How to Be a Conscious Creator with Jeannette Maw


Sherold: Welcome, everyone. It’s Sherold Barr.  Today, I’m thrilled to have my guest, Jeannette Maw, who is known as the Good Vibe Coach.

Welcome, Jeannette.

Jeannette: Thanks for inviting me to come play with you again, Sherold. I’m always happy to play with you.

Sherold: Yes. Let’s play. That’s really what we’re going to do today. We’re going to have a fun conversation about manifesting and conscious creation.

Let me tell you a little bit about Jeannette. I met Jeannette many years ago. She’s a master life coach with Martha Beck.

What I like about Jeannette is that you call your manifesting Conscious Creation, which I totally agree with. You call it conscious creation.

If you’re conscious, you can make it happen.

Jeannette, I love your bio. You say that you lay awake at night conjuring up ways to help people better understand and practice creating reality. Who doesn’t love that? Who doesn’t want to play with something like that?

Mastering the art of manifesting is what you live and breathe. For years you said that you struggled. You struggled with job changes, relationship breakups, financial upsets, health problems. Little did you know that you were making life much harder than it needed to be.

After you built a successful corporate career as a financial planner, you soon lived the rut of autopilot, and you weren’t happy doing that. You knew there was another way to do it.

You said on day a homeless guy invited you to hit the road with him. The invite appealed and that was your cue to launch a life overhaul.

“Thank you,” you said to the homeless guy for the wakeup call. Luckily you didn’t have a tragic wakeup call in any respect because a lot of people do. It’s kind of a smack down.

Jeannette: Yep. It’s going to happen sooner or later. The only question is, how soon are you going to answer the call for change?

Sherold: Totally. You might as well do it before you get that wakeup call.

Soon after that, you said you discovered the Law of Attraction and you were on fire to share the secret of the transformation. You completely redesigned your whole life, creating Good Vibe Coaching. You’ve been living your dream for as long as I’ve known you.

The other thing I absolutely love about you is you’re an animal nut. I am too. I was going to ask you, how many are living at your house right now?

Jeannette: I don’t ever like to answer that question. I have 11 of my own; eight cats, three dogs and two fosters right now.

Sherold: Oh, wow. Okay.

Jeannette: I’m off the record! No one quote me on that.

Sherold: Some of your stories are hilarious about how you’ve manifested homes for some of the foster animals. You’re a great person because you foster these animals and get them taken out to great homes.

Jeannette: I do it because I love them. I just love animals. Always have. When I was little, I had like 300 stuffed animals. That’s what I spent every babysitting dollar I ever earned on, it went on stuffed animals. I had over 300. As a kid!

Sherold: You followed what you loved from that point on, which is your essential self. I always tell John (my husband) that I’d love to manifest a small ranch somewhere where I could have lots of rescue animals. Maybe not in this lifetime.

Jeannette: That’s my next creation. I’m in process on it right now.

Sherold: Gosh. Let me know when you make that happen. That’s pretty cool.

I wanted to talk about manifesting today. I love the thought of Conscious Creation. If you were to tell people who aren’t really clued into manifesting and Law of Attraction, what would be the steps?

Jeannette: The first thing I want to say is that we’re all doing it already. We just aren’t all doing it consciously.

We’re all creating our reality. Many are doing it by default rather than by engaging the system the way it was meant to be worked.

The way I learned it, I’m a student of Abraham Hicks. The way they explain it is three easy steps. There’s really only one that we have to pay any attention to. You don’t even have to listen to the three steps.

The first one is: We have some sort of desire. We experience some sort of contrast – a don’t want. That inspires us to want something different. That’s the first step. Abraham describes it in that moment it exists. It’s created. It’s already a thing.

Sherold:  Talk about the contrast before you move off that. I often tell people, “At least you’re seeing what you don’t want. That’s going to help you know what you want.”

Jeannette: It’s a big step and a lot of people live their whole lives in the “don’t want.” I did for years.

Sherold: Totally!

Jeannette: I didn’t know there was any other way. I thought this was what life was. Grin and bear it. No.

This is really interesting, Sherold, because if you think about multiple worlds theory, about infinite realities and time is an illusion. Not only does everything that could happen already happened, it’s all happening now.

Science tells us that – at least the leading edge physicists have signed off on that version of it.

In Abraham’s lingo, the way they talk about it is as soon as you have the desire; your desire for it creates it on a vibrational level.

The very first step is just to live life, experience contrast and have new desires. We’re doing that automatically. That’s not something we have to be conscious about. It’s already happening.

The second step is the one I already described. Abraham says that the Universe creates it. It exists.

The third step – and this is the only one we have to pay any attention to – is to allow that reality to be our experience. We do that by becoming the vibrational match to that reality. That’s where all the work of Conscious Creation is.

The other steps, they’re so automatic or they’re not our job.

The only thing we have to pay any attention to is managing our vibrations so that we can experience that preferred reality rather than staying stuck in the contrast for however long.

Seriously, some people do it their entire lives.

Sherold: Yes, that’s true. Allowing it. In studying Kundalini yoga, all of these things I’m studying or reading about, the whole thing is that our senses are what block us.

Jeannette:  In fact, I love the way Bashar talks about it. He has a way of talking about how billions of times in every second, which is impossible to conceive that’s how quickly we’re shifting between all these infinite realities.

The thing is, most of us aren’t shifting very much so we don’t experience much change. But, if we learn how to change our focus, we can make bigger shifts between those realities, so that we can experience, and we can live what we want.

The way most of us are trained to go about getting what we want is to take action, to work hard for it, pay your dues and if you’re lucky maybe it will work for you.

Like it’s a thing that may or may not happen; it’s not really in your control.  The best you can do is work your butt off for it. It’s how most of us are trained, right?

Sherold: Yes. I think what that speaks to is our beliefs. Our beliefs create our reality. If we’re unconscious about what we believe, it’s going to drive our behavior. The only way to notice if it’s working is what we got. If you don’t have enough money, if your job sucks then that is the tone (energy) you are emitting and the Universe will match that.

Jeannette: If you’re working too hard for what you want! So many of us, in our efforts to get where we want to be, we’re exhausting ourselves. We’re overwhelmed.

We’re not having a good time. When that’s the vibration that we practice, that’s what it’s going to be, even when we get where we thought it was going to be better. I’ve lived that one the hard way.

I remember when I was working the job that I hated so much and I was like, “Why do you make yourself do this?” The answer was, “For the money.” I thought, “Well then, get rid of your bills. If you didn’t need the money, I’d quit this job, and I’d do something else that I liked better.”

This was before I knew anything about Law of Attraction or Conscious Creation, but my mission became “quit this job.” That meant pay off my bills. I made triple house payments for five years to pay off the house.

All my other debt – I didn’t have a ton of debt, but it was the mortgage payment that was the big one. Triple house payments for five years, working a job that I was really done with.

On the day that I made that last payment, thinking, “Okay, I’m creating financial freedom for myself. This is it! Once I get there, then I can take this job and shove it. Guys, I’m out of here.

I made that last house payment and there was no elation. There was no jubilance, there was no joy. I was the same zombie I had been practicing being for five years because it was the vibration I had practiced so well.

We fall for this all the time. It’s the when/then syndrome. I’ll feel better when… or, once X, Y, or Z happens, then I’ll feel better.

The external things are not in charge of how we feel. That’s an inside job. It sounds trite, but it’s totally true that it’s on us how we feel.

We see plenty of people who have the sorts of circumstances we think they should be happy with, and yet they aren’t. I’m sure everyone has their own story about, “Oh, they thought once they got married or had kids,” something that once they got there, then life would be good.

It was the same life we had been practicing all along. It’s a vibrational thing.

Sherold: I say cut out the middle man, which is waiting. People put their life on hold and then life goes by and you wake up and then you’re worried about, “My life… did it matter? Did I do what I needed to do?”

I see a lot of dead men walking (people)– it’s this chained to the man, the whole American dream that chains them to jobs and debt and they are unhappy with their life.

The millennials have it right. Everybody is saying we screwed them up by raising them to be narcissists.  I know I raised my son to believe, “You can do anything.” Of course, they don’t want our dream. They think it sucks. I love that. It’s smart.

Jeannette: I think it’s a rising of consciousness.

Sherold: Totally. Yes, they’ve already got it. They think, “Why? This isn’t what I want. I want to be of value and be with people and have a good time and get where I want to go. I’m not going to work my way up.”

Like Dad said to me, “If you work hard, you’ll be successful.” That was in my computer operating system (my subconscious mind).  I’m working on busting that belief today. It’s so insidious when it’s in there, and you’re not aware of it in your subconscious.

Jeannette: Especially when everyone else is living it too, Sherold. I mean, I think that makes it even harder to unload when they’re doing it and preaching the same thing to us. You’ve got to be really committed, really deliberate about unloading that one.

Sherold: Yes. You need to do everything you can to question that belief or tap (EFT) it out. Be on it every day because it isn’t going to go away. It’s in there and it needs to be cleared out.

In your experience, Jeannette, what makes a good manifester? 

Jeannette: I think it starts with understanding that we have this power. You know, even as I say that, that’s not true because there’s some people who are just naturals at this, and they don’t have a conscious understanding of how the system works. They just naturally work it. I do run into those people every once in a while.

Usually it’s one of my client’s siblings or spouses. Those people don’t hire me. I tend to work with people who are very well aware of our ability to create what we want.

If you don’t understand that anything is possible that you’re willing to imagine, then you’re handicapped in what you create in life.

To give yourself a really big playground by understanding that there are no limits other than the ones that we impose on ourselves, that’s I think a really powerful first step.

Those gremlins can’t take hold as well as they can in a mind that believes in fate or destiny or scarcity or just how the world works in a traditional set.

I would want to say the first thing is an awareness of who we are and what we’re capable of. That’s the first step because it really opens things up.

We hear this a lot from Law of Attraction teachers that if you can imagine it, you can create it.

Because it’s the mind that everything is coming from. It’s our ability to focus, to conjure it up mentally, internally first, in order to experience it in reality. When you let rip with that one, it gives you a big advantage.

I think another great trait of powerful manifesters is an appreciation for what is.

Because that person isn’t falling for the I’ll feel better when x, y, or z unfolds. They know how to enjoy life as it is right now and when they are doing that, that vibration of enjoyment it matches other enjoyable things. That’s a really good one to be rolling with.

I also like an ability to not care what other people think, because very often the opinions of others has even messed me up a little bit in my search for a new place.

My parents were like, “What are you thinking [with the idea of buying a piece of property?]” Like I’m going to have this gigantic place, it’s going to be so hard to manage, my dad says, “I don’t think you realize how much upkeep is required for a barn.”

That weighed on me a little bit. It probably held up my search process a good month or two before I realized, they don’t know what I desire. They don’t know what I want, and even if it is hard, I won’t be satisfied until I go check it out.

Sherold: Exactly.

Jeannette: To be able to not give a rip what others think, I think that gives us a big advantage as well. Then could we talk about lack of attachment?

Sherold: Yes!

Jeannette: We need something in order to feel successful or happy or whatever it is we’re shooting for, that need is kryptonite to successful manifesting.

I’m going to get whatever I vibrate and if I’m vibrating need or attachment or that I have to have it or yearning or striving — striving has been one I’ve dealt with.

It’s not in alignment with the enjoying, the having, the presence of what we want so it sends a contrary signal and that is one that’s worth unloading.

If we can get to a place where we’re happy with what is and we don’t need it to be any different ….

I know a lot of people listening to this already know this because it’s the stuff they don’t care about too much but they’re really good at manifesting. Like a good parking spot or a phone call from a friend right as you were thinking about them.

The things that aren’t a really big deal to them, it happens really easily, it’s because you didn’t care too much. If we can get that kind of hootless. You know that kind of “I’m fine either way,” that is magic stuff.

Sherold: I love that you call it hootless. Like not give a hoot. I do agree with you. One of the things I’ve experienced — we were talking about this earlier when I manifested a couple of really phenomenal condos at the million dollar level.

My friend walked into the condo one day and said, “Look what you’ve manifested.” That statement was so big that I couldn’t take it in because I didn’t want to believe that I did manifest it at the time.

It was an extraordinary circumstance that we ended up getting that place. When we sold it, I was so attached to a certain amount of money, having it happen in a certain amount of time, and did it happen? No!

It took a year and when I finally realized that I was attached to the outcome, I let go.  We had two offers come in and we sold it. One offer helped the other offer come in higher and that’s what I wanted, but I was attached. Yes, I’ve lived it. You really have to let go and not care.

Jeannette: That’s a tough thing to do on the stuff that matters to us so much like a coaching practice, like good help, like good relationships. I mean it’s easy for us to get hung up on that stuff.

That skill of letting go, it’s a big one for successful creation.

Sherold: Yes.

The other thing is you have to ask. This is the Law of Cause and Effect. You have to ask for what you want.

This morning, I was getting ready for this interview and just said out loud, “Hey I want some proof, I want some signs and I’m open to watching. I want to earn some money and have it be easy and let’s just go for it.”

I have no idea, but I’m also always wheeling and dealing in my mind on this. I play with this all the time.

Jeannette: Girlfriend, that one’s huge! The letting go of how. That is huge, huge, huge. So many of us we were trained to think we’ve got to figure it out, we’ve got to make it happen. Right?

We’re closing off universal or fairy magic, whatever you want to call it, when we think we are in charge and we have to figure it all out and plot it and then get ourselves there; To let go of how, to really be open to that, that’s huge.

You brought up another good point too and that’s our ability to receive it.

Jeannette: I coach a lot of people on the topic of money.

Sherold: So do I.

Jeannette: “No problem receiving money Jeannette trust me. Give me a chance to prove it to you. Money is not going to be hard for me to receive,” and yet how many people do we know who are uncomfortable with certain amounts of money. Like lottery winners. What’s the statistic on how many burn through it like that?

Sherold: They lose it.

Jeannette: They don’t know how to be with money. We can even see this with our friends maybe even in ourselves, when we see how uncomfortable someone gets with a genuine compliment.

They can’t even receive a kind thought from another person, let alone a windfall of easy money.

It [receiving] challenges so many beliefs that people have about their worthiness and whether they’ve worked hard enough to deserve it or to have earned it.

It can be tricky stuff. Receiving skills are another big deal.

Sherold: I see that in my work with women business owners.

I think that self-worth is tied up with our worth, which is a mistake. To often I hear, “I’m going to charge what I’m worth.”

Never utter those words out of your mouth because you are priceless. There is no amount of money that can be put on your head or yourself. It’s a matter of charging for the value that you’re giving that person.

If you’re having trouble manifesting, notice what you believe and work on that. That is a block to manifesting.

Jeannette: Those beliefs are driving your whole reality.

Sherold: Totally. That’s what you have today around you.

Jeannette: Yes.

Sherold: Very cool that you brought that up. The biggest mistakes you mentioned then, because those are the mistakes: not being grateful, appreciation.

Jeannette: Thinking you have to do it yourself.

Sherold: Yes. Figuring out the how, when you can just put it out there.

Jeannette: Another big one. I just want to emphasize the receiving again. That’s actually a big deal and it’s something a lot of people don’t pay attention to. We get a lot of direction about giving. We’re exceptional givers.  I’m learning how to be a receiver. It’s worth paying attention to.

Another one to spotlight is our focus on reality. One of the biggest mistakes we make is thinking, “It isn’t already done.”

Okay, it is done on some level, whether you have to think of it on a vibrational level or an alternate reality or however you want to think about it, it’s a done deal.

All you have to do is match that energetically and it will unfold for you in a really swift, effortless, enjoyable way.

That doesn’t mean that you don’t take any action, maybe you do, maybe you don’t. I’ve had plenty of personal experiences and seen it with plenty of clients where action wasn’t required.

They’d already done action in the past that allowed it or the action that they took was something that was just so enjoyable that they didn’t even consider themselves working towards it. Whenever we’re looking at what is and thinking this is how it is, that focus perpetuates that reality.

Sherold: Yes.

Jeannette: Investing some time in what you want or what really already is on some other level rather than just the same thing over and over and over again. I think a lot of people handicap their change by being so focused on their current reality.

I have a post written called Lose Your Grip on Reality, because when I know so much that I don’t have clients or I don’t have any romantic prospects or my body’s doing this that or the other that I don’t want it to do. The more I know that, the more I perpetuate that.

Being able to distance myself from this present reality and invest more focus into what I want that already exists on some other level, that helps facilitate that change.

Sherold: I think that’s difficult for people because I like to say that 90% of the population is sleepwalking; they’re in a trance. They get up every day and they’re not aware of what they’re thinking and what they’re creating. I strive to be in the 10% club and work with people who are interested in waking up and being conscious because that’s your whole point. Conscious Creators.

Jeannette: I love that you call it 10% Sherold. I want to live in your world because I suspect it’s more like 1%.

Sherold: Well I think that they’re all over the world and out of 7 billion, maybe there’s enough that are awake. I think we’re here, frankly I think what you and I are here to do is to wake people up.

Jeannette: Someone woke us up! Right?

Sherold: Yes. Listen, I got banged on the head with my brother dying. You just happen to decide that in a homeless man you were paying attention and yours wasn’t as painful except staying in that painful job.

Jeannette: It was, it was painful.

Sherold: It was painful. Actually, I can’t know that about you yet, only you can. I also want to say that it’s about noticing the stories you’re telling — just to follow up on what you’re saying. Notice what you’re telling yourself about yourself.

I think that we’re here to be self-realized so that the more you can watch your motivation for what you’re doing, your mode – MO – you’re going to be a conscious creator because you can then shift it.

I think that’s really tough for people who aren’t sure what we’re talking about. Some people might be going, “What they hell are they talking about?” but I hope that whoever is listening gets it.

Jeannette: Someone will. I remember there’s been material that’s crossed my desk that I’m like, “Whatever.”

The girl that started all this for me, Adrian Calabrese, How To Get Everything You Ever Wanted, I read it and I was like why did I buy this book? I mean I just bought it for the title but once I read it I was like, “She’s crazy. I can’t believe I spent my money on this.”

But I read it and then I had a personal rule, practice one thing from every self-help book I read because I’m a self-help book junkie.

The least crazy thing I could find in this book was something called scripting where you talk about what you want as if it’s already happened. I was just going to get it over with so I can say I did my personal rule thing. This was at a time when I’d been in a three month drought of adoptions for my dogs.

We had big dogs, we had eight big dogs in our little 850-square-foot house. I know. It was bad news in a lot of ways. I had a little nervous breakdown in the backyard. Went to bed – that’s actually when I read this book.

When I finished the book I came out and I scripted about Jeff getting adopted. Not to make it happen, just because I had the rule to do one thing and that’s the least crazy thing I could find from the book.

Within 48 hours, it was like a day and a half later, not only did Jeff get adopted but there were two families fighting over him exactly as I had described. Husband and wife, two kids, they have a dog, they live nearby, plenty of money.

Sherold: I love that.

Jeannette: I realized whoa that girl might not be so crazy. There’s been lots of stuff that it didn’t hit me until later like, “Oh there’s something to this.”

Sherold: You know I just want to share one thing on proof or evidence on that as well. When my son was diagnosed in 2012 at age 28 with a rare genetic disease.

It was life threatening and it was pretty rough. I came to the dinner table and asked my husband to write down what it would look like it things went perfectly.  I had a red pen and blank index cards on the table. I said, “You know if it could go perfectly, how would it go right now? What would be a perfect for him, and for us?”

Jeannette: I’m getting goosebumps Sherold.

Sherold: You know what? I kept the index card. I actually have a worksheet called “If It Could Go Perfectly How Would It Go?” I ask my clients to do this.

Get your worksheet here!

Every single thing on that card happened!

I wrote down that my son would have surgery in a certain month; he would return to work in another few months; and our condo would sell in a certain month.

I also say be careful what you ask for. That condo sold three months early! I almost had a nervous breakdown, because my son went back to work July 30th; the condo sold July 30th and we had a month to move out.

Jeannette: Oh great.

Sherold: I’d gone through five months of really supporting and being present with him and doing my own work on myself to be ok.  I used The Work of Byron Katie on all my fears that came up.

That just convinced me. I still do this process for myself. This proves to all of your points earlier that it’s already done. It’s done on some level.

Jeannette: I just want to say that’s big magic that you created there. There’s a way for a client to run through, “Well if it could be perfect, it would be this,” and then do it with the vibration of, “But I know that can’t happen. I’m only doing this because you asked me to question.” Like a disbelief.

Sherold: Yes, totally.

Jeannette: Disallowing. Then there’s a way to do it with an openness. Like a possibility.

Sherold: Yes that’s what I was playing with right there. I was doing a lot of praying. I think all these experiences have got me back to being very deeply spiritual.

I kind of ran away from traditional church yet I was always deeply spiritual. It’s really where it’s at. I’ve learned through the hard times. Yet that exercise, if you can do that, I think it goes into what you were saying.

One last thing I want to talk about is energy. I also want you to share what you’re manifesting right now in terms of your property. I can’t help but vicariously want to know. Because I’m that way too. I play a game with this all the time mostly with real estate and it works.

I really imagine what would it be like, and we literally will get in the car and drive around and look at property and imagine what it might feel like to live there.  I don’t have any money now for rental but I’m manifesting one. I know something will happen.

I play a game with this. We’re selling our cabin and we’ve done a novella  (praying 9 days in a row) with the St. Joseph tiny figurine. Then we are burying him upside down facing the house we want to sell.  I play with all of this and it works.

Jeannette: Yes.

Sherold: What are you manifesting? Just share vicariously – if you don’t mind. If it’s not too private.

Jeannette: No. I’ll share how I’m going about it because that’s what’s helpful for people to hear is the how. What I’ve been doing, is I’ve been waking up in my new place and been enjoying my new view. I’ve been thinking about all the animals that are out in the pasture. I’ve been appreciating the guy on the property who’s taking care of all the animals out in the pasture.

Sherold: And the barn.

Jeannette: Yeah I don’t know if I’m paying him or if he lives there, he’s the helpful neighbor or a boyfriend, I don’t know. There might be a girl, I don’t know but I’ve got help.

When I come down the stairs in the morning, I coming down the stairs in my new place. Or maybe I don’t have stairs in my new place. I’m in my kitchen, I’m enjoying my new view. Through all of this, the other thing I’ve been practicing is loving where I’m at. I don’t have too much attachment to my place. I’ve been giving thanks for the beauty.

This place I’m in right now, I actually swore for a long time that I’d never leave this place. I can feel myself having angst about getting the new place, I was like “What’s taking so long?”

Sherold: Oh you have got to let that one go. It doesn’t happen on our time frame.

Jeannette – thank you for the interview today. Thank you for boosting my vibration today. I love it. You are such a fun person to talk with and people can find out more about you at

Check out Jeannette’s podcast LOA Recon. They’re fun to listen to and you’ll get a lot out of it. Jeannette has a lot of good material over at her site so check it out.

I can’t wait to hear about your property, so please just remember when you’re all done and closed just send me a note and tell me you did it.

Jeannette: I will.

Sherold: I love it.

Jeannette: Thanks for inviting me to play today Sherold, it was fun.

Sherold: Thank you and thanks so much again and just best to you. Thanks again.

  1. Great interview! Brilliant, “Cut out the middle man”. That really spoke to me. Love now and stop waiting.

    1. Thank you Grace. Yes waiting is the middleman and we wait too much in life for things to change. xo

    1. Hello Ms. Manifesting – I did a FB live on this and I will send you the worksheet. It works!!

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