Behind the Scenes of My Business: Why I Went Pro

Last week I had a photo shot in New York.  It was a peak experience.

Why?  There are two reasons:  it was a dream that I had on my vision board, and I got to work with a team of artists. team

It was so much fun to enter this creative realm.  I was so inspired, I had to share the experience of what it was like behind the scenes of this photo shoot.

When my friend and online designer Natasha Lakos said last year that it was time for a new web site in 2015, I knew this was the year to get professional photos.  For the past four years, I’ve nurtured a dream of having Christa Meola take my photos.  Natasha and Christa are true artists, and they often collaborate on web sites.

We started planning about a few months prior to the photo shoot. Christa started a Pinterest board (it’s secret) where each of us pinned photos. We talked about what I wanted people to experience when they arrived at my web site.

Christa Meola
Christa Meola

Because this was an investment in my business, I decided hired my friend and stylist Scarlet Chamberlin to help style five looks for the photo shoot. Scarlet and I went through my closet and selected clothes. I tried on five outfits, which Scarlet photographed and sent to Natasha to review.  Natasha gave us great feedback, which to stay away from black and gray and go with vibrant colors.  Scarlet put together jewelry for each outfit and shoes.  She then sent me several things I could purchase to add to the outfits we selected.  Each clothing item was pinned to our secret Pinterest board.

After I finished my three-day mastermind mind intensive, I moved to a new hotel near the photo studio.  The next morning I was told to show up with a moisturized face and clean hair. When I arrived on the set for the shoot, Christa wanted to see each outfit with jewelry.  She decided how she would set up each shot based on the clothes.

While she was getting set up, her makeup artist Griselle Mua started getting me ready.  sbnyc1Griselle works on commercial photo shoots.  This alone was an amazing experience watching an artist do her thing.  I learned so much watching her work and about the products she used on my face.  One of my favorite products was Josie Moran’s  “Get Away Red” gel blush.

When Christa finished photographing two looks at the studio, it was time to head to Central Park.  I wore one outfit and  brought a second set of clothes.

It was 40 degrees and there was snow on the ground.  While we started setting up the first shot, it started to snow. Once Christa felt like we had enough shots of that outfit/background, it was time to change into the second outfit.  The bathrooms in our area of Central Park were closed.  So we found a building, and I stood in a corner while the two photographers shielded me while I changed. It’s these experiences that make my life rich and interesting.

Sherold Barr

It was so much fun.  I loved seeing this dream come to full fruition.  Although I was freezing when I got into my Uber cab to head to JFK Airport, I was thrilled with the investment I made in myself and my business.  This is why I do what I do and to be part of this creative collaboration was thrilling.

Going pro feels like playing full out.

Going pro is about being willing to be seen. 

To have you see another side of me that I have not shown before.  It feels like the ultimate freedom to me.

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