What You Believe Is What You Create In Your Life

I never thought I could do this

What you believe is what you will create in your life.

I never thought I could do this.

For years I was concerned that I’d never be able to stop working and retire.

I was actually afraid of the thought of not working. What would I do with all my time and energy?

I’m passionate about my work and have always had a strong drive to earn money.

I knew that there was a belief in my subconscious mind that fueled this thought and it was around earning money.

Each month I’d go to my women’s self-healing group where we worked on beliefs that were holding us back.

Month after month I’d try to find the belief that was driving me to keep working full-time.

What I really wanted to do was to work part-time and spend time with my husband, friends and live an adventurous life.

Then in February 2017, I was in a near-fatal car wreck in Baja, Mexico.

My work turned into surviving.

I was flown out of Baja in an air ambulance to San Diego’s Sharp Memorial Hospital.

My husband John stayed with me in my room for almost six weeks. John is an emergency physician and we both know that if he had been injured, I would not be alive.

I had five surgeries in 15 days.

What you believe is what you create.

When I came out of 11 days in ICU and off the respirator, my sister and I had a long phone call.

She told me that she thought that the God was trying to slow me down. I had to agree.

She also told me that our father always said, “You have to take care of yourself. You can’t depend on anyone else to take care of you.”

Boom – there was the belief. It was hidden in my subconscious mind. 

My body started shaking all over when I heard this belief.

This was the belief I spent six months trying to uncover that I knew kept me working full-time and earning money.

Finding the belief released me because I could now do something about it when I noticed I was driving and striving again.

Beliefs shape your perception of the world, and they drive your behavior.

We tend to inherit the beliefs of the people that we spend the most time with, which naturally is our family.

A belief is a pattern of thoughts or repeated thoughts in your mind.

Your beliefs are like the code of a computer, and your mind is your inner operating system that drives your behavior consciously or unconsciously.

It’s said that 90 percent of the population is asleep – unconsciously going through each day.

Most people don’t understand they are not the voice in the head. That’s the voice of the ego. The more you listen to that voice, the more powerful it becomes.

When you listen to that voice in your head (I’m not good enough) or (who do I think I am to….) then you’ll act on those beliefs. This will cause you to hide and not to use the gifts and talents that only you have to offer.

Finding this belief set me free.

I’ve been home from the hospital for nine months now.

I’ve had no choice but to completely stop working so that I could recover. I’ve learned how to be more present and how to listen to my body.

My body tells me when I need to rest. I know that I can do two to three things each day so that I’m not taxed physically.

After my last surgery in July, I woke up from the surgery to a completely numb left leg. My femoral nerve that controls my quad muscles was severely damaged.

After I had a nerve conduction study on my left leg in early August, the neurologist told me that I had “very severely” damaged nerves in my leg and did not know if the nerves would regenerate.

I grieved and felt all the emotions about this for two to three days.

Then I picked myself back up and went to work healing my leg doing everything my physical therapist told me to do.

Where the mind goes, the body follows.

I had to learn to walk again using a walker. I went from using a walker to using trekking poles to support me.

Now I no longer use anything to support me when walking!

I created a belief to help my body recover.

My belief was that my body could handle as many surgeries as I need to have to recover, which is did beautifully.

I believed that the nerves in my leg would come back and it might take as long as a year.

Today just four months after that grim news, I no longer need a brace on my leg, and I’m walking two miles without a brace or walker and I’m running in the deep water pool 25 minutes three times a week.

I’m a walking miracle because of my beliefs.

What this near death experience taught me is something I never would have learned if this accident didn’t happen.

I learned that my belief in my body has helped it heal. Your body has the amazing power to heal if the mind is on board with a strong belief in it.

I’ve kept my worries at bay and focused on what I can do so that I have a positive mindset.

I’m grateful every day to be alive. I tell my family and friends how much I love and appreciate them.

I do only what I love – writing, working out, spending time training my dog Lilly and enjoying time with my husband John and all of my friends.

What I know for sure and what I want you to know is this:

It’s the thoughts you think, the words you speak and the actions you take that determine your life experiences. These thoughts, words and actions are born from your beliefs—the fundamental rules you live by.

You get to choose with every breathe you take how you will live your life.  What will you choose?

Do you have a story of how you overcame a difficult circumstance in your life? Please share it with me in the comments below.

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  1. Thank you for that story of how it works in life. I am so happy your body is remembering it’s perfection. It takes so much work, and I am so glad that you have to strength to keep going. And also to share with others. Love Ginger Blymyer

    1. Hi Ginger thank you for writing me and for supporting me so much on Facebook. I am deeply grateful for your thoughts. Yes my body is in charge now. It’s the boss I listen too and care so much for now. Thank you again.xo

  2. Sherold, I was so happy to see your email in my inbox today! And even more happy to hear that you have taken care of yourself and are now able to do so much.

    I have been thinking about you a lot this past week. Thank you for sharing your journey with us. I am grateful for what you have taught us.

    One question – when you realized you had the belief that no one could take care of you except yourself, what changed? Did you start believing that John could take care of you? The doctors? How did changing that belief help you heal?

    *So* happy you’re doing well!

    Love and hugs,
    Linda Waterhouse

    1. Linda – I think your question is a good one for follow-up blog. Thanks for asking and I will write about this. I still have some GI issues we are working through but my leg (nerves) have mostly come back. I feel like that is a miracle.

      I hope all is well with you. Thank you for thinking of me and for your prayers. I’m deeply grateful. xo

  3. this is an amazing story! Thank you for sharing your recovery with all of us…I wondered where you’d been…xo Congratulations on overcoming this extremely challenging life turn. wow!

    1. Susan thank you for your reply. It means so much to me when people respond after I write. I have overcome a lot and hope to use what I learned to help others. Thanks again. xo

  4. Hi Sherold,

    I had a level 4 brain aneurysm stroke in May 2015…(caused by a weird type of cancer). I was supposed to die that night and if by some miracle I did survive I would be bedridden for life because of all the mental and physical deficits they’d predicted. My doctors unanimously said I was a miracle. I still marvel that I’m here without one single deficit. When your car accident happened I sent many prayers because truly I believe they help. I’d only just began master coach training with Martha and had to drop out but my beliefs, and my ‘knowing’ were pivotal. I loved reading this blog! So glad you’re still here and doing so well! Tari

    1. Tari – your story is remarkable! It sounds like a true miracle. I believe it’s a miracle I can walk – I just walked two miles!! Thank you for sending prayers for me. I know that all the prayers and outpouring of love helped me heal.
      So sorry you had to drop out of master coach training. I took it so long ago – 2008! You will be fine w/o it. My best to you.

  5. Sherhold,

    So glad to receive your message and see you! I am glad your healing is going well and you are on this path that you have wanted to follow in your business and personal life. And you are right, as we both know, every day is a blessing.

    I will check out the materials.
    Thinking of you!

    1. Joyce – thank you for writing. I’ve thought about you and hoped all is well. This year has been such a challenge yet it has had lots of good come out of it. Maybe in the new year we can catch up. xo

  6. Hello, dear Sherold,
    I was so happy to see your email in my inbox!! I have been thinking about you and praying for you since the accident. I wanted to write the perfect thing to you…which went round and round in my head and never came to fruition! (of course!)
    So here is my perfectly imperfect message to you 🙂
    Thank you for being such an incredible inspiration to us all! Your recovery is a miracle that I am sure happened because of you and your positive spirit and actions. You have taught me so much about how to live your best life thru your beautiful heartfelt writings. I feel so fortunate to have met you that day in NYC. You are truly remarkable! Wishing you all the best in 2018. love, Bridget xx

    1. Dear Bridget you are so wonderful to write me. I am so thankful for your prayers. It’s been such a hard year yet I am resilient. I have learned that I have a choice about how I go forward and doing it with positivity is the high road.

      Thank you for reading what I write. I sometimes wonder if anyone reads what I write so when people like you write me, it tells me to keep going.

      I wish you the very best and I am so happy you wrote me. xo

      1. Sherold,
        I can only imagine how hard the year has been for you! But you are so resilient. and brave.
        I suspect there a lot of people who read what you write, trust me on that. Please keep going and please don’t stop writing! I always appreciate your insight and thoughts.
        All the best. xx
        PS Please tell John I am SO happy he’s a doctor!

        1. Hi Bridget – you are helping me stay in the game by writing. I so appreciate this email. I told John that you said you were so happy he is a doctor. He loved that.

          Again – take care and Bridget – go for your dreams. Whatever they may be. xo

  7. Hello sherold. I’ve just found you via an email that was sent to me from Susannah Conway. From a piece about your life/ biz (from a bigger workbook on female and aging. I really resonated with what you wrote and then came here and read this wonderful blog pretty much straight away. *Thank you Universe* ? I too, lost my brother and so much of what you wrote spoke to me. This article too. It’s very inspiring. I just wanted to let you know your words impacted on my life today and i really needed to read them. Just in case you ever doubt yourself. Warm wishes. Charli

    1. Charli – I am so grateful to read your post here. I love Susannah Conway so I’m proud you found me through her.
      I am glad you resonated with what I wrote. I am writing now from a different place but it’s a place I hope that I can inspire others to awaken and follow their path to their destiny. That’s what I’m doing. Bless you and thanks for being here with me.

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