Clearing Mental Clutter to Manifest Prosperity

Clearing mental clutter is key to manifesting prosperity.

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Clearing mental clutter is key if you want to manifest more money and prosperity in your life.

I’m sharing 4 key steps to clearing mental clutter so that you can be prosperous.

There’s a series of clearing steps that you’ll need to do.  If you take this to heart, you’ll revolutionize your life.

Today we’re starting with clearing away lack consciousness.

So let’s get to it.

I started clearing clutter in my office and in my home in December. I worked in short bursts of 15 to 20 minutes because I knew that it would overwhelm me to tackle a big project all at once.

I want you to know that I had my best month ever in my business in December of 2015.  

I knew this worked but I wanted to prove it.

One thing most people don’t understand is this:

You must clear away what’s blocking you from prosperity in your conscious mind, your subconscious mind and your physical environment to be prosperous.

Today we’re focused on clearing mental clutter — what’s blocking us from prosperity.  This is lack-based consciousness.

We’re all energetic beings – everything in the Universe is made up of energy.

When you keep old possessions, and relationships that no longer feed your soul or your mind, then you’re building up blocks.

The Greeks and many ancient cultures had rituals and rites to purify and cleanse.  There was a reason they did this and in our modern cultures we’ve forgotten this important process.

We’re going to start working on helping you cleanse your toxic beliefs from your mind, your relationships, and your home or office.

You must clear the way and make space for whatever you want to come into your life.

Clearing Mental Clutter

If you want a relationship in your life, don’t park in the middle of your garage – make space for another car.  Make space for that relationship in all areas of your life.

Let’s talk about more forms of mental clutter. 

We’re either in an expansive mode in our mind or a constricted mode (lack).

What you send out from your thoughts, words, and actions is energy will come back to you.

Notice when you’re in a state of lack consciousness.

I like to think of worry as a negative prayer.  So when you worry, stop and send out a positive prayer instead.

If you’re thinking thoughts about lack, worry or fear – then this is what you’ll manifest.

If you want more love in your life, become the person you want to be with.  Start doing the activities that person would do.

When I wanted to attract a partner, I loved the outdoors so I started taking classes in how to read the river so I could raft.  I went to cross country ski club meetings.

It worked and I manifested my husband but that’s another story.  Learn to become the person you most want to be with.

If you want more money to come into your life, be grateful about what you have and pay attention to it – don’t avoid it.

Look at your finances and care about that aspect of your life as if it were your lover.

Gratitude is a fast way to prosperity.  When you’re grateful about what you have, you’ll receive more.

The second form of lack-based thinking is “just in case” thinking.

It’s called “Just in case” thinking – this is the reason why we hold on to a lot of things.  We might need it one day.

I used to keep jeans just in case I dropped 10 pounds.  By the time that happened they were usually out of style.

You must get rid of what you don’t want in order to make room for the Universe to bring you what you do want.

Prosperity will not flow into a mind or a home that is full of clutter.  The very act of clearing will create a vacuum that the Universe will fill.  This is how it works.

The 3rd form of lack-based thinking is “knowledge clutter.”

In our online world, I call this Shiny Object Syndrome – the online habit many of us have of buying a program because we think we need to know more.  This comes from our lack-based thinking.

If I buy that program or book then I feel better because I now possess the knowledge.

I’m guilty of this with books.  I buy loads of books.  However I have a new agreement with myself.

If I bring a new book in, I need to sell another book.  Yesterday I sold two bags of books.

I’m guilty of knowledge clutter.  I bought books with a lack mentality that sat on the shelf.  I bought digital programs that I never started or finished.  My goal is not to do that again.

What’s most fascinating about about the Knowledge Clutter is that the act of buying an online class or a book gives you the psychological feeling of knowing it – even without starting it.

So watch out for when you do this.

The 4th area of lack-based thinking is “digital clutter.”

Mark Hurst, author of the NYT best seller Bit Literacy says that when you have “to do items” floating around in your head or your email or texts ping on your phone, that your brain doesn’t get the chance to fully enter creative flow or process experiences.  When your brain has too much to do – it splits its power up.  This is mind clutter.

The result is that when you’re multi-tasking, you don’t filter information well and doesn’t help you have a strong working memory.

Choose an online tool or app or a pad of paper that will help you with tasks and dump them all there.

Overconsumption of digital information has the same effect on your brain as physical clutter.

This was an area where I experienced a lot of stress. I’ve worked on this myself and I can’t tell you how much better this is me.

This is why we’re encouraged to clear the clutter off our minds by doing morning pages (Julia Cameron) or journaling.  You can write down things you’re worried about, plans on how to achieve an important goal or anything that’s causing you stress.

This self-reflection time will help you get mind clutter off your brain and onto paper.   This is the chatter that doesn’t allow us to sink into our creative work or be more present.

I invite you to begin to catch yourself when you go into lack-based thinking because when you think of “lack” you’ll feel bad within.

Understand when you think in terms of lack, you’ll always experience lack in your reality, but the truth is that you’re “attracting” this reality.

When you think/believe that there’s shortage of food, money, jobs or resources, you’ll become a magnet that attracts a reality which reflects this belief back to you.

Fear is a dense heavy energy.  You need to shift fear-based thinking to lighter frequencies of happiness.

You shift your physical state – exercise, dance – listen to an upbeat person such as Tony Robbins.

It’s not possible to convince a lack-based person about the abundance of life, but anyone who understands the law of attraction would know that you can experience any reality you want by desiring it and believing it. There’s no lack in a Universe where creation happens through thought.

Let me recap about the Law of Prosperity:

When you clear your life of things you no longer use or need, clear out relationships that no longer serve you, the Universe likes to fill that space with something you want.

When you can clear out fear, negative fear and lack – these are low vibrations and you move to a higher vibration – gratitude for all that you have – you’re attracting more abundance in your life.

If you like this video, please let me know in the comments below or share it with your friends.

Here’s to your prosperity.

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    1. Donna – thank you. I’m glad it was helpful. It’s a continuous process for me now;)

  1. Watched your video as I was printing out articles to file, thinking about the jobs I need to get done today, worrying about lack of time – ha! So your message was spot on. Thanks! Hadn’t considered the effects of mental clutter – it all starts there though, doesn’t it?

    1. Hi Karen – thank you for watching the video. It is always there and if you can take small steps (short bursts) at attacking a pile or files on your computer or anything, do this consistently and notice what the Universe sends you that you want. This works. I love the idea of clearing as a readiness step for prosperity. xo

  2. Loved this video Sherold! Very clear and concise and practical. I especially liked your personal experiences with these tips.

    1. Thank you Guylaine – I appreciate the feedback. This helps me know that I am hitting the mark with these videos;) xo

  3. Great video! I have worked with the LOA for years with on and off success, but your statement, “There’s no lack in a Universe where creation happens through thought” jumped off the page at me. That’s a real zinger! Guess I can let go of lack now! ?

    1. Hi Kate – thank you for watching and glad that resonated. Each day is a new day and each breath is a fresh start. Say to yourself – “I now let go of all limiting beliefs around money” – or get super specific around the lack. When you notice you are behaving in a lack mentality, say to yourself – I can delete that belief or thought. Just reframing a negative thought or belief will shift energy. Let go and prosper;)

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