Clear Physical Clutter to Manifest Prosperity

How to Manifest Prosperity

Did you know that to create what you want in your life, you need to clear clutter to manifest prosperity?

We tend to think we only need to write it down or make a vision board of what we want first. But that’s not the first step – clearing is the first step to manifest prosperity.

You need to do a thorough clearing of mind clutter (any thoughts or beliefs that don’t serve your well-being as well as physical clutter in your home or office.

Today we’re going to talk about a 5-step process to help you clean up the physical clutter in your life.

In our last video, we talked about mental clutter. All physical clutter accumulates based on what we think or believe.

We talked about “Just in case” thinking as being a reason to keep something in case we might need it in the future. There are many psychological reasons why we keep things.

Clearing is the first step in manifesting prosperity.

You have to get rid of things you no longer want so that you can make room for things you do want.

Prosperity will not come into a cluttered home. When you start to do this on a regular basis – you’re telling your subconscious and the Universe you’re ready to make space for what you do want in your life.

You have to set the intention first to clear clutter and then take action to manifest.

What if you knew that the Universe won’t bring prosperity into your life until you have created order?  It’s true.

Try it and think of this as an experiment and see what you can manifest into your life.

The more you release things that you no longer use, that no longer bring you pleasure (beauty) in keeping, worn out clothes, and relationships that are no longer serving you, the Universe will fill that with things you do want.

I want you to think about your life as a constant clearing process.

The way I think about it is that in the first half of my life I bought into the American dream of success comes from material things. So as we all do, we acquired a lot of things – furnishings and all kinds of things in our home.

These material things take our energy to maintain. So at this stage of our lives, John and I are clearing out – we’re sorting and shredding old files we no longer need, we’re putting our financial life in order and our home in order as well.

All of us collect stuff for a variety of reasons and it all starts with what we’re thinking and believing.

We keep things that we spent money on because we spent money on them even though they no longer serve us.

We keep things because of sentimental reasons – someone gave them to us.

Set your prosperity first in your mind.

We can have everything. First you think about it mentally. You desire it with all your heart.

90% of your success comes from your mind and 10% outer action.

#1: Pick the most cluttered area that’s overwhelming you and start there.

Start with your home: pick a room in your house that’s the most overwhelming to you in terms of pile ups or clutter.

Start small: clear clutter in small bursts – each day take 15 minutes and work through a pile or a drawer or surfaces where clutter piles up.

Make this a daily habit so that you’re clearing space so the Universe can fill the vacuum left open. This is the Law of Prosperity – be clear on what you want and get rid of things that take up space, energy and that you no longer use or they no longer bring beauty into your life.

#2: Clean up the area where you take care of your financial life.

Make the area clear of clutter where you pay your bills and work on finances.  Make this a first priority – clear away clutter or clean out a drawer.

I had a man in a free money class last year that heard me talk about this one day and then following day in the second class he reported that someone paid him money he forget they owed him.  After the first class, he had cleaned up the area where he handled his finances and that same day, someone came over and paid him money for something he owed.  Then this man reached in his pocket and handed him another $20 and said he just keep this too.

#3: Declutter your clothes:

Your closet or drawers – where are you keeping worn out clothes that you no longer wear or that no longer fit or they’re not in good condition?

Get rid of anything you haven’t worn in a year or two. This is a good habit. Often we keep things that don’t even look good on us because we paid a good money for it or someone gave it to us.

And if you’re keeping worn out pjs or under garments – clear them out and make room for only things you wear that are in good condition.

Ask yourself – do I feel good wearing clothes that are worn out or stained or in poor condition?  If not, donate your old clothes.

When you get rid of anything that you don’t feel good wearing – you are making space for the Universe to bring your nice things you want to wear or perhaps money to buy new things.

#4: Declutter all books, magazines and papers that are piled up:

Get rid of books and magazines and piles of papers that are taking up space and mental energy to maintain.  This is knowledge clutter.

If you haven’t read magazines or they’re piled up – donate them or sell the books at a resale shop.

#5: Declutter your relationships:

This is a good one – begin to start noticing people who are negative and drain your energy. Ask yourself, why are you spending your time with these people?

It’s said that you’re the sum average financially of the five people you spend the most time with. Notice their financial situation.

If you truly want to uplevel your life, it’s time to draw boundaries. This is another form of decluttering worn out relationships.

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