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What I can help you to do:

YH8A4110_smallI’m a master coach, mindset expert and two-time six-figure plus entrepreneur.

I help entrepreneurs like you build consistent income or top-level income by doing work you’re passionate about so that you can thrive and make a difference in the world.

I will help you build a business using the exact steps I’ve used to build two six-figure plus businesses.

I’ve learned how to alchemize my fears, question my own beliefs and stressful thoughts to connect to my own wise inner mentor so that I live the life of my dreams.

I’ll show you how to create a business that supports your life, disengage from the negative voices in your head so that you can connect to your own inner wisdom to thrive and live your dreams.

I’ll show you how to question any thought, belief, fear or limiting belief that’s keeping you stuck to free you to do what you came here to do.

I work privately with a select few people as a coach/mentor. If you want to see if we’re a fit, please click here to fill out a questionnaire to apply for a complimentary Breakthrough Session with me.

You can read about the results I’ve helped my clients make here.

Sherold Barr

With Sherold’s help, I’m earning $7,000 a month in consistent income. Sherold helps me to be unstoppable.

Certified Life & Money Coach

What I believe.

:: Your outer world is a reflection of your inner world.

:: You’re here to experience self-realization from every single thing that you experience in life. Every single thing.

:: Fear has something to say to you. Ask fear are you here to help me play smaller or play bigger?

:: Life tragedies, losses, and challenges are the dragons you slay on our earthly journey. There is a golden nugget of wisdom for you in each experience. It’s up to you to find it. Trust me. It’s there.

:: You have unique gifts and talents to share to make the world a better place. You’re here to share those with the world.

:: Every death of the ego (little self) is a victory for your Soul (higher Self).

:: The Universe is kind and it’s here to support you. I have proof.

:: Your stressful and negative thoughts and beliefs cause ALL of your emotional suffering.

:: The Universe (God) rewards courage.

:: Your defining moments and past life experiences have no power over you unless you let them.

:: You can do ANYTHING you want to do if you can believe it and take action. Fear + action = courage.

Sherold Barr

If you want an extraordinary coach to boost you into an extraordinary life, hire Sherold.

Martha Beck
PhD, Best-Selling Author of Finding Your Own North Star, The Joy Diet, and O Magazine Monthly Columnist

My own path to arriving here:

YH8A4189copy-smallWhen my husband’s accountant hinted that I didn’t “need” to work — having just married a doctor — I stared at him with disbelief. Then I launched a boutique PR firm that pulled in almost $500k in my fourth year of business. (Our accountant kept his lifestyle suggestions to himself, after that.)

I learned to believe in my own dreams even when people surrounding me didn’t believe in my dream. When I believed and persevered I broke through my inner glass ceiling on earning and found emotional and financial freedom.

When my younger brother was murdered — his body lost for three years, and his case is labeled a homicide/cold case — I grieved for two years. Then I started my own inner journey and enrolled in life coach and master life coach training with Martha Beck then went on to join Byron Katie’s Institute for The Work and transformed my personal Hell into powerful coaching and spiritual principles.

I learned that I was in prison because of my own thoughts about circumstances of Byron’s death and unsolved cold case. I learned to question any thought, belief or fear that caused me emotional suffering and to find my own truth, which led me back home to my passions and calling of serving others through my own life lessons.

When a Bhutanese priest offered me his harsh homemade liquor, I swallowed with difficulty as he implored his deities to look kindly upon me + my Western colleagues (it was the first time they had seen a group of Westerners). Then our group led the Bhutanese villagers in a rousing rendition of the Hokey-Pokey. After all – isn’t that what it’s all about?

I believe in pushing past fear to lead an extraordinary life, and I’m devoted to waking people up with provocative, purposeful, purifying questions. Because these days, being fully alert is a gem — and a rare jewel, at that.

As a Master Life Coach + Freedom Fighter, I’ve taken my background as a multi-ambitious entrepreneur — in marketing, communications, Fortune 500 consulting + real estate — and synthesized it with hundreds of hours (and thousands of dollars) of personal development + empowerment training. I’ve studied the art of self-inquiry at The Institute for The Work of Byron Katie, rocked my online business mojo with marketing gurus Seth Godin and Marie Forleo, and was personally mentored by Oprah’s life coach of choice, Martha Beck.

My super powers are in helping you learn how you create your own reality with the thoughts you think and believe.  I use my power tool – The Work of Byron Katie — to help you question your fears and thoughts that keep you playing small and hiding out in your life.  Then I help you take the steps to find your true calling — your Soul’s destiny here on earth.  I  found my true calling from experiencing and finding meaning from the death of my younger brother.  I will help you take the steps to get quiet inside + looking for the signs of your Soul’s calling and move toward it — busting through fear and limiting beliefs that hold you back.

Whether it’s starting a business, taking your business to the next level or living up to your true potential, think of me as your mentor or supportive guide to help you make it happen.

I work with smart people who want to live a more meaningful and purposeful life and have no regrets.  

If you want to create emotional and financial freedom, and have greater impact + fierce independence, check out my 1-on-1 coaching and transformative group coaching experiences.  Think of me as your mentor to get you there.

I’ll never stop taming my lizard-brain, questioning my limiting beliefs, or alchemizing my own fears into rocket fuel.

I’d love to walk the fire, with you…all the way to freedom.

Sherold Barr

I went from a revenue of zero to $3,000 a month — and I’m just at the beginning! Sherold cares deeply about other women achieving success.

Randi Rubenstein
Coach and Owner of Apparent Coaching

Professional bio.

SHEROLD BIO PICFor more than 23 years, Sherold was a strategic health care communications and marketing expert working on a global level.

As a former hospital spokesperson and director of marketing of McKenzie-Willamette Hospital, she has extensive knowledge of all segments of the healthcare industry.

In 1997, she founded Extraordinary Work Group, a boutique PR firm niched in healthcare technology that represented Microsoft’s Healthcare Industry Solutions Group, healthcare software startups and a worldwide industry standards body that developed global electronic healthcare standards.Read more...

Sherold worked with their customers to tell their success stories to the national business, healthcare trade media and industry analysts to heighten each company’s market leadership, visibility and build relationships.

“When I worked with Sherold in my role as Worldwide Healthcare Industry Manager at Microsoft, we considered her an integral part of the Microsoft Healthcare Industry team. She helped set the team’s direction and drive its strategic path. She built solid relationships with media and analysts, and those relationships paid off in terms of getting us national business press coverage and positive analyst relations. Sherold took the time to understand our goals and objectives and she actually cared about our mission. I always knew the time I spent with Sherold would be spent well, and I think that’s the ultimate compliment.”
John Carpenter, Business Marketing Officer, Microsoft Corporation

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Me.






  1. I held hands with a Buddhist Lama at 11,000 feet in the Himalayan Mountains of Bhutan. The group I was with said he spent more time praying with me than the others. Just this was an amazing experience.
  2. I was one of the sorority girls in Animal House. Little did I know what a successful movie that would become. I quit because I was bored! I’m in the fraternity house gathering in the beginning of the movie wearing a turquoise taffeta dress and white gloves – my 15 seconds of fame.
  3. I walked through the fear of almost losing my son to a life-threatening disease and realized that my mother identity (my Eckhart Tolle moment doing The Work) would be best put to use to mother other young people, the planet and myself if the worst happened. I am happy to say that my son is just fine now and thriving. What I know for sure is that our worst-case scenarios hold the gold – our freedom.
  4. Today I am living out my Soul’s assignment to help others walk through the fire of fear and adversity to find their Soul’s calling. This came as a result of my younger brother’s murder in 2005.

  1. I love animals and believe they are our Soul companions on this earthly journey.
  2. I am a raw food enthusiast, a green juice lover, and I am leaning toward eating fewer animals.
  3. I am a spiritualist – a seeker and I believe that it is a Kind Universe – because that is how I experience everything that happens in my life.  Trust me I got this message in 2012.  It is a kind Universe!
  4. I am a woman on a mission to empower other women to love money because money is another form of energy and mirror of how we live our life.
  5. I believe that our Soul is here to evolve in this lifetime.  That means that every hell and back experience helps us break open to our authentic Self.  Each challenge is here for us if we use it instead of being a victim of circumstance.  I know this to be true – even in the worst possible nightmare or tragedy – there is something for us to learn as a result of what we go through and often we can only connect the dots going back through our life.  This is what I call a Soul revolution.
  6. To stay strong, flexible and active, we must work out more as we age.  I feel 10 years younger than my biological age.  Age is a state of mind.  My Soul is ageless.

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