money. The key is to go all the way back to childhood and find any experience that caused you to feel ashamed around money.


  • You’ll learn how to dismantle any thought or belief through inquiry – this is the industrial strength method of removing a money belief that causes you to experience stress, anxiety, frustration, depression or any negative experience.


  • You’ll map out your Needs, Wants and Savings goals and find out where you have hidden money from your money leaks.
  • You’ll learn the importance of automating your checking account and budgeting so that you can be a good steward of your money.


  • You’re going to go deeper into the process of manifesting.
  • I share how I manifested my husband, two beautiful million dollar condos, a job with no experience, two six-figure businesses and my miraculous recovery from a near-fatal car wreck two years ago.

There is a definite process that I’ve mapped out that helped me do this and now I’m teaching it to you!


  • You’ll learn how to authentically sell yourself and your product or service. This is the missing link no one teaches us.
  • You’ll learn pricing strategies in order to leverage your time and earnings.
  • You’ll learn how to find a financial planner.
Sherold Barr

This class changed my life!

Before taking Smart Women Make Money, my level of fear around money was huge! I just wanted it to all go away. When I thought about even looking at my financial situation I was miserable.

As a result of this class, I’m tracking my spending. I know what money I have, where it is, and I have taken the responsibility to care for it. And I now have a financial planner to help me meet my goals! I no longer dread taking care of my financial life.

Interior Designer & Life Coach


or 2 payments of $250

Click here to change your money life…


I’m so confident about this program’s power to transform your life that I’m giving you a 14-day Money Back Guarantee.

If you take the program, do the homework and then show it to me and tell me why the program wasn’t for you, I will refund your payment.

Imagine your new reality…

If you no longer had money blocks, what would you be able to do?

  • Stop feeling anxiety and worry about your finances and feel more at ease.
  • TAKE THAT VACATION you’ve been dreaming about.
  • Bring more income into your household.
  • Make a plan to start paying down your debt.
  • Start a new business doing work you love.
  • Save for your retirement.
  • Raise your rates or ask for a raise.
  • Pay down your student loans.
  • Hire a financial planner and start investing for retirement.

ALL OF THIS IS POSSIBLE – even if it feels like a far stretch from where you are now. If you’re ready to put scarcity, hunting for clients, and worrying about where your next paycheck is coming from behind you forever, I have an amazing resource for you…


“I can’t make money doing what I love.”
“I’m not good enough or expert enough to ask for money.”
“I’ll never get out of debt.”

…you’ll be able to:

Charge what you deserve to earn for your services.

When you change your money beliefs, you change your life.

I’ve changed the course of my life and my fortunes, and brought in funds that I’ve never ever dreamed about into my bank account. And I continue to do that with each new business venture. I’m a serial entrepreneur.

Who am I and how do I know how to do this?

I’m Sherold Barr…

And for eight years, I was a single mom with a young son, I worked my way into a PR job at a hospital. While I was happy to have a good job with benefits, after years of working there I was frustrated because I had a set salary. Even with a promotion, I barely increased my salary.

I didn’t know how to ask for raise to match the value I was providing. I watched other people consistently getting raises and advance in their careers. What secret did they know but I didn’t?

I worked “hard” for that salary. I settled for what I was given.

Then I had two back surgeries – my body just gave out from being a single mom, working “so hard,” and being so scared that I wasn’t “good enough” even through I was one of five employees out of 120 with a top performance review. [At the time, I didn’t know about fraud syndrome and that when you start a career without experience, the fraud syndrome can show up.]

All of us experience the thought or belief that we’re not expert enough, smart enough, good enough or any condition of ‘enoughness.’ This is a universal belief every one of us has, by the way. Under all of your self-doubt is this concept. And it drives your behavior, which gives you the results you have in your life today.

While I was recovering at home from my surgery, I made a decision.

I couldn’t live like this anymore. It wasn’t worth it. The stress, working that hard, feeling like I was getting passed up for raises (letting someone ELSE control my earning potential)… all of that had taken its toll on my body. And my body was broke.

And then I asked myself: What can I do?
And I focused on that.

My job felt like a dead-end, so I made a plan that I would leave my job. I started freelancing, I fixed up a studio behind our house. I did the “If you build it they will come dream” and created a place to do my work.

It wasn’t overnight, but it happened.

By using principles I’ll share with you, I was able to tap into the power of manifesting more than I EVER thought was possible:

Working from a small studio behind our home, I started freelancing in my own boutique PR firm and got a large contract in my 2nd year that brought in six figures and by my 4th year in business, we grossed $457,000!

I turned our $200k real estate investment into a $550,000 profit over the next ten years by buying and selling condos for us.

I manifested the opportunity to buy a million dollar condo overlooking the city of Portland, OR with 1000-square-foot deck overlooking a park and Mount Hood and Mt. St. Helens. *The builder promised this condo to another couple but it became ours.

We bought and sold a second million-dollar home overlooking the greenway of the Willamette River. Then I realized that it’s not the money but my money mindset that helped me manifest my dreams that came from these same principles I teach.

Now I’m in my second successful business, and I live location independent.

Sherold Barr

I’m in control with my finances and able to attract great abundance.

After taking Smart Women Make Money, I’m thinking much more clearly about my relationship to money. I can link my money story directly to my worries about money.

Working with Sherold, I received suggestions for concrete steps I could take to regain control of my financial life. As a result, I feel more in control now with my finances and able to attract great abundance into my life.

I now understand that we all have a money story, and until we understand it, we will not gain control over our money.


Smart Women Make Money Is For You If:

  • You’re ready to ditch the money drama.
  • You’re ready to take back your power and be in charge of your money.
  • You’re ready to build a business with a consistent stream of income or see your paycheck reflect the value of your work.
  • You want to play a bigger game in life and business/work.
  • You’re willing to work to remove all the blocks/beliefs and ways you self-sabotage yourself with money.
  • You’re ready to take action to change your life.
  • You want to become a money magnet.

If you’re ready to create a positive money mindset and + get more clients, read on…

I’m inviting you to DECIDE that now is the time that you’re ready to earn more money and take responsibility for your destiny.

Smart Women Make Money will change the way you think about money, behave with you money and how you ask for money. If you’re ready to take the leap and blow the doors off what you think you can earn, the step-by-step plan is just one click away…

How much money will you lose by not taking action?


or 2 payments of $250

Click here to change your money life…

The women who have been in this program have taken it over and over again for FREE and have made INCREDIBLE progress!

Sherold Barr

I encourage anyone who wants to make lasting change in their financial life to work through Sherold’s process!

Working with Sherold has been truly enlightening! The Smart Women Make Money program opened my eyes to patterns I’ve been living and reliving for years. It helped me to get to the deep down core of what has been creating financial strain and stress in my life and (most importantly!) changed the way I think and feel about money.

I’m truly grateful for this program and would encourage anyone who wants to make lasting change in their financial life to work through Sherold’s process.

Loomis Digestive Health Specialist
Sherold Barr

I am allowing abundance to come to me easily! I cannot recommend this class highly enough!"

"This class is unlike any financial program out there. It is supportive, beyond belief and it gets to the heart of what is driving our relationship of money. I cannot recommend it highly enough.

After taking Smart Women Make Money, I am a lot more confident in asking for what I am worth in my business. I am allowing abundance to come to me easily, rather than following my old limiting belief of “You have to work hard, hard, hard to make money in this world.”

I now have an ease and confidence in my interactions with money, whereas my threshold for overwhelm used to be really low.

This class worked for me because it got to the root issues that were driving my behavior, rather than just telling me to balance numbers and budget expenses.

Holistic Health Coach
Sherold Barr

“I've stopped looking to others (husband) to guide my way financially. I'm earning and saving more by taking responsibility for my spending and income. I feel much more empowered and willing to look at my finances. I've stopped sweeping everything under the rug and assuming that I don't have the skills and knowledge to plan for and create money.”

Johanna Wright
Sherold Barr

As a result of taking Smart Women Make Money, I changed my thoughts about debt and decided to tackle it once and for all. It took a year to pay off the credit card and build up an emergency fund.

It was not easy, but I persevered. This has given me so much peace of mind, and I've stopped double checking my accounts all the time.

Vicky Kay

Disclaimer: This program is a resource designed to assist you in helping you transform your relationship with money. Sherold Barr is not a financial consultant but a master coach and entrepreneur mentor to women entrepreneurs.

Purchasing this product does not guarantee that you will earn money. Your personal level of success and results from using this product depends on the time you devote to the program, ideas and techniques used, your finances, knowledge, and various skills. Since these factors differ among individuals, we cannot guarantee your success or income level, and we make no guarantees that you will achieve results similar to those featured in any case studies or testimonials. As with any product or service, there is an inherent risk of loss of capital.