Profit From Your Passion

Are you ready for a steady stream of ideal clients, money coming in and no more struggle and overwhelm about making your business work?
Sherold Barr

Sherold Barr is an absolutely delightful human being, a seasoned businesswoman, and a natural coach who can change your life any which way you want. She has a laser focus on the issues that matter while still maintaining a sense of joy and fun. After 20 years working with companies all over the world, Sherold fears nothing and can handle anything.If you want an extraordinary coach to boost you into an extraordinary life, hire Sherold.

Martha Beck
Master Life Coach & Best-Selling Author

FALL 2016

Profit from Your Passion: Do What You Love and Make a Difference is a 4-month business building intensive designed to help you do work you love and make consistent monthly income working with your ideal clients.

I’m inviting 10 women to take a journey in the next 4 months to build a business foundation that brings in consistent revenue so that you can do the great work you’re here to do.

Will you be one of them?

Get a complimentary 30-minute 1-to-1 Business Breakthrough consultation with Sherold Barr to see if Profit from Your Passion is a fit.

  • You may feel called to help people, animals or the environment to make the world a better place. You’ve heard the call from your higher self that it’s time to harness your passion and make a difference, but you haven’t fully accepted the call.
  • You may have already had success in your career yet you feel there’s something more meaningful you’re here to do with the rest of your life.
  • You may feel that deep inside you’re here for another purpose and you have started your own business but your struggling to make it work.

I call this your “Great Work.”

I believe that you and I are the new breed of “light workers” here to elevate the consciousness on the planet at this particular time.

The call is becoming increasingly more important for you to step forward, use your voice, play a bigger game, live up to your full potential and share the unique gifts and talents that only you have.

You’re in the right place, at the right time if you have a business and a passion you want to monetize.

You’ve heard that you need to learn online marketing, social media, find a niche, get a website made, get a tagline, make a business card, and get clients.

The problem is that you are doing the wrong things to attract your clients.

You know in your heart that you’re here to make a difference in people’s lives, and you’re passionate about the work that you’re doing….

But that passion isn’t translating into money.

At least, not yet.

  • You’ve taken business, online marketing and social media courses that you thought would help you book more clients and make more money. But so far, it’s not happening.
  • You’re spending time on things that aren’t moving you towards your goal of getting more clients and making money and you don’t know what you are missing.
  • You look around at other people online and wonder what they’re doing that you’re not.
  • You’re not sure what to do next, and you’re ready to figure things out, once ‘n for all.

Sound familiar?

It does to me, too… because it WAS me.

When I first started my coaching practice back in 2010, I wasn’t earning anywhere near the the income I’d made in my first multiple six-figure business.

I also put way too much time into non-revenue-generating activities because I didn’t know how to consistently attract new clients, or even ask for the sale.

That was, until I hired a mentor to show me the ropes. THAT’S when my business finally began to make consistent income.

And now I want to help you do the same.

It’s no surprise that most new business owners focus on doing the wrong things in the beginning.

And it’s no wonder you’re frustrated.

After all, you haven’t been taught what the right things are, so you’re left to try and figure everything out through guesswork, or by spending a bucket load of money and sleepless nights on trial and error.

After going through this journey myself, and seeing so many of my business coaching clients struggling with the same thing, I knew in my heart it was time to take action.


Imagine yourself:

  • Waking up in the morning to see a schedule packed with your ideal clients.
  • Seeing more than enough money in your business checking account to pay for your expenses, and realizing money is no longer a struggle.
  • Presenting a clear offering that solves your ideal customer’s biggest problems.
  • Confidently telling a potential client what the investment is for your services WITHOUT feeling guilty or rolling back your prices.
  • Feeling secure about the future of your business because you’ve built it on a strong foundation.
  • Feeling supported by a close group of success-minded, heart-led entrepreneurs who mastermind with you, forge new alliances together, and celebrate each other’s successes.


Introducing …

Profit From Your Passion

Profit From Your Passion is a 4-month program designed to help you focus on the essential steps you need today to take if you want to bring in a consistent income tomorrow.

I’ll show you:

  • How to focus on the right things – creating a solid plan that shows you exactly what you need to do to bring in your income goal.
  • How to attract a steady stream of potential clients that want to talk to you about your services.
  • How to use my model of practicing transformational conversations so you are serving your client in the highest way so that you don’t feel sleazy and slimy about talking to them about what you do.
  • How to create dependable income that you can count on so that you can leave your money worries behind.

You’ll discover exactly what to do to get paying clients and how to build the foundational systems to create a successful business.

Sherold Barr

With Sherold’s help, I’m earning $7,000 a month in consistent income.

With Sherold’s help and support in Profit from Your Passion, I have set up a website, learned the ins and outs of operating a private coaching practice, honed in on my niche and sales pitch, and filled my 1:1 client program. I’m in the process of creating a group program, and began earning over $7,000.00 a month since we began our journey together. Due to so much growth, Sherold is now working with me on re-structuring my business so that I can create and leverage more me time by building a functional strong team that supports my personal life and coaching practice.

Sherold, has helped me to believe in my unique gifts and that I’m here to serve and be seen. She instills such a confidence in me that I have no doubts or concerns for any imperfections that pop up. She helps me to be unstoppable.

Certified Life & Money Coach

I’ll give you the SAME step-by-step process I’ve used to build a successful coaching business, including game-changers like:

  • Why you need to stop trading dollars or hours, and how to start creating lucrative packages your clients want and need.
  • Create your business vision, set your money goal and create profit clarity.
  • How to position your services to help your clients achieve the transformation they desire even without declaring a niche!
  • How to get inside your ideal client’s mind to understand their problems and needs so that you create a signature program to help them achieve the transformation they desire.
  • How to identify your clients biggest struggles so that you can create goals and outcomes that offer a promise to your client.
  • How to create a signature program that helps solve your clients’ problems and needs that they are willing to pay for.
  • The art of transformational service so that you are focused on solving your clients’ needs and helping them cross the chasm to their highest desire.
  • How to completely shift your money mindset and create a healthy relationship with your finances — so that you take charge of them and never charge less or devalue your worth.

This step-by-step program is easy to follow and learn.

You’ll receive real-world lessons, answers to your questions, as well as handouts and templates showing you exactly what to do to start getting more clients and make money consistently, every month.

Plus, unlike other do-it-yourself programs…

PROFIT FROM YOUR PASSION includes DIRECT access to me, a qualified master coach and business mentor, so I can coach you and get you back on track whenever you hit a roadblock or find yourself struggling to push through fear. As a trained Master Life Coach by Martha Beck, and facilitator in my sixth year of Byron Katie’s Institute for the Work, you won’t just receive life coaching or business coaching.

You’ll receive the whole package.

Sherold Barr

I now know I can make money. And I can do it without becoming someone I don’t know or like.

Before working with Sherold, I didn’t think I could earn enough money doing what I love. I was discouraged and thought it wasn’t even worth a try.

After working with Sherold on my mindset I realized it’s all about getting the technique and having the confidence to know all of the possibilities that are open to me.

I have developed an awesome signature program for my business. I am confident to share it with others. I am running the program and enjoying every minute of it!

I would recommend Sherold to anyone who wants to make money from what makes their heart sing.

Susan Viljoen
Life Coach

The biggest mistake I see business owners making? Not focusing on revenue-generating opportunities when they’re just starting out.

After successfully launching and running two of my own businesses, as well as coaching hundreds of women around the globe, I’ve seen what works and I know what doesn’t.

I can bring that depth of experience and clarity into YOUR business, showing you what to focus on so that you’ll make money and keep it coming in consistently.

The number one key to running a successful business? Harnessing the power of your mind so that you are using it to build a business that supports the life you want to live.

In PROFIT FROM YOUR PASSION, you’ll tap into the most under-utilized business asset you own: your mindset. You’ll learn how to look for opportunities, how to overcome resistance, how to push through fear, and expand your comfort zone.

Get a complimentary 30-minute 1-to-1 Business Breakthrough session with Sherold to see if Profit from Your Passion is a fit for you.

Sherold Barr

I am grateful for Sherold’s expertise, her generosity of heart and for her belief in my work.

Sherold provides a supportive container for women to discern what talent is uniquely theirs to offer and to move from big idea to big action.

She is a huge believer in the creative potential of entrepreneurs and offers consistent, practical and gracious teaching and coaching. Half of the battle in business start-ups is staying on the horse and making adjustments as challenges arise; that’s an alchemical process and throughout this cycle, Sherold keeps the fires burning so that a client’s idea can incubate and grow into solid programs and product offerings.

Sherold brings a real warmth and humanity to her work and she speaks bluntly from her many experiences as a successful entrepreneur. I am grateful for Sherold’s expertise, her generosity of heart and for her belief in my work as writer, speaker, innovation consultant and depth psychologist. She is a powerful witness to and coach for any woman taking their business to the next level.

Take this program if you are serious about aligning your values with your life work. Take the program if you want to meet like-minded women who are making their businesses their conduits for their passions and sense of service, reaping personal and financial rewards as a result. It takes a village to grow a business and this is a very valuable village to join.

M. Conlon
Author and Depth Psychologist

In Profit From Your Passion
You’ll Discover How To:

: Crystallize your vision. We’ll spend time getting completely clear about your business vision, and you’ll make a Big Bold Money goal for the year. We’ll break this vision down into a 90-day action plan so that you can take consistent action to make it happen.

: Define your ideal client. We’ll focus on understanding their “wake up in the middle of the night” problem that your ideal clients want you to help them solve. This is the most misunderstood and challenging part of online marketing for many people, which is why we’re going to demystify it (finally!) and make it as simple as possible.

: Develop your signature offering. The service, program or product that you want to be KNOWN for – and that gives your clients exactly what they need. Products and services that practically sell themselves.

: Hone your signature pitch. The one liner that tells potential clients who you work with, what their struggle is, and how you help change that for them.

: Create your signature program. You will know how to build your signature program that is based on solving your ideal clients’ biggest struggles so that you help them achieve the results that want and will pay for.

: Price your offering. A price point that reflects the value you provide (no haggling, no discounts, no nonsense). You’ll learn how to feel good about telling your prospective clients how much you charge for your services.

: Create a valuable free giveaway. A free offering that we call an “Opt in” or toolkit or collection of resources that helps a potential client get to know you, and understand your methodologies – without you needing to “hop on the phone” with them, right away.

: Build your list. Consistently. And grow your business at the same time.

: Generate consistent income. Learn how to attract a consistent flow of potential clients who want to talk to you about your services. This is the biggest promise of the program! I will give you my step-by-step system for getting a steady stream of your ideal clients signing up to talk to you.

: Conduct a happy, relaxed sales conversation. Once it’s time to get on the phone or meet face-to-face, discover how to guide your potential client towards a resounding “YES!” in an authentic way, so that you both feel it’s the right choice for you. I will teach you transformational selling.

: Understand your true worth. You’ll learn how to focus on the lasting value that you bring to your clients – the deeper impact that you have on their lives, and what that impact is worth. And you’ll find out how to convey that value to potential clients. I show you how to take yourself out of the equation and focus on their transformation.

: Land clients immediately, by creating programs that solve their most pressing needs. Make money in your business and create the freedom-filled life you desire.

Sherold Barr

I have a clearer understanding of putting myself out there. I am way less afraid to share what I do.

I am clearer about my business and so devoted to creating the business that I want. I feel supported, nurtured, and freer than ever before. I know from that kind of base I can succeed. I have more clients, and I am sure my client base will keep on growing because of my motivation and my clearer business goals.

I definitely recommend Profit from Your Passion to anyone who wants to have their own business but needs some clear guidelines and support. It takes focus and stamina to keep on going. Sherold is like your own personal cheerleader/coach/mentor all rolled into one.This was a profound experience for me.

Janet Dunn-Davenport
Tao of Delicious Health

How is PROFIT FROM YOUR PASSION different from other programs out there?

It’s effective because it’s different. We focus on creating consistent revenue.

You get me as your mentor/coach working with you in your business for four months.

There are hundreds of programs out there that talk about how to make more money in your business, but few (if any) address both the tactical side of business (defining + pricing your offering) AND emotional side of business (believing that your services are worth the money, and learning how to ask potential clients for the sale).

PROFIT FROM YOUR PASSION does both, and that’s why it’s so effective.

I’ve spent years and thousands and thousands of dollars learning how to “crack the code” on creating a profitable online business.

I believe in being a lifelong student and always striving to learn more: that’s why I continue to hire my own mentor who is ahead of me in business.

And I’m a big believer in sharing with others what I’ve learned along the way. A lot of what I’m sharing in Profit From Your Passion I had to learn the hard way. I don’t want you to have to learn it that way too. That’s why I’m ready to share what I’ve learned about the tactical and emotional sides of making money and running a successful business.

Sherold Barr

I now have a complete business foundation and know how to implement it.

Although I had great training to become a certified life coach, I had never owned a business and found that I was missing the knowledge needed to market my practice.

I had no hesitation about working with Sherold because I had followed her online for months and attended a few of her free classes. I knew that she shared great experience and expertise. I resonated with her professional and kind personality. She was 100% substance, no hype!

Through working with Sherold I created signature programs that resulted in signing ideal clients.

Sherold really cares about each member of the group and provides not only professional expertise through the course material, but individual coaching for my business and me.

I would highly recommend Sherold to others. It has been such a pleasure to work with her.

Tess Arington, J.D.
Certified Martha Beck Life Coach

Make this the year that your business starts to turn a serious — and seriously consistent — profit.

Clear away the distractions + overly complicated systems that are keeping you poor, and learn how to Profit From Your Passion.

Want to join us for PROFIT FROM YOUR PASSION?

You will be one of an intentionally small, select group of women — I limit the group to no more than 10 — who are going to view this as one great adventure. This is a proven program with the policy of no one left behind. Together we are more.

Get a complimentary 30-minute 1-to-1 Business Breakthrough session with Sherold to see if Profit from Your Passion is a fit for you.

Say goodbye to overwhelm. PROFIT FROM YOUR PASSION gives you FOCUS.

Profit From Your Passion is a 4-month program with classes specifically designed to help you do the most important things first so that you build a profitable business.

You’ll learn how to master your mindset with LIVE calls with me where I’ll teach you how to decode fear, observe your thoughts and tame your inner critic.

Plus I’ll use my power tool of inquiry to help you question any limiting belief, fear or stressful thought that blocks you from moving forward.

You’ll no longer feel overwhelmed with a bazillion different online marketing and social media strategies.

Instead, you’ll focus on exactly what you need to do to build a profitable foundation for your business and bring in more revenue.

During and After the Program This is Where You’ll Go.

  • You’ll have a clear vision and money goal for one year for your business and you take action on making it happen.
  • You’ll have a one-year plan that is clear, focused and broken into 90-day plans segments so that you can stay focused and out of overwhelm.
  • You’ll know exactly how to attract your ideal clients and host transformational conversations and enlist them to work with you in a way that is natural and helpful to those people you most want to serve.
  • You’ll know exactly how to keep a steady stream of potential client appointments on your calendar.
  • You’ll no longer give your services away for free or roll back your prices.
  • You’ll price your programs as a package and will stop trading your time for hours/dollars.
  • You’ll feel confident and prepared talking about money with clients, and yes, even with your family.
  • You’ll know how generate money consistently by taking action on your plan and focusing only on revenue generating activities.
  • You’ll know how to create programs and develop your program curriculum so that you help get results for your own clients and get testimonials from them as social proof for your own web site.
  • You’ll learn how to follow up with the people who’ve contacted you and provide excellent customer service.
  • You’re now dialed into the mind of your ideal clients and know their “wake up at night problems” and struggles so that all of your marketing materials speak directly to them and resonate with them.
  • You know how to map your customer’s greatest struggle to the creation of your signature program that will help them cross the chasm to their desired outcome.
  • You know how to focus on positioning your services so that you no longer worry about having a niche when you’re starting out.
  • You’ve learned the art of giving a great teleclass or webinar and the steps of exactly how to write your call content so that you can share a special offer with your participants.
  • You’ve awakened your mind to learn how to use your biggest asset – your mind – to work with you rather than being steered by it. This alone is priceless. They are the keys to creating the business and life you dream about.

The Best Part?
You Don’t Have To Do This Alone.

One of the hardest parts of running your own business is that it’s easy to feel isolated when things start to get challenging.

Fortunately, Profit From Your Passion gives you a built-in community: a small group of success-minded women who are on a mission to make money consistently from their businesses.

You’ll receive the kind of support that’s in short supply when you’re trying to do it all by yourself.

“You are the average of the 5 people
you spend the most time with.”
–Tony Robbins

I’m putting together a group of no more than 15 ambitious people who are ready to take a giant leap forward in their business AND their life. If you have a big dream and you’re determined to take action to make more money in your business, then this group is for you.

This will be your tribe for the next 5 months. A tribe where you can be your most-real and authentic self, and get the support you need to live your dream.

Joining a mastermind was, hands down, one of the most powerful things I ever did for MY business. That’s why I want to offer you the same opportunity without the expense of a mastermind – this program is virtual and over the phone so that we can get traction fast in your business.

Sherold Barr

The support I get from Sherold is consistent, strong and loving. I really don't know where I would be today without her. After working with Sherold I always keep my eye on my revenue goals and am always updating them. I always am working on developing my next speaking, networking and workshop opportunities.

I am creating products that can scale - I will be able to create them and sell them over and over. My business is gaining momentum and I feel that I have a brand and a clear mission. Sherold goes above and beyond to support those in her programs. She is personally involved in our success! Any online entrepreneur that wants to create consistent income will benefit from Sherold's programs.


Profit From Your Passion
Course Pre-Requisites

To ensure you’re able to achieve the best possible results from this program, there are a few requirements for participation:

  • You have a business or you have an idea about what you want your business to look like. Coming up with an idea for your business is not a part of this course. We’re going to hit the ground running! (But it is okay if you do not have a website.)
  • You’re a motivated action-taker. This program will give you the tools and resources for success, but only you can put them to use. Participants who will see the best results are those that take consistent action.
  • You’re ready, able and prepared to participate in and take action on this program during the five months of the program. The material in this program is meant to be engaged with as we go, so that you take action. Your results will not be optimal if you simply download it and save it for later.

I’m ready to go “all in” to give you my best resources, tools and systems so you can create a stream of ideal clients, plenty of consistent income, and a profitable business that supports a life you want to live.

Are you ready to go ALL IN with me to create those results for yourself?

Profit from Your Passion FAQs

How is Profit from Your Passion different from other business building programs out there?

Here’s the deal: I’ve personally taken online marketing programs for years and participated in group programs and a Platinum Mastermind with a coach. I’ve had to learn different strategies from each training and combine the tools to exceed six-figures. My own coach training could not teach all the business strategies needed to help me get clients immediately because their true focus is coaching training.

This program is based on showing you exactly what to do to bring in revenue within the first 60 to 90 days.

Profit from Your Passion is the only program out there with a coach of my background and training — Master Certified Life coach, 5-year participant in Byron Katie’s Institute for the Work, and two-time six figure plus entrepreneur. In addition – this program is designed to have you take action on everything you learn. I reward you in the program through sales challenges (you get prizes for doing the work).

Plus in Profit from Your Passion you get the following personal attention from Sherold:

  • The opportunity in each of the live classes (30) to ask me questions about your business.
  • To be coached each month during a 1:1 laser coaching session.
  • To work with Sherold during a one-hour business planning session to start the program.
  • To have ask Sherold questions via a private Facebook forum.

You’re getting access to me to help you individually with your business.

I teach you sales, how to make offers to those potential clients and then training on how to enlist them to work with you. This is the dirty little secret not taught in most trainings! Combined with the solid business foundational strategies, and the mindset tools to help you get unstuck and moving away from fear and limiting beliefs, there’s not another program out there with this power-packed curriculum and coach.

What if I miss some of the classes?

We all lead busy lives these days. We’ve designed Profit from Your Passion with that in mind. You’ll receive a recording of each call within 24 hours of the live call. You’ll receive worksheets, scripts and handouts that go with each lesson the day before each call.

The audios and worksheets are stored in our classroom along with video resources that are super valuable. You have access all past class content in the classroom during the program and for a period afterward.

I work full time and want to start a business. How will I know if I’ll get enough out of this program to help me start the business?

You will absolutely benefit from Profit from Your Passion. The class recordings are available the day after the class and all audios, worksheets, handouts and scripts are posted in the classroom after each class. You can ask me questions on Facebook as well. You’ll have a one-hour planning session with me to start and a laser session monthly.

Read more FAQ’s

Sherold Barr

My income has increased every year I’ve worked with Sherold and she helped me create a business that I love!

Natasha Lakos

About your PROFIT FROM YOUR PASSION mentor: Sherold Barr

thats-meI started a freelance high-tech healthcare PR business in 1997 and grossed a half-million dollars in my fourth year. At the same time, I began investing in real estate and, within 10 years, turned another half-million dollars in profit.

I started a new business in 2010 as a master life coach and expanded this business to serve entrepreneurs so that I could teach them what I didn’t know when I first started. Not only that, but I wanted to teach them how to create a business that supports their life exactly like I’ve done.

I’m a Master Life Coach trained by Martha Beck, and I’m in my fifth year of The Institute for The Work of Byron Katie.

Today, I have a full client list and have consistently increased my income over the past 5 years I’ve been in business.

I have my own coach and invest heavily in my business’ growth, as well as my personal growth. I share what took me years to learn: lessons that are rarely taught in coaching programs, but which are key to making more money.

My money mindset has allowed me to manifest my dreams.

I’m in my second successful business, and have created a business that fits into my life, rather than the other way round. I can live wherever I want in the world, whenever I want. (Mexico for a month? Why not?) I also attract incredibly smart people who want to learn what I have learned in less time, and at a far smaller investment that I had to make to get here.

What You Get In Profit From Your Passion:

The program will kick off for the next round in the Fall of 2016, with an orientation to the program. Each month we’ll have four live classes – three will be lessons I will teach with Q & A time and the fourth will be a mindset skills and group coaching program.

You’ll receive a planning session with me in the first few weeks to map out your vision and goals for the next 5 months.

You’ll have access to 20 LIVE 60-minute teleclasses with me (four calls each month for five months) to help you learn everything you need to do to create a profitable business and start making money. Working in a small group with a mentor is a fast way to get traction and support to make things happen.

Three of the four monthly calls will have a lesson and Q&A time. The fourth call each month will be a mindset lesson and a group coaching session to help you move through fear, stressful thoughts and limiting beliefs.

You’ll receive one laser coaching session with me each month.

You’ll have access to each live class recording, in case you can’t make the class.

You’ll receive templates and “done-for-you” scripts as part of your homework each month as you move through the program. I’m sharing with you all that I have spent on my training over the years, which is more than $50,000.

You’ll have access to a private Facebook forum with only the people in this program, so you can ask for help and support each other through the course.

And did I mention there were BONUSES?

Guest Mentors with Live Q+As: these women are AMAZING!

Smart Women Make Money – receive lifetime access to this 7-module online class, bust through your limiting money beliefs, and earn, baby, earn! Value: $398

Bottom line: If you have a dream, believe you can make it work, and are willing to take action on that dream, you can achieve it.

If you aren’t making the money you want to make in your business, then shifting your beliefs and re-examining how you think is essential. And that’s where I come in. In addition to solid business strategy, I’ll help you clear up your thoughts and beliefs, so you’ll be able to:

Create more money in your life and business.
Notice more opportunities coming to you.
Attract the right people to you.
Gain confidence around your capacity to earn good money.

Want to join us for PROFIT FROM YOUR PASSION?

This is a select group — limited to no more than 15 — who will build their business foundation in the next five months to bring in consistent monthly income. Are you ready?

Get a complimentary 30-minute 1-to-1 Business Breakthrough consultation with Sherold to see if this program is a fit for you.

Sherold Barr

Sherold helped me create an extraordinary life!

Before working with Sherold, I felt imprisoned by my employer, working 14 hours days. I felt so incredibly beaten down that I didn’t know what to do. Sherold taught me about the power of the mind/body connection and helped me to focus on the good things in my life, which I have used as fuel to change my situation.

With her powerful guidance and insight, my life and business has completely turned around. I quit my job, found a business I wanted to start online and now work full time building it. I now live a life of freedom, fun and flexibility with my family and friends.

Jeff Tottenham
Founder of Niche Online Retailers
Sherold Barr

Prior to working with Sherold my biggest challenge was knowing where to put my focus to start a successful small business advisory/coaching business. I needed help specifically with identifying my ideal client and sales and marketing.

My biggest awakening in my time with Sherold has been learning how to talk about the transformation I provide to my customer and recognizing my own fears and their impact on me. Sherold is great at not only helping you with business building fundamentals but also the personal mindset issues that can hinder your progress.

Since working with her I’ve...

* Been able to identify service packages to offer my clients
* Worked through pricing for my services
* Had my first guest blog posted
* Confronted my money blocks
* Secured multiple new clients

Sherold is very supportive and genuinely vested in helping you succeed. She goes above and beyond to ensure you have the tools you need to grow. She not only supports your business learning, but also addresses the fears and mindset limitations that can get in your way.

I am much more clear and confident about my business services and their value! I have active clients, and I know how to have authentic sales conversations. I'm also clear on some key fears that show up for me in this business building process and can identify and work through them when they arise.

Sherold provides a fabulous support system. I would recommend her to anyone trying to figure out their ideal client and learn approaches for finding new clients all while working through your own mindset blocks.

Afi Harrington
Small Business Advisor

Stop playing small and start claiming your dreams.

There are people out there looking for exactly what YOU have to offer.

If you’re ready to do whatever it takes, then sign-up for Profit From Your Passion.

P.S. Investing in yourself is the best possible thing you can do to make a huge leap forward in your business and life. When you invest in yourself, you may come up against fear. But when you put money on the line, you’ll show up, and you’ll stay accountable to yourself and others. This is the magical part – when you invest in you, the Universe conspires with you to make it happen!

Sometimes it feels like it’s impossible, but with the right support and the right mindset tools and the right mentor, you can build a profitable business.

Never Give Up!

When you have the right support, you can make your dreams come true.

The closer you get to living your true purpose, the scarier it can be, but the bigger the reward on the other side. Imagine how confident and courageous you’ll feel when you’ve pushed through that fear and get to experience all that your big, bold business dream has to offer.

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This is a select group of no more than 10 women who will build their business foundation in the next four months to bring in consistent monthly income.

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Sherold Barr

Sherold can help you release the brilliance within you!

Before I started working with Sherold, I had failed a final test in the Martha Beck Life Coach Certification program and was terrified of my re-exam. I heard Sherold coach on one of the calls during my training, and I knew she could get me across the finish line... AND SHE DID!

My work with Sherold helped me succeed in becoming a certified Martha Beck Life Coach. I also self published a book and have traveled around the world speaking about House-Coaching while my 20 year-old son has been critically ill (today he has completely healed from brain cancer).

Sherold is helping me get to another level in my aim to heal the world and the homes in it. My business has gone from being Danish to being Global. I am building a new platform. I’ve grown bold and invested in a new website and an assistant.

I would definitely recommend Sherold to anyone with a BIG dream, who has kept yourself small for years. Sherold can help you release the brilliance within you!

Sherold Barr

Hiring Sherold was one of the smartest decisions I’ve made in my lifetime.

Once I started working with Sherold, I was surprised about how quickly everything came to fruition. For example, one of the things I wanted to do was Equus coaching. When Sherold and I started that was still a dream... I had not even signed up for Martha Beck’s training, which is a prerequisite of Koelle Simpson’s equus training. Due to working with Sherold, I’ve finished both training programs and I’ve already delivered two Equus leadership workshops and have two more scheduled.

My favorite part about working with Sherold is that she’s my best cheerleader, and she’s very authentic. She meets me wherever I am. If I’m struggling with something, she’ll jump right in and she genuinely cares. She goes above and beyond expectations, without question.

For anyone who is wanting to create a business – whether you’re a coach who’s ready to take your business to the next level, or you’re someone in the traditional business community and you’re looking for a better way to operate – Sherold can work with you and help you bring what you’re looking for into reality.

Leadership Coach & Business Strategist
Sherold Barr

Sherold has been the best bang for my buck EVER. It’s been the best money I’ve spent in my business.

Working with Sherold was the perfect next step for me. I had completed my training as a Martha Beck certified coach, but I was really lost on my next step. I didn’t know what to do for the business side of things.

That’s when I found Sherold.

From the very first time we connected on Skype, I knew I wanted to work with her. There was no pretentiousness. Sherold had a gentle transparency, a nonchalance that put me at ease and showed how truly authentic she was in our connection. After that first session with her, I had no hesitation at all in working with her.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: Sherold has been the best bang for my buck EVER. She’s generous beyond generous, and I’ve learned so much from working with her. Things I’d previously believed were impossible, like creating a signature program of my own, I now know exactly what I’m going to do. That’s a direct result of working with Sherold.

Sherold instills a deep confidence in me. There’s something about the way she works with you, when she gives you your next steps, there’s an implied, “Of course you can do this.” So you believe you can... and I never feel like she gives me more than I can bite off and chew at one time.

It’s been great, and you don’t even realize how huge the shift is that’s happening while you’re doing it. It’s only when you look back you realize, “Wow! A huge shift occurred, and I’m already on the other side!

Megan Forrest
life and relationship coach
Sherold Barr

Sherold helped me not only streamline my business, she also helped clarify my talents in both my personal and professional life.

Working with Sherold, I was able to hone in on the main next step for growth in my business. She not only streamlined my business to begin she also helped clarify my talents in my personal and professional life.

Her insights with business development are well laid out with easy steps and direct strategies, which are easy to follow. Her inner vision for seeing how my personal growth was relating to my career integrated the two so I was more present for myself, my son and my work.

With Sherold I was able to move seamlessly to higher levels of achievement with her coaching and support. I am grateful and appreciative of my time with Sherold.

Carolyn Collins

Get a complimentary 30-minute 1-to-1 Business Breakthrough consultation with Sherold to talk about the program.

Disclaimer: Sherold Barr is not a financial consultant but a master coach and entrepreneur mentor to women entrepreneurs. Purchasing this product does not guarantee that you will earn money. Your personal level of success and results from using this product depends on the time you devote to the program, ideas and techniques used, your finances, knowledge, and various skills. Since these factors differ among individuals, we cannot guarantee your success or income level, and we make no guarantees that you will achieve results similar to those featured in any case studies or testimonials. As with any product or service, there is an inherent risk of loss of capital.

Sherold’s class really helped me to create the shifts that I’ve been looking for, as I received a great deal of insight from completing the exercises and listening to Sherold. I feel empowered now to take all sorts of action! A new feeling of possibility is present! The class will give you lots of clarity and insight around your inherited money story (deep subconscious programming that you might not even been aware of). It will help you let go of these and feel empowered to create a new more abundant money future.”

-Thea Anderson